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Attack on Titan Eyecatches

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sex with koro sensei

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>All this wholesome shit
This is gonna get really sad isn't it?

Best girl

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last episode they were playing paintball why the fuck are they in space

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"Such wonderful tentacles"

>t. Aguri

So pure!

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Keep posting Asses for classes!

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This is false hope: the episode.

Didn’t Dr Stone go to space too? Is this when you know a Jump series has gone off the rails?

breasts > ass
Didn't expect the kids to go to space when the series first started.

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anyone got a picture of ritsu stripping from the last ep

You have no fucking idea

Attack on Titan is retarded and all modern anime is just as bad. Why does every series have 60000 characters that talk as much as the protagonist?

>*tickles you*

wat do

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they barely even played paintball. instead of bothering to actually include the other characters, it just became some sort of gay wrestling match

Dat pear

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Don't worry, they fail here and everything goes to shit

>it's gonna make me cum
No way I heard this from that commercial

These middle school students are going into space.

What were YOU doing in middle school?


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is it possible to have sex in space? or give birth? imagine carrying a lunarian child.
yes. and it ended with them working with Whyman on making a time machine.


Most Shonen are about people with crazy powers or fighting people with powers. Why the fuck is going to space a bad thing?

You got it

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>accidentally some Promare porn
I never really got the gay undertones when I saw the movie until the kissing scene, I thought japan hated homosex?

so why doesnt korosensei just go to space to blow up


strap on my ball bra and ask her for a harsh handjob then realize the water is cold and go back to class


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teen pregnancy

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Well I wasn't fighting my classmates to the death, either.

you've never been?

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I kicked off a year long life ruining addiction to Runescape

When did Dragonball go off the rails?

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have sex

Has anybody ever shot a load in space?

Watching the Columbia explode since my school played the news on the big monitor in the cafeteria

Mikhail's navy put sailors on the moon.

Attached: 1485365620273.sailor-moon-neptune-henshin.webm (640x480, 1.68M)

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a shot to the chops

What I want to know is, how does someone have such shit taste in music that commercials are an improvement?

Wait, is this the episode with the "Engrish?"

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yeah but it required surgery to finish. turns out gravity plays a huge part in orgasms

Washington DC trip


pic related

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from a marketing standpoint, if you have a huge number of characters, each with their own gimmick, then no matter who is looking at the product, they will most likely find at least 1 character they can enjoy. Having all those characters talk alot can then be used to pad runtime and cut back on animation costs as they all waste time to talk and the plot and action has to stop to let them all say their lines.

Yes and any astronaut who says otherwise is lying.

>that cut

Docking complete

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What do we think of Rio Nakamura around here?

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I'm starting to hate these characters for some reason.

dealing with the fallou from the 2003 disaster.

Feeling the first stirrings of the life-long crippling depression that would come to ruin my life.

>coworker has a knife to his throat
>"We weren't told there would be kids here."

and yet people make claims they're actually alive as other people.


>kids committing space terrorism
based ass class

3rd intro > 2nd intro > 4th intro > 1st intro

These two have a nice good cop/bad cop routine.

That face is from gay porn, dude.

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>Karma and Nagisa become space pirates

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Now that they're in space, they should get access to the Quad Lazer and shoot Korosensei with that.

Attached: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mooninites Quad Lazer.jpg (512x341, 31.66K)

oh now I have to go watch the sub for that alone
>s2, e19

>Dumbass fucking kids.

this show is dumb as hell


Karma is pretty straight for a gay trap fucker.

You kind of just proved his point.


They should have had one of the girls go with them. We could use more girls in STEM.

>We're astronauts, kids. We could die any moment in the vacuum of space. You don't scare us.
Dangerously based.

Karma wants to get up in dem guts

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>Blue Team won
>US satellite has info that could save Koro-Sensei

>astronauts ready to die
Truly made from the right stuff

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I'd like to see boobs floating.

I'm sure there's a doujin of this scene.

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>There's a black guy

Attached: 0807150939-01.jpg (1600x1200, 298.83K)

>I thought japan hated homosex

Attached: 1549568060653.png (565x575, 381.06K)

You knew this from the first episode.

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I was asking if it went off the rails BEFORE they went to space.

Attached: ccbf7e96fdc4355bcd9a10a3e1f58755.gif (500x300, 915.14K)

Most astronauts are career officers, so yeah. They mean it.

Tough guy astronauts

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Most astronauts are drawn from military test pilots. They generally have their shit in order.

I went to the UK and France.

Alright this episode was worth it for the badass astronauts

>bye bye yesterday not at the fucking top

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There was one that died when the Columbia blew up, too, if memory served.

Is Senku gay?

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Doing extra work after being put in a college prep program.

Huh I wouldn't know, please see

>ooohh nooo

>just handing over the research data
Those astronauts are committing an actual crime, right? And probably treason?

>ms yella bitch in space
damn what a missed opportunity.

I lost the paintball fight against my edgy rival so we never got to go

then I was forced to crossdress

kissing my girlfriend.

Attached: Clawdiass.png (921x689, 948.23K)

I dropped out and ruined my fucking life and now I'm here.

They seem real nonchalant about being in a hostage situation

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gay for science

as someone with low hanging testicles i can tell you its not as hot as you think

>Quad laser is slow as shit
>Put porn mags in front of Koro to keep his attention while the class surrounds him with guns and knives

Officially? No.

is it possible to choke on food in space?

kids have a bomb

Yeah but this like, broke my threshold for dumb
I had to change the channel

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You gave it to them, they didn't steal shit.

So all these astronauts are going to be charged with treason when their home nations find out about this, right?

I want to ____ Ritsu!

Attached: 1626187286905.png (535x1001, 237.14K)

He didn't make it into space, he's not a real astronaut. This black guy being there is a death flag.

Attached: Attack on Africa.png (1421x741, 600.8K)

Attached: 64367714669375.jpg (475x656, 48.71K)

Kek was gonna say that bomb looked like a Toblerone box

These astronauts were a lot more likeable than I expected. Then again this is the hope spot episode so it wouldn't make sense to have drama with them too much.
>like a boss
come on, I thought Nagisa was the only one with bad dialogue like this

>"I'm just curious if that's what he wants"
I'm pretty sure Koro Sensei doesn't want to die, Karma.

They hate faggotry.
They don't care if Ichigo and Hayame go home and fuck. They care if they try to march down the street in latex suits with peacock tails made of dildos.

>Karma grows up into Elon

This was kinda cool.

>I'm an earthbound guy

Attached: 1529110774505.png (407x416, 10.16K)

If they ever do get found out, they can just say they were being held hostage

This is kind of embarrassing to watch.

Depends. It's only a crime if you're caught, and the computer girl cut the feed.

be in her womb apparently because of this space pod scene god damn

No hes a man on a mission

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Going to the planetarium. Feeling the pangs of puberty that would eventually become a lifelong perversion.


>I'm an Earthbound boy

Attached: What is love Mother.gif (322x241, 36.16K)

>They care if they try to march down the street in latex suits with peacock tails made of dildos.
damn how can they be so fucking based?


I want to smack the writer in charge of writing Nagisa's dub lines because they're cringey as fuck compared to the original.

>raise the love points of

first anime?

Doesn't that undermine any other time the AI girl seemed to portray an emotion?

Oh god, is Ritsu going to die?



Karma is Ness?
Dammit, I was so close!

Attached: Scusi.jpg (512x384, 27.05K)

I guess that meme was very slightly less stale when this aired 6 years ago

>Nagisa and Karma alone together in a small confined area gave Ritsu her first emotion.
Fucking Fujos.

this shit is fucking gay. fuck off with this shitty computer girl. women can't do math.

>she's happy

>this ship is my body

Imagine being inside Ritsu.

>Ritsu developing emotions

There's no precedent for persecuting a crime committed in space. If so, they're in the history books and retire to celebrity.


Attached: 1618709014306.png (902x960, 556.07K)

But, user, he DID make it into space.

The Columbia blew up in reentry. You're thinking of the Challenger. Or maybe I have it backwards.

>A gay and his femboy friend are inside Ritsu

Korosensei what have you brought upon the world?

Technically they're in international waters.

>Ritsu has emotion now
This is going to be a zillion times bigger of an issue than Koro Sensei ever was

I cant believe they just gave them the data

Attached: 1645931848896.jpg (340x319, 42.61K)

>playing with this skin and the dual grenade launchers that fire exploding footballs
Almost thirty years and I didn't know what it meant to be a true American until then

No but I wasn't wincing this hard up until now.

That’s not how marketing works at all retard.

>this ship is my physical body
>I have a read on your respiratory rate, blood pressure, etc.
Damn that's lewd.

Attached: 1443337124663.jpg (561x800, 74.73K)

>This ship is my physical body
>She's technically being DP'd

Attached: Fortnut Sakura Win taunt.webm (554x858, 326.88K)

Had to make a new batch of friends after my main best friend and I had separate scheduled classes.


Attached: bun buns.webm (1280x852, 2.84M)

His top speed isn't enough to escape Earth's orbit.

oh shit ritsu can take two guys inside her at once

"Korosensei, we have a problem."

But they weren't Russian.

Nah, I had the same reaction with Dr. Stone
I'm not saying it's bad, it's just too much for me personally

Ritsu is next seasons enemy, right?

She's a real human bean now

>happy jumping orange haired girl

I watch anime for a living. I'm a pro, bro

>Slow as shit
The bullet is enormous, there is no escape!
Jumping... is useless.

Attached: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mooninites 1.jpg (650x468, 15.44K)

scientists would be cool with wacky situations.

>we've got to make Nagisa extreem and snarky even though he's mild-mannered to a degree

Yeah that's my question

Stupid ass zoomers.

Wait that's it?
Did that episode go by really fast for anyone else?

So Karasuma just spends all his free time fucking Bitch-sensei or something?

best gril

>they pulled this all off without Kurasuma finding out

Wait, Karasuma wasn't aware they were doing this?

>I speak science


They said time goes by faster in space, didn't they?

>I speak science

so is everyone in this gay for Nagisa

At least there wasn't middle schoolers stowing away on the ISS and holding the crew hostage

only thing I liked about this was the soundtrack.


Not yet

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Attached: assclass 30.png (2224x1251, 2.57M)

So they just have to give him a massage?

Are you implying you wouldn't?

>Koro Sensei has been fine this entire time
Talk about a shaggy dog story.

Simmer down, autist.

>ruins his first fight with Takaoka with all that edgy dialogue instead of keeping it straightforward and calculating
Thanks, I hate it

Attached: 1651382782805.jpg (639x900, 113.97K)

now you're acting like a baby

>let me explain for you all
didn't they have a whole arc about how their class are all the smartest in the school?

There's still a chance.

>release muscular tension
So like, killing him?

>the bigger the subject, the better the chances of surviving with the tentacles
So an elephant or whale would be just dandy with them?

Attached: Anime exposition.jpg (500x372, 55.03K)


Attached: attackontitan 8.png (2224x1251, 2.25M)

Yukiko spotted

Attached: s2e6.jpg (326x555, 35.61K)

>the dance isn't in SFV but it's in Fortnite

Attached: 65941220049.jpg (2160x3840, 757.96K)

Get him fat and jack him off. Of course.

Attached: metal-as-fuck.1456323416226.Platinum_crystals.jpg (2084x1460, 259.15K)

Everybody keeps making gay jokes but Karma and Nagisa spitroasting Ritsu in a gynoid body is the choice of true connoisseurs.

Attached: olivasip.png (334x325, 136.2K)

Intelligence is one thing, having a specialty is another. You can be smart and still not know everything.

1% is still a titanic chance in my line of work.

Attached: Worry Kornheiser.jpg (192x245, 17.16K)

They literally just hijacked the fucking ISS 10 minutes ago

This is nice and all but I feel like the show is trying to fool me with all this convenient good news.

Does he even still have a penis?

Huh? Wasn't the team battle all about deciding to stop the assassination?

Attached: __cammy_white_chun_li_and_kasugano_sakura_street_fighter_and_street_fighter_zero_drawn_by_felsus__74897eb93cd6e154fa1d0864124dffab.jpg (618x900, 317.24K)

Kaede is made for ___!

Attached: 1626029655666.jpg (338x450, 36.7K)

>asspulled a way out of killing him
I knew they were going to do it

>less than 1% is practically zero
No, it's LITERALLY zero, there is no "practically" to it.

Are you at liberty to say what your line of work is?

Attached: 20210035135.jpg (780x960, 87.41K)

it wasn't that far but it was close

Attached: lie.png (743x666, 642.43K)

I don't want to hear any spoilers but my thoughts on this is that it's obvious they wouldn't need a back-up assassination plan if he couldn't be saved, he'd let them kill him. He wouldn't just run around saying haha can't kill me and want to blow up the Earth after 2 seasons.

I recognize those ass cheeks

Attached: potato elf cheeks.jpg (948x403, 100.39K)

How many episodes are left? I can't take much more of this.

are we ganna get some explanation of why the little girl in l;upan freaked out last week?

wait so now they want to kill him again? what the everloving fuck?

>Poopin' the Turd up next.
See you guys later.

One more show for the night

>They learned the art of killing for nothing

Not if you use decimals, user. It's logarithmic at that point. Approaching zero but never actually being zero.

That kind of felt like a series finale episode

Don't worry, that random background character happens to have just, completely by chance, been dabbling in the exact kinds of chemicals required, by total coincidence! how convenient!

Fractions and decimals exist.

Here's a scene in "Engrish."

That's putting a very complimentary spin on it.


Attached: vlcsnap-2021-10-23-15h20m24s147.png (1920x1080, 1.32M)

I was thinking about going into space. I'm pretty sure I'll never get there.

They still haven't done the episode where Nagisa and Rio get trapped in a locker room. That's the last filler episode of the series.

>End with a shot of Nagisa's ass
Fucking hell.

or just doing it sword art online style

It's less than 1% though. Could be 0.00000000001% with that descriptor.

>find out they could totally save him
>Nagisa immediately does a 180 and says they're killing him again
I don't get it.

Attached: 1646518564120.gif (247x247, 1.4M)

>the real assassination was the friends we made along the way
Thanks Nagisa.

What? There's lots of numbers between 1 and 0. 1/2, 3/10, etc., etc.

Now I'm mad there's no doujin like this
I hate fujos so much it's unreal