The Owl House

What are your theories? Will we see our boy again soon?

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>Will we see our boy again soon?
When he marries Luz and she has his children.

>The Owl House but it takes place in the Drowned God universe
What changes?

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>Will we see our boy again soon?
What do you mean? I see him every night.

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Who wins?

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will he finally get his mcrib?

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I'm scared, that random shot of Steve in a motorcycle may point to Steve being the unknown ally that will help the guys in LR. That means we'd end having to wait longer to know what's going on with Hunter.

>the collector is simultaneously manipulating at least two crazy old men and is probably lying to both of them
so what do they actually want then? how many levels of double-crossing are we going to be on by the finale?

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So what is the owl creature?

I'm sure we all knew there would be a twist of some kind, but how many of you expected that all of "King's people" were actually just hunters wearing the skulls of his kin?

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I wasn't expecting anything like that because I always figured all titans looked very different, because the Boiling Isles one looks more humanoid.

That said, it was a clever twist.

i expected a link between king and the titan, but yeah that part actually surprised me. well done dano

I thought this show got canned.

How come Luz didn't bring up Hunter?

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I expected them to not play an important role into the narrative but not being fake junkies cosplaying really. Also didn't expect King being straight up a Titan, but a race of descendents that once wanted to connect with him with a ritual or something, at the time i thought it'd be a bit too obvious.

>Will we see our boy again soon
Hopefully in the last two episodes. Maybe O Titan too.

Crew is walking over eggshells since Hunting Palismen to avoid shipping drama.

Why would she?

MEGA before anybody asks

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eating grass and weird berries and pooping in holes

Because they immediately got distracted by Hooty coughing up the letter and she saw an opportunity to get allies in the fight against Belos.

Hunter wasn't even going to be mentioned in the episode regardless, they have other stuff to think about.

She was so freaked out by the incident she had to do drawings of it to comunicate what happened with Eda, maybe she'd have done more given her more time, but then this happened and triggered her escapist strategy under a convenient excuse.

The Coven Heads that rebelled are all the lesbian flag colors.

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>”Whenever Hunter isn’t on screen, all the other characters should be asking: ‘Where’s Hunter?’”

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Fuck you I was gonna post that

Uh not hunters to be sure but I had a 50% feeling that they were going to turn out to be fakers.

He doesn’t have to be in every episode.

I wish Eda had made a one-off line about losing Blondie in the woods

>lesbian visibility
>post a bisexual

With what we know now, Belos

Soon, the fruits of his labor will be worth it.

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Uh oh not this again.

I renember when people shipped these two.

I miss when we had greentexts of Belos being zany like Aku

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Dana retweeted this art. It is great.

>After Day of unity
>Collector: Well since its over can i get a kid now
>Belos: how about you go get a kid from Bill huh
>Collector: Are we really doing this Now?

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It's called the "owl beast" so I'm going to guess based on the categorization shown in "Knock Knock Knocking on Hooty's Door" that it's a beast type demon. It's certainly not a bug or a biped, it made Eda more bestial when she transformed, and it seems in the dream flashback to be native to the Boiling Isles.

I liked the twist of the titan hunters being Collector worshipers who believe him as a hunting god and supports the theory of the existence of titans serving as a ward so he doesn't escape from his prison

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Andrias easily. Wizards tend to be glass cannons

It's probably an owl deity (or Titan since pic related has the symbol) the Collector trapped in a scroll

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When I figured it out I felt stupid.

Damn it is that predictable

No one else saw it coming except that one schizo, even the subreddit is full of people saying it was impossible to predict

You can’t say no one could predict it when someone did.

That would've been nice. This problem is more in anime, I've noticed, but sometimes you have characters that barely even talk to each other. It would've been nice to see Eda or Lilith acknowledge Hunter.

Also this is borderline uncanny. Not sure if that's the intention but Hunter seems ever so off, but it oddly fits with him canonically not being fully human/witch. Also damn does that silk look realistic. I prefer stylized art but that thumbnail makes it look like a real photo

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I didn't, I said only one schizo predicted it based on the clues the show left intentionally

>King is a Titan
>All his kind are fakes, meaning he's the only titan left on the Boiling Isles
>The house is under seige
It's amazing how much depth this show gained once Disney put the hammer on the gay shit. It puts Amphibia to tears right now.

>I prefer stylized art but that thumbnail makes it look like a real photo
Because it's a paintover

It didn't need to be something that elaborate to land either, something like
>That poor boy that ran away!
Would've been fine.

It’s funny how it used to be chad Andrias vs virgin Belos, and now it’s the opposite

Out of all The Collector comparisons, I’m surprised no one has mentioned eVe from No Straight Roads yet

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I’ll take a friendship betrayal over losing a fistfight to a woman and never letting it go

It's funny how Amphibia started strong and is going to end lukewarm at best while TOH started lukewarm and put the pedal to the floor once Dana got slapped by the mouse for her gay shit.

i wouldn't say it's predictable but rather people don't expect Dana to go for the 'fucked up' route

Where do I watch the newest episode or pirate it?

Dana doesn’t really play things straight, she has an issue with it or something

yeah she has a real problem with being straight

>got slapped by the mouse for her gay shit
Based. Did Disney actually tell her to stop with the gayshit and focus on the plot instead?

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>Willow witnesses White on White crime

Implied Philip raped the shit out of willow

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If you seriously think they won’t being going overdrive on the gay shit before the end then you really got another thing coming

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why does a bound and bloodied philip turn me on


No such thing happened, S2 was locked in as kino before any news of cancellation broke, we were just robbed of equally great or better S3, S4 etc
>For Owl House I can fully admit that I didn't feel like, well for one thing there was a lot of studio interference in the first half of season one, I had just a million executives, six executives giving me six different kinds of conflicting notes and it made writing the episodes and finishing the episodes just so maddening. And the tone of the first 14 episodes just doesn't feel like the show, which is the majority of the show which is funny.

>It wasn't until Understanding Willow, directed by Aminder Dhaliwal and written by John Bailey Owen, where I was like "oh this is the shit I wanna do, this is the fun, the drama" the weird visuals that I really want to play with. Agony of a Witch was another one that was just like "oh yes, okay we're getting there" and in season two we just like figured everything out, we honed in on every single character and now we're just going. But for our show it did take a while in my opinion.

Slapping Amity's butt and saying she's got it in her to be daddy's special witch

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is Lulu even white? are there actual races in the BI or does everyone just have different skin tones? is Gus black?

Gentlemen... BEHOLD!

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The fact that he manipulated both of them into setting up some kind of ritual suggests that he doesn't much care how he's freed back into the world, only that he gets free. He played to the Titan hunter's desire to kill Titans, and to a witch hunter's desire to kill witches, but the Collector seems to simply want to destroy or imprison others.

That's literally the pic where she says she's dating luz.....

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>Gus is white, he just has the same skin condition as Uncle Ruckus

well that explains why most of season 1 was shit

Yes, wait for the reveal that all witches are ancient humans who came to the demon realm and grew bile sacs as a result of titan blood and magic in the air

It's set up, but I wouldn't call it obvious.

More likely that he's making the rituals up or they serve different purposes, than him just having redundancy backup.

>Hunter stares at Willow.

He has it bad.

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>Koreans found this show
we finally getting some proper character suffering?

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That's crew art.