Did Disenchantment fail solely because of the lack of celebrity cameos that Futurama had?

Did Disenchantment fail solely because of the lack of celebrity cameos that Futurama had?

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It failed because it wasn't funny. Simple as.

I wanted to like it, but it's full of issues. The writing is all over the place, many of the jokes and gags didn't land, and the characters are just kind of so-so.
The show was capable of being great, the King Zog episodes that come later and his stuff works alright, but the rest, while not bad, are just kind of meh.

The issue the biggest issue is not enough porn on the bitches, the second issue is the pacing and droping abruptly of certain plot points in epis. It's really a whiplash the more you watch these epis and feels disjointed.

Like the second epi we see the simp mayor of steamvile and it feels like he's gonna play a part in this season unlike last season but no the dumb guy hits him in the head and the plot moves on like he never existed.

Nor is he mentioned as well. And same with Bean brother we see him with his mom than for some reason he stays in dreamland? Why? He stated he doesn't want to be there now he's there?

It wasn't funny. The characters lacked consistent personalities. The show seemed like it was on auto pilot.

I didn't hate the series, I just think they needed to have more fun with the concept of being in a fantasy world.

Futurama mocked classic sci-fi, but you could still tell it was being written by genuine fans of it, and they used their setting as a way to tell creative and funny stories based around that.

I rarely got the feeling that Disenchantment really liked the concept of exploring high fantasy. So it just made regular jokes about how shitty and gross medieval times were. Their were some fun set-pieces like their take on Hell, but a lot of the runtime was just about the main trio getting wasted or dealing with bullshit back at the home kingdom.

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Yeah I didn't see the point of introducing steampunk stuff and a that character just to kind of toss it in the side. Feels like they're just coming up with stuff as they go.
>auto pilot

This, holy fuck this. I barely even watch sci-fi and I still got most if not all of the sci-fi tropes Futurama tried to play with.
Meanwhile I've been reading high fantasy my whole life and was sorely disappointed that Disenchantment didn't tackle that shit hard. And there is a LOT of stuff to lampoon in that genre.

>And there is a LOT of stuff to lampoon in that genre.
What are some things they could have done?

The pacing and jokes were worse than Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon. It's like the script was transcribed from an elderly Matt Groening at the same speed.

It failed because Groening wasn't a fantasy nerd. Futurama was great because him and his staff were turbo geeks and knew the ins and outs of the genre, this is not the case for Disenchantment.

I'm not really much of a fatacy nerd and I'm interested on what these tropes are.

Purely off the top of my head:
>elves being all beautiful without any uggos
>dwarf elf rivalry
>dragons not literally genociding entire countries if they were real
>witches needing more "eye of newt" ala Simpson's Halloween special
>magic existing and people not being fat flobs because they get magic to do everything for them

seems pretty fun. I only watched the first season and I don't remember any dragons, dwarfs, or witches being used at all. The court wizard didn't even use any magic if I recall correctly.
Fairy tales alone could've been used for an episode but only Hansel and Gretel were used and in the most predictable way possible.

Who was it made for?

Groening fans? Woke crowd? LGBTQ+? Women?

It’s not for me.

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>in the most predictable way possible.
Which was?

Yeah, it's like, alright, you have a court wizard. What do you with that?
>Oh he's an old guy who doesn't actually do magic. He just attends an occasional orgy with the king's advisor.
Okay... How about the queen? She's actually not Bean's birth mother. She's a reptilian woman from a neighboring kingdom. Cool, what's her thing?
>She takes drugs and screams. A lot.
Alright... How bout Elfo? It's implied that he's completely different from normal saccharine elves, breaking the mold, indulging in debauchery, and acting out before leaving his home to start a new life. Where's that go?
>Oh we kind of backtrack on that immediately. He's just the nice one of the group, except he's horny for Bean.

I think just rounding out the cast a bit more with characters that more readily embraced the fantastical side of things would at least have made things a little more memorable from the get-go.

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Adventurers, guilds, proper mages, spells/spellcasting, curses, paladins, clerics, creative gods and demi-gods (not just God and Satan) more mythical beasts, quests, dungeons, traps, puzzles, fair tales, and the kind of tropes you get in tabletop gaming (macguffins, ten foot poles, fighting rats and other vermin for experience).
They barely scratch the surface of the genre imo.

I was under the impression he was into Dungeons and Dragons because he references Gary Gygax, so I had hope that this was going to be the show that he put his spark into.

The consensus seems that it was just halfassed in a lot of ways.
Halfassed jokes.
Halfassed attempts at lore.
Halfassed Simpsons art.
Halfassed sound mixing.

Christ, can you go five minutes without a buzzword? Lay off the right wing media, ffs. Your brain is fried.

They are fat evil bastards that eat people instead of the witch

Didn't they do a whole futurama movie that was a high fantasy spoof?

That's even boring than I had assumed.

Seethe, tranny.

Shrek has already covered the whole fantasy satire shtick 20 years earlier and did it better than what Disenchantment could have ever hoped for.

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Shrek is more fairy tale than fantasy, let alone High Fantasy.

This thread again already?

>no you're the one who's upset
Idk, throwing a tantrum and name calling seems like prime butthurt behavior. Lol that was almost exactly five minutes, proud of you.

Well no, Shrek covers children's fables, not high fantasy as a whole.

Even the talking pig prince or neighboring kingdoms would've been better choices to lampoon jokes or give Bean a chance to switch to different setting but they seem to stick in only a couple of areas

Futurama was made by people who'd seen every work of sci-fi ever made and it showed.

Disenchantment was made by people who'd skim-read 2 or 3 fantasy books and it showed.

He seemed to have a passing understanding of it at most, Groening thought orcs as a concept were owned by the Tolkin estate. He very much was out of his element.
Yeah but that's just Fairy Tail tropes, not fantasy in general.

Fuck Groening

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That's it, keep seething, tranny.

It didn't fail. It's pretty funny and the characters are likeable although its weird seeing Groening go full fanservice

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>He really is a tranny

Eh, more like, toss in some ass shots and hope that makes up for the subpar everything else. He could of made it full on pornographic and I'd still forget half of it a day later.

Why haven't we got a Life in Hell series yet?

>you will never see a good high fantasy or low fantasy parody series in your lifetime
I hate my life

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make one yourself, user

With sorcery and topless barbarian women!

Matt didn’t want to get rid of his baby.

Hell the reason Simpsons were even conceived was because he wouldn’t sell off the rights to his comics.

Even if he did try to make it animated it still would be forever in the shadow of the Simpsons.

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sounds fun

Should have been about a group who work for some kind of guild that does minor tasks instead of adventuring.

A lot of the Futurama writers had STEM PhDs too, so some of the jokes were regular science ones. They explored virtually every sci-fi concept, I found myself comparing R&M to it very easily - it's the sci-fi version of "Simpsons did it"

>were regular science ones
Name one

That horse race checked with electron microscope, winning by quantum finish:
>"no fair! you changed the outcome by measuring it"

>"That quest? After that botched pest control gig in that farmer's field? We aren't sending you after a necromancer at YOUR skill level!"
>"C'mon, it was one fire wand mishap! He needed a new barn anyway."

Futurama also had two alien languages that could be deciphered into english.

>The makeup of the main three characters is fucked, it lacks a straight man to bounce the comedy off of
>Does Elfo even have a defined personality?
>The writers don't seem to have any real depth of knowledge about the fantasy genre
>it keeps teasing big plot elements only for them to go nowhere
>it's now repeating storylines.

Chance you'll get on from the brickleberry team that will last way too long as an insult to the genre


It promised a story, where the writers knew how the story would end some seasons down the line.

>Bean gets kidnapped.
>It her mother, again.

It wasn't funny and it's attempts at serialization hurt the show. It would have been better with more self contained episodes.

Shrek was about Disney. Disenchantment was about things like world of warcraft

>Feels like they're just coming up with stuff as they go.

And the same people hoping to get more seasons too

No it was not popular because it has a specific brand of humor and focus on the atmosphere that a lot of people dont get. good chunk of the humor is also visual so you have to actually pay attention to the screen, which judging by some questions about shows I see is a hardship for a lot of common people.

This show injects all the mediocrity of modern times into medieval times while also keeping all the filth and mediocrity of medieval times. There's very little appeal quite frankly.

>15 miles over the speed of light

>Thats a violation of the law of lorentz invariance baby


>Impossible! Nothing can go faster than the speed of light
>Of course not! Which is why scientist raised the speed of light in 2344.

isekai anime is making fun of that for 10 years already, maybe more. there's only so much you can do with pure high fantasy - even early dungeon crawler videogames like m&m or wizardry eventually started incorporating scifi elements because haha swordman whacks gobbos is only interesting for so long

Disenchantment has an Ancient Language that can be deciphered. When you do, it gives plot hints.

no, it failed because it was unfunny garbage from episode 1

How is it a failure? It's in the top 10 for two weeks after a season releases. This is with no promotion by netflix.