Lego Monkie Kid

S3 English dub?
When S4?
Anything new in Lego animation?

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do NOT make me want to fuck a lego

Australian anime.

>still no Chinese season 2

>S3 English dub?
as you wish
>When S4?
sooner than you think

too late

Thank you. Let's hope the animation cancellation train doesn't hit this show. We need more Princess Iron Fan and LBD.

Here, have some official fanart.

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Fucking sweet, not the whole season but the rest of the episodes will probably come soon.

>sooner than you think
If there's going to be some Monkie animation related I'd have assumed they will come mid year, kinda like July or August.
If true, I'll really be looking forward to it. Be it a special or another season.

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What are you afraid of? consumerism?

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Damn, this show looks pretty sweet.


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Anyone got the drive link with all the episodes?


Such a good animator we got here.

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fucking finally

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There has been leaks about upcoming sets for june 2022, the sets are based in some S3 stuff, HOWEVER theres gonna be at least one new set in january 2023 so yeah its possible that were getting at least one more special or season in the near future

Alright where's the chick who draws the milf iron fan shit we can't have a thread without it

where is the behind the scenes on S3?

Actual s3 eng dub rip when? I need it for archival purpose. And because the jewtube uploads will probably be taken down soon.

love how they all feel familiar with the place even though they never went there, indicating they're the reincarnations of the originals from journey to the west
except MK, as Monkey King is immortal

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Bitch left because she can't handle Yea Forums lol, good riddance

She usually sticks to /toy/.

/lg/ hates cartoonfags, keep your autism to this board.


>simping for a soulless toy company
Pathetic, even for Yea Forums.

we've been simping for Disney all this time
we can enjoy a cartoon made with Legos, especially when it has good action scenes

BTW I prefer the English synchro over the Chinese one

>a cartoon made with Legos, especially
A cartoon featuring anthromorphic LEGO portrayed in 2D, you mean. There's no actual LEGO or accurate LEGO models involved.
>simping for Disney
Rescue Rangers movie, you gonna watch it?

hell no

>Get turned on by the Scorpion woman in the Chinese dub
>English dub VA is Michaela Dietz
>Instead boner killer

I really want to fucking like this show. I really do, but in my heart of hearts, I know this is nothing more than a mediocre kids show/toy commercial and will only lead to more exploited factory workers.

It's not even handled properly, if not for pirated/subbed episodes the show AND the toys wouldn't have sold.

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endgame right here
or at least some ship tease, I won't mind either way

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Glad they killed MK/Mei shipp early by having him vomit at the very idea. Red son ship is cuter

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I like MK/Mei as friends/like brother and sister
it is refreshing to see friendship between a guy and a girl for once
Inside Job did that one well too

>MK will inherit Wukong's immortality and never score
The suffering is real.

Season 3 of Lego City Adventures dropped on Netflix last month. So that's cool.
Gotta get into LMK one of these days. Iron Fang is pretty banging...

I already have sugar and plastic coursing trough my veins and spirit. I accept my condition as a consumer good and a consumer; Take me, Moloch.

Anything you consume will lead to more exploited factory workers. Specially animation, it is a monster that feeds on overworked artisans both from the first and third world.
There's no ethical consumption under capitalism.

Iron FAN you uncultured horny ape, go read up on source material, JTTW.

when the FUCK did season 3 start?!

god damn it I'm getting old

Imagine their parents meeting, that'd be funny. Can't wait until the fact DBK cheated on his wife with some fox demon cunt gets brought up and all of China goes up in flames.

China's obsession with the misadventures of World's Biggest Monkey Cunt is worrying. Dude's the worst role model ever.

Mega with all the episodes?

That's pretty much the only good fairytale they have left after a bunch of political shitfuckery happened long ago. And coming up with new stories would both cost money and carry the risk of failing due to lack of nostalgia bait.

My bad. I'll blame it on the tiredness. And a bit of the horny as well.

Fucking China, wonder if you can buy knockoff LEGO Movies there with horrible 3D graphics and Lepin minifigures.
>a bit
Face it, even the dirty Canadian monkeys at the animation studio have a boner for their own creation. Which given LEGO's legacy for shutting down anything that's even slightly problematic for their image could prove hilarious, especially after the Nezhan shipping incident. Hope you like having the show end on a cliffhanger!

Yeah but minimizing it is the goal. Making a cartoon specifically to sell toys is bad.

LEGO won't sell these days if there isn't another form of media for kids to relate it to. Their original themes have to compete with licensed ones like LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Marvel, LEGO Jurassic World...

Speak for yourself. Lego has been making a killing on their own merch, most notably Lego City and Lego Movie toys. They're trying to be the next Minecraft and it's working in Lego Land. They also know that collectors will buy anything $$$ so they keep the prices high and the quantity artificially limited.

Thanks for reminding me.
I'm currently rewatching season 1 right now.

I like the show because I think it's funny and the animation is nice. I don't really care if it's main objective is to sell legos, I'm not gonna buy them anyway.



As long the chinese market buy their lego it won't make any difference if you don't.

Made for picking me up and having deep frenching sessions

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Sorry, anons, she's got a literal bull of a husband. Well, a demon bull. A Demon King Bull. You get the idea, point is DKB kiiiiind of the embodiment of fantasy NTR characters and thankfully opted to settle down with one woman. Also ended up getting raped by Demon Bone Lady.

you may as well watch a well animated toy commercial rather than a soulless toy commercial

>Nezha shipping incident
What incident?