ITT: post some of the stupidest things you've ever seen in comics

ITT: post some of the stupidest things you've ever seen in comics.

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Stupid yes, but a good story and great status quo.

joekr cutting off his pown face

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looks like JRJR and Bendis from the Heroic Age avengers stuff

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What's so dumb about this? Auqaman probably could knock superman back if he wasn't ready for it.

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That whole fight was bullshit. A guy with only combat training and limited regen powers somehow took out a dozen S and A class heroes with practically no prep time or magic McGuffins. At least batwank there's some arguable reason for Bruce winning. This is just writer's pet to the 12th degree.

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Double Axe Handle is indeed a stupid form of strike to use on anything.

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It's kind of fucking true though.

This is right up there with Bruce Banner letting his buddy Jim die slowly of AIDs rather than risk giving him some Gamma blood.
Thor should have just conked the dilly bitch on the head and had her cured while she was out.

No it isn't. The hammer cannot be wielded by the unworthy. It has fuck-all to do with weight or weightlessness. If Thor pinned you to something in zero gravity with the hammer, you would be just as stuck as if he set it on you on Earth. Early Red Hulk was always doing retarded shit.

I mean if the thing he had pinned you to was small enough that you could shift IT'S mass in zero grav you could get out; but if it was a planetoid or a huge space station you are pinned.

It's weird that these happened roughly at the same time.

What's so dumb about this?

Genuinely don't see a problem with this, seems like a pretty run of the mill supervillain plot

Yeah, and Hydra are old pros at brain-swapping.

Superman wankers brainwashed into thinking he solos the DCverse

As cringe now as when it was printed for the first time.

Going by that single page it was actually clever and a good use of Harley background as a psychiatrist, using the lasso and Batman's neurosis against a stronger foe like Superman.

People are still brainwashed by the SuperFriends' "One Power per Superhero" shit into thinking that Aquaman's only power is talking to fish.

I'd say that's beyond cringe, it's straight up disgusting. Dude just molested a child.

Sandman's redemption arc being reset via Wizard's brainwashing shenanigans. This is a bafflingly insulting case of character assassination that should be talked about alongside Jean Grey's resurrection. It also ruined Wizard by inspiring future writers to write him as some sort of creepy mind rapist instead of a dapper evil inventor.

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Wasn't the writer of IC just some random crime fiction author who was brought on to make the story seem more prestigious? IIRC, the last time he'd read comics was before CIOE, so he had no idea about all the wild power scaling in DC at that point.

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Way less force than striking with a single fist as you can't put as much of your body into the strike
Only instance it might make sense is if you were striking downwards (double hammerfist) but he's swinging in the wrong direction for that to be the case

Superman is many, many magnitudes stronger/more resilient than Aquaman. This isn't a toddler decking Tyson Fury, this is worse.

Have they stated SPECIFICALLY what Guy did? The last panel implies he literally stuck his fingers up her pussy, which is going WAY further than a joke about Guy being a rude sexist out to go.

Reminds me of the times when Barbara Gordon would refuse super science or magic to heal her spine because she demanded that they give it to everyone in the world.

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He also spouted something about Slade using 100% instead of 10% of his brain. Not sure how well known this was known to be bullshit at the time, but its still dumb regardless.

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Someone post that panel of Batman bringing Joker in his arms into a hospital's emergency room, and Batman says something like "doctor, all these people have to go! make way for the Joker!". That's like the most hilarious retarded panel I've ever seen. You know the one

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>The League's faces when they realize Arrow has been carrying an atomic warhead in his quiver with a contact detonator, and jumping off of stuff/out of moving vehicles.

Truly the one greatest human power of them all… kamikaze

Dan Slott referencing the Avengers movie a whopping 4 years after it first came out. Honestly, it reads as fucking embarrassing.

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either i don't i understand kryptonite or the writers don't.
is there a reason why something the size of a quarter is able to give off a radiation blast like a demon core unassisted? is that how plutonium or uranium work?

Forklift, the perfect .gif

Yeah but remember
>world of cardboard

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Marvel Zombies. '(Character) kills the universe'

The Batman Who Laughs. Both the ultimate batwankery and a parody that exemplifies what people don't get about Batman as a character in a lot of stories.
The two things of value he contributed to was getting BTFO by a Batman who was able to resist the Joker venom instead of giving in like a bitchass and getting BTFO so goddamn hard by Superboy Prime he somehow both simultaneously died and got a free ticket back to his world.

He's the "What if Superman but EVIL" schtick applied to Bats to the Nth degree and the only thing I really can enjoy is how over the fucking top retarded he is.

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It doesn't really blast it like that, it's mostly visuals. It's just superman's body eats it up like a fucking sponge anyway so even a small chunk at this distance is enough to fuck him up.

Krptonites effectiveness is entirely plot dependent as well as Supermans effectiveness. Given what we know of him, he would have heard Batman and could have easily used superspeed.

Has any writer explained what kryptonite actually do to a kryptonian body, I mean to their physiology?

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How is he holding the hammer? He is NOT worthy.

Jesus christ hahahahahaha this reminds me of that dude who "returned" a tortoise to the ocean

This is great

m-maybe it opens out

came here to post this

at this point, Remender was really just trying to figure out what's were the stupidest fucking things he can get away with before he jumped to the creator-owned ship.

He's cuffed. Though it looks like it broke so your criticism is still warranted.

how did they install the rug under the toilet and bathtub

that could just be linoleum or something