Why is it that western animation pushes woman onto complete losers out of their league...

Why is it that western animation pushes woman onto complete losers out of their league? Is it taking the wrong lessons from anime?

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>Is it taking the wrong lessons from anime
I think to figure that out you need to spend time on Yea Forums instead of here
Go ahead and find out for yourself!


Are you the guy obsessed with Ron? He proved himself to be very talented in multiple episodes.

But he hates anime. He thinks only Steven Universe and She Ra are the only cartoons that all cartoons should strive to be, head to toe. Any that dares to deviate is crap from his eyes.

Self inserts

He really didn’t; it came off as someone trying to write a Gary Stu and still didn’t change the fact that he was a pudgy, ugly nerd with no social skills.

Yep. It looks like a pathetic attempt at fan service that doesn't understand males like to self insert as alpha males, not beta wusses.

Unironically this.
Also Yea Forums is dogshit.

As another user mentioned he really does come off as a bad self insert; doesn’t help the writers based him off how they were in high school and Kim off the girls they were into.

Wish fulfiment

Holy shit this! They severely misunderstand what audiences really want. And it’s not just Ron and Kim guilty of this.

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Something tells me this thread is an indication of Yea Forums's true colours judging by the number of oeople agreeing with the OP.

For who? I’m sure even nerds wouldn’t want to self insert as a doofus like Ron.

this again?

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Show me how OP is wrong.

You mean industrycuck's propensity for samefagging

I thought Ron was cool...

He's just going to deny and claims that Yea Forums agree with him while we are the minority.

My question is why he keeps repeating this same topic over and over again?

What about him was cool? He looks the kind of guy who would go postal after being bullied too much.

Your problem is that you don't understand relationships. Get out in the world and see what goes on

Going postal is kinda cool.

It was a real bad problem with Disney in particular.

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I know that women like chads, not people like Ron or Jonathan.

>deranged flipleaf accuses normal dude of being unstabled

No the real question is why the jannies are letting him

Dear OP, you make these anti-Kim Possible threads over and over. Why? Tell us about yourself.

They're chads.

It never ends with this fucker. He just doesn't get tired.

>dat strong jawline
He looks fairly attractive what's the problem here?

>My question is why he keeps repeating this same topic over and over again?
Autism, an utter lack of imagination, and a complete inability to move on and do anything productive with his life.

He doesn't even need to, he wrote a comic all about himself: desuarchive.org/co/thread/129514381/#129514381

Ever been to Yea Forums before? They've fallen so low that they can't even be cool in their OWN fantasies

He's white
That's LITERALLY it. Industrycuck has literally been seething over white guys for the majority of his forty+ years of life

I’m pretty sure even they would be against self inserting as Ron.

they know, idiot
they just don't care for whatever retarded reason. all shit like this is gonna do is get janny to baleet you for calling them out

I was gonna ask if it was really him but then I saw the severed ron head. What a schizo.

…Is Industrycuck Josh Luna?

To quote a certain autist, Fucking this.

If Ron were any other race, he'd say nothing. If it were Wade, he'd be absolutely silent.

They deleted Guy and Barneyfag though. The former being less spammy than Barneyfag.

Shit, if Ron was Asian, Industrycuck would outright worship him.

Yet he remains, strange isn't it? Since he likes asians so much could he also be behind the the western vs eastern threads?

I thought it was a known fact Yea Forums is filled with low self-esteem cartoon coomers.

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Ron is Jewish
Why is industrycuck so antisemitic?

No, he's on record hating anime because they're not "progressive" like Steven Universe and She Ra.

Stoppable is a Jewish name?

Ironic considering both those shows are notorious for ripping off anime like Utena.

This ain't about the cartoons, is it man?

Because of horseshoe theory

Industrycuck did say they say Proud Family doesn't count as black after all.

Boco, just leave man theres nothing here for us bro


But Ron’s only flaw is that he’s most likely circumcised since his family’s jewish.

Its just me, you, and industrycuck here

It's a hilarious similarity, but I think he's even sadder
At least Josh can draw

>Ron Stoppable
What the fuck are you talking about? Ron was a skinny motherfucker (by the standards of the show) and was constantly made fun of for being a scrawny loser.

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>Industrycuck proves that you can spam the same autistic shit over and over without any consequences or punishment
>board is then flooded by Isabellaposting, Helferposting, Supermanwhiningposting and so on

Not exactly helping his case; scrawny twigboys aren’t exactly Chad material.

that's hardly new

And still getting more Asian pussy than you lol

Your example of this being a trend in western animation is a single show from 20 years ago?

You're missing the Peter Darker baiters.

Don’t care industrycuck, in the end nothing you say can make me dislike Kim possible or any other 2000’s show

It was a 2000s thing and seemed to be dying down in the 2010s but made a comeback recently. It’s insane.

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Sorry, but a fat Fillipina is not out of most white guy's leagues, user.