Im sad let's have a no face thread

im sad let's have a no face thread
you can shiva post as well if you must

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Have Oneil question and blue beetle actually ever met?

Good Question

L.A.W. Living Assault Weapons (the late 90s attempt to group the Charlton heroes into a hero team. Only lasted 6 issues. I haven't actually read it, I can't speak to the characterization).

Which Version of question your favorite? Mines a tie between JLU and O'Neil.

It's ONiel for me but I have a soft spot for the psychedelic Vic Sage that fought with shamanistic drugs.

should I buy the O'Neill omnibus bros ?

I just like the character so Id say yes but you're best off asking the people in /shelf/ if they're still doing those threads. They know more about binding methods and skipped issues that would be a reason not to buy an Omni.

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O'Neil's is the idea that "comics aren't just for kids" come true. This is a comic that is written by an adult for adults. This is a mature comic with no compromises. This is the comic I read when people recommend "The Boys" to me. O'Neils Question makes every other "For Mature Readers" comic book look like a baboon in clown make-up.

On the other hand, JLU Question is fun.

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The question being my favorite comic book character is just a never ending pain

>On the other hand, JLU Question is fun.
JLU question is basically just a kid friendly Rorscach.

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God, is such a great design.

It was the 90s. Everyone in the comic was too buys being 90s guys for much nuance. Beetle was a bit of a quipper, Question was TeRRiBlY MYstERious, and Judo Master was the platitude-spouting master of martial arts. It mostly just inoffensively forgettable.

He's just an objectist. I'd say he's more true to Ditko's beliefs than Rorschach.

I love this "Truck Driver Question" look, I see it like the alternate costume in a fighting game

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I prefer

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Beyond the "A is A" reference, there's nothing "objectivist" about JLU Question. He's a conspiracy-theorist that goes through people's trash, not a dude that goes on long speeches about how capitalism is the bedrock of all true morality.

>Beyond the "A is A" reference
You make it sound like it's just a throwaway line. It's a speech on Objective morality at the end of his Arc and one of the most important moments of that show.


you think if the questions mask could form into different faces that would detract from him? or you think that would be cool? octocamo style.
objectivism isnt necissarily that, but that can be an abstraction of it I guess.

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> Do you think if the questions mask could form into different faces that would detract from him? or do you think that would be cool? octocamo style.
Instantly no but, I'd like him to be able to apply to make up on top of it to go undercover "matches Malone" style.

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My favorite Question is Ditko's although Miller's was fun for the short time he appeared. I also really enjoyed JLU Question as well. I was never a fan of O'Neill's Question and I was even less fonder of Veitch's. 52 era Question was never my cup of tea either and I found Montoya to be quite boring as the Question. Pax Americana Question is neat but it's basically if Watchmen was made with the charlton characters.

JLU's Q was voiced by Jeffrey Combs, so he wins out by far. And plus, I appreciate how the character was written to be a pretty deranged freak rather than reinforcing whatever weird beliefs the author wanted to push.

But the speech (which was just a few sentences actually) was just him saying everything has particular immutable properties, and he expects Luthor to be the same sort of person in every reality. I'm not saying he's incompatible with Ditko's version, just that there was VERY LITTLE SHOWN that clearly overlapped with the VERY clear objectivist beliefs of Ditko's version. Much much much more airtime was given to his conspiracy theories as opposed to his views on self-interest.

you know what? I think I like that idea better.

How about this, He can change skin color but all the extra stuff needs to be dawned. or maybe he has like 3 skin tones.

>was written to be a pretty deranged freak

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No, classic suit or naked.


What would his undercover name be?

>you think if the questions mask could form into different faces that would detract from him? or you think that would be cool? octocamo style.
You want the original Human Target.

Or possibly Nemesis.

He was a fucking lunatic in that show.

Something that starts with two Qs.

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I mean, yah, But just conceptually with the fake skin, it makes progressive sense.
Myers Brigg

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Why is Xavier black?

>Myers Brigg
That's just cringe.

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I mean, he didnt seem like a completel lunatics. Schizophrenic, or that thing where you see connecteions everywhere sure, but he seemed to be moral and directed. I thought the JLU's intentionally tried to make him seem cool. I mean, hell, he got with that chick.

Just typical Marvel, race-bending away a ginger.

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I know.

or, principled might be a better word.

So he would be darkman?

Damn, I thought I was on to something. I guess it is true "there's nothing new under the sun".

Interestingly, Grodd was intentionally written to be an Objectivist in JL/JLU. Confirmed by the writers and Luthor even calls him a “half-baked Objectivist” during their rivalry. Just Google “Gorilla Grodd,” “Objectivist”, and “JLU” and you’ll find old interviews about it.

>O'Neils Question makes every other "For Mature Readers" comic book look like a baboon in clown make-up.
You're either extremely pretentious, or haven't read many comics intended for mature readers.

Probably both.

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JLU really did a disservice to people by introducing him to a greater audience cuz there is a severe lack of actual question content out there, and Rorschach is not a good replacement

I mean if you apply it to something like The Boys it makes sense but i don't think user was considering shit like Maus when writing that.

Does that DC short parodying old school Hanna-Barbara cartoons count?

He's still the Only guy to voice him. They got him back for Brave and the bold even though the question has 2 lines in the entire show.

Marshall McLuhan


Trips of truth.

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He was voiced by Nicholas Guest in the B&B series, but Combs came back for the Scooby Doo crossover movie.
David Kaye voiced him in the short from OP's pic.
He was also voiced by Liam O'Brien in Lego Batman 3.

Question was a thinking character dropped into a setting where everyone's trying to solve things with punching. even Luthor is trying to make Superman angry enough to punch him. The Legion of Doom plans out punching robberies. Cadmus creates a Supergirl who has an excellent fight.
So Question appeals to all of us who just want to sit down and read. Those of us who want to know what super technology Superman has hidden. Who wants to know what the bad guys are stealing and why. It's got to be something cool. He'll just tell Batman- report to the Watchtower- and sit back and look through the thanagarian version of the Anarchist Cookbook for ways to make exploding eggs. DC used to be full of interesting stuff before they made everything a Batman cameo title, and made Batman boring.

While we're on Question comparison. Which design is your favorite?

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I think he looks better with the hat on. Fewer features to work with. I think the best Question is in the writing. How does he see the world- from the street or from the sky? From someone looking for an score (and how to stop it), or looking for a fight? Is he smarter than everyone, or is he talking attempted-highbrow nonsense like baby's first day on /pol?

Lower left (here's a question: is he looking at the camera, or to his side?)

Rorschach by far.
The most fervent and the most tragic.

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That's a great photoshop.

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