Infinity Train

I love Jesse!

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She does too

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I want Jesse all to my self, Lake can have Tulip though.

Who is the best passenger and why was it Jeremy?

>Cucked a whole sentient castle
Hard to top the basedness on that.

He had survivors guilt, an issue that plagues people for years but he pulled himself up and took care of Morgen for five years until Kez ruined it all. Plus he may have killed Alrick which started the main event of the show so without him the series wouldn’t exist

Huh?!? I haven't watched past season 3

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Well watch season 4, its pretty good

Hmm, fine
But only because the boys seem cute, because I'm still seething over pic related

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>Only 8replies
>Only 4poster
>Already in page 7
Is the Infinity Train fandom here dead?
Why does no one want to talk about it unless the OP is about Simon

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Its a total schizo theory but is has more evidence than most and it matches the timeline

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>Is the Infinity Train fandom here dead?
Show cancelled, not much to talk about unless there's news
>Why does no one want to talk about it unless the OP is about Simon
Because Simon is one of the more interesting characters to talk about and brings attention, no offense to Jesse but he's rather vanilla compared to Lake, Simon or Tulip

Owen did another interview a few days ago, is that news?

For what it’s worth, I’m surprised this thread is still up
I just really love Jesse
Simon is a close second too though

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Jesse is so goddamn cute, wish I was his boyfriend.

You know what, I’m in a good mood
We can share him, for now that is

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Don't worry Book 4 has nothing like that, doesn't rule out its own horrors though

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Jesse is for Lake only

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Lake is only for being sanded down by the reflection police

Found a fic recently where a time skip Jesse takes in a homeless Simon after dying on the train transports him back to earth
It's really cute ao3 works/30480306
they also fuck in part2

Based, get cucked null

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I miss Jesse
I miss Lake
I miss Alandracula
I miss the january of 2020
I miss being happy
Fuck It, I've had a terrible day, worthy of a bad therapy in an endless locomotive even, I'll fill this thread with jesslake while playing in 2fort and listening alive 2007 for the infinitesimal time

Fuck You Mace

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I still have hope Infinity Train will be renewed, companies nowadays love preexisting IPs and is only a matter of time till it picks up IT again

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Look, that is true with series from the past that somehow got public, we would have to wait at least 10 years to apply that to the train and in general, current series are almost never renewed after their cancellation, at most they receive a little spinoff or maybe a movie, maybe.
anyway here we go boys

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>Two characters were in a car crash so it must have been with each other
I don't buy it, Jeremy was on the train for 5 years all before Amelia took over.
So either Amelia was wallowing in misery for 5 years somehow avoiding the train the entire time or Amelia was on the train for 5 years before taking it over which I doubt given how little her appearance changed between her getting on the train, the book 5 mockup, and her cameo in book 4.

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Mr.Yea Forums will be fun

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>doesn't rule out its own horrors
What makes it even more interesting is *it* appeared in episode 7, although Book 4 broke the previous episode 7 rule, every character that had a focus in episode 7 has played a greater importance in the series.
Makes you wonder what *its* importance was.

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>I'm 0 Home
What did Jesse mean by this?

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She "got" a [0] and now lives in Arizona with her platonic friend

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I like this one

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I have to admit, the more I go through my material, the more I notice there are less and less of them

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>Jesse and Lake is the popular couple for the show that most everyone enjoys
>Min-gi and Ryan is popular with fujos and is the second most popular
>Grace and Simon for the angst and tradegyfags
>Tulip is stuck with nothing but a crackship with someone she barley interacted with
feels bad

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To be honest I don't care about the movie anymore, I'm more interested in the yearbook instead

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says you, I want my hot Amelia movie

Does Tulip really need one?

Me, of course

Loving it so far
>Simon acting like a house wife
>them cuddling together while watching tv presumably every night

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Used to create Hazel I tell you, how else could Amelia have given her a deactivated number.

Why are they so freaking cute? Why are they so perfect? Why do they make me feel so happy?

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because you want to have sex with both of them.

Shit, me too
What’s wrong with that?

But didn't Owen say that Alrick was in a motorcycle?

Why can't Lake be a girl?

Why should it feel bad? She doesn't need to be with anyone. She's better off. You can't talk about Min-gi and Ryan without the shippers coming in.

She is though
You don’t have to be androgynous to be referred to as “their” user, not everything is about some gender mumbo jumbo

Twitter schizos and their fixation with pronouns. Lake is a girl whether they like it or not.

I only use "their" if I don't know the person's gender. Personally, insistently using "they" even after someone says what to use is kind of rude, as though that person can't tell. Lake is a she, it's another "Lake is nonbinary uwu" fanart.