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>ok Toonami fans, what show do you want from this list?
>Yashahime S2
>Food Wars S5
>Megalo Box S2

Ok then, here’s your new schedule, tailor made for your above requests.

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its fucking over
nu-toonami had a good run

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>it's ALL reruns
>Nothing new
Be honest. Are you surprised?



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Hello fans, we are here yet again for another installment of “Worst Toonami Performances of All Time!” Last week Shenmue shot up while everything else stayed close to the same. This week, Shenmue finally breaks its up and down cycle, by actually doing a bit better than last week. And while AoT still had a sizable drop, it managed to stay over 200k and not get outdone by AssClass. Our favorite little blight on ratings known as Lupin managed to lose to One Piece, bet you would never hear about a show losing to that, did you? And to cap the night off, Naruto had a rare off night with a huge dump of viewers, but who can blame them? This Obito nonsense is major snooze material

12:00a - Shenmue 278 0.12

12:30a - Attack on Titan 216 0.11

1:00a - AssClass 183 0.09

1:30a - Lupin the Third Pt6 159 0.08

2:00a - One Piece 0.08

2:30a - One Piece 162 0.08

3:00a - Naruto Shippuden 103 0.05

3:30a - Cowboy Bebop 89 0.04

Current top 10 worst lead ins
1. Blade Runner - Black Lotus 141 0.05 (1/29/22)
2. Blade Runner - Black Lotus 175 0.09 (1/1/22)
3. Fena - Pirate Princess 181 0.08 (9/25/21)
4. My Hero Academia 181 0.09 (6/19/21)
5. Shenmue 199 0.08 (4/9/22)
6. Shenmue 202 0.09 (3/26/22)
7. Shenmue 203 0.09 (3/5/22)
8. Blade Runner - Black Lotus 213 0.08 (12/18/21)
9. Blade Runner - Black Lotus 218 0.09 (12/4/21)
10. Shenmue - 219 0.10 (2/12/22)

Worst marathon - Fena - Pirate Princess 80 0.04 (10/30/21)

Five digit premier club
1. Naruto Shippuden 69 0.02 (1/29/22)
2. One Piece 78 0.04 (3/12/22)
3. Naruto Shippuden 79 0.03 (1/29/22)
4. Naruto Shippuden 88 0.03 (2/12/22)
5. One Piece 89 0.03 (1/29/22)

No matter what ratings Shenmue gets tonight, it cant hold a majority of the slots on the worst list. It wasnt the greatest show, but as far as originals go, it was enjoyable.

Next week, AssClass gets a single chance to make the list, then Primal reruns become our lead? I guess Im gonna have my work cut out for me for the foreseeable future, cause things are about to tank!

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How long before the inevitable Gemmusetto rerun?

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I will not be here to make threads on the next 2 weekends (May 7 and May 14). I'm taking a trip, and the chances of me being able to be online at the right times will be next to 0. I'm sorry for any inconveniences this causes during those weekends, but I wanted to give a heads up so it doesn't seem like I vanished given the unfortunate block lineup on those weekends. That being said, I hope all of you have a good Mother's Day next weekend, if you observe the holiday or not.

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>faggitman had absolutely fucking nothing
wew lad
We really are fucked, huh?

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I like Primal but good God it's been aired to death. AND WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU LEAD WITH IT? HOLY SHIT.

My WORST case scenario was Yashahime S2 and Food Wars S5. If they can’t even rely on Viz anymore, there is literally no one left and the block has no future

I don't get it. Why are we stalling already. Why not get something from Sentai? Is the yearly budget really gone a third of the way through the year?

primal season 2 is due this summer so oh god i might accept death now

lets make our own toonami

we'll have a cute anime girl host it

Based Shenmue

Full 5 digit club report for April

1. Fena - Pirate Princess 60 0.03 (10/30/21)
2. Cowboy Bebop 62 0.02 (1/29/22)
3. Fena - Pirate Princess 68 0.03 (10/30/21)
4. Fena - Pirate Princess 68 0.03 (10/30/21)
5. Cowboy Bebop 70 0.04 (3/12/22)
6. Naruto Shippuden 69 0.02 (1/29/22)
7. One Piece 78 0.04 (3/12/22)
8. Naruto Shippuden 79 0.03 (1/29/22)
9. Fena - Pirate Princess 79 0.05 (10/30/21)
10. Fena - Pirate Princess 80 0.04 (10/30/21)
11. Cowboy Bebop 81 0.04 (1/1/22)
12. Fena - Pirate Princess 81 0.05 (10/30/21)
13. Cowboy Bebop 84 0.03 (2/12/22)
14. Fena - Pirate Princess 84 0.04 (10/30/21)
15. Fena - Pirate Princess 84 0.04 (10/30/21)
16. Fena - Pirate Princess 85 0.04 (10/30/21)
17. Fena - Pirate Princess 85 0.04 (10/30/21)
18. Naruto Shippuden 88 0.03 (2/12/22)
19. One Piece 89 0.03 (1/29/22)
20. Cowboy Bebop 89 0.04 (4/23/22)
21. Cowboy Bebop 91 0.03 (4/16/22)
22. Cowboy Bebop 91 0.05 (3/19/22)
23. One Piece 92 0.05 (3/12/22)
24. Fena - Pirate Princess 93 0.05 (10/30/21)
25. Cowboy Bebop 94 0.04 (1/1/22)
26. Cowboy Bebop 94 0.05 (2/5/22)
27. One Piece 95 0.04 (2/12/22)
28. One Piece 95 0.03 (1/29/22)
29. Cowboy Bebop 95 0.04 (1/1/22)
30. Cowboy Bebop 96 0.04 (1/1/22)
31. Fena - Pirate Princess 96 0.05 (10/30/21)
32. Cowboy Bebop 97 0.03 (1/22/22)
33. Cowboy Bebop 97 0.04 (2/26/22)
34. Dr Stone 99 0.06 (11/20/21)

As we bring this month to a close, it’s time for an update to the 5 digit club. Not much to report this month, just a couple Bebops added. I anticipate May will have this list grow substantially.

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Why would I apologize to somebody I'll NEVER EVER see again?


They got bought out by AMC. Their shows are possibly off the table now.

Sentai isn’t an option anymore because of AMC. The only one supposedly willing to work with the block was Viz, but not even landing Yashahime S2 makes even that relationship seem in question


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There no way we don't get forced to sit through both Food Wars S5 and Yashahime S2.

>a show we've seen forever
>a good show nearing its end
>kill me
>entertaining at least

They actually just marathoned it yesterday too

>the year was front loaded
>Now a desert of reruns until October
>For 1 show
This is one of those blows the block won't ever quite recover from, isn't it?

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>AssClass gets to lead once
Nice, do your best Korosensei!

Favorite spring anime?

For me Spy x family and Aharen

ugh fuck it fine

Primal has 10 episodes, could it clear out the entire list?

Hey /tg/ how was your week

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fucking reject Yea Forumsutists

I have already forgotten the stories of:
Dr Stone
Fire Force
Black Clover

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What the actual fuck is going through Demarcos head? Is he mentally ill? Like for reals mentally ill?

good until i saw the lineup

SARA's already pretty cute...

Doesn’t matter. 4 of those shows are Funimation meaning they won’t air on Toonami ever again anyway


Since Viz seems to be one of the only options left, do you think we'll see this fat bastard on the block?

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Ok get this
I say we put all our chips on Yashahime

Takechiyos Tale: A Yashahime Story
Yashahime 2: The Twin Towas
Yashahime 3: The Morohaning
One Piece

boom whattya think

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I'm only watching SxF and Summertime Rendering so I'll go with those.

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It's over for us, isn't it?


Not likely. The first episode would have to do the worst, then the second the second worst, etc. I do expect Black Lotus to give up its #1 slot though, just not on the first week

>on half-empty international 10+ hour flight
>getting free drinks, extra helping of dinner, whole row to myself
>able to watch live tv channels
>bought the wifi to shitpost
I'm prepared for drunk 38000 feet Toonami. Tonight/Today's gonna be groovy

I saw this blonde sparrow. Planted some rat tailed radishes.

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>walk into room
>see this

wat do

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>AMC Networks acquired Sentai Holdings. The move was finalized on January 5, 2022 and announced the same day, according to a report in The Hollywood Reporter.
>The first season of Made in Abyss aired in the United States on Adult Swim's Toonami programming block from January 15, 2022.

Unless Demarco negotiated the contract in 2 days, they already belonged to AMC when we got MiA. And doesn't Lupin have the Sentai logo? I think everyone is doom posting for nothing since we've gotten no indication that Sentai is off the table and we have 2 of their shows on the block right now.

>Yashahime S2
>Food Wars S5
Blocked by the AMC buy out
>Megalo Box S2
Blocked by Crunchyroll now owning Funi and being Jewish
Shit and already canned, and isn't Demarco's pet like OP

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We didn’t get Yashahime S2. Viz is apparently not an option either

If they were, he is pretty much the only thing in their catalog that is action and not a rerun though

the legendary hero is dead on toonami when? not that it ever would be, too much fanservice

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I would unironically prefer Black Lotus to Primal. Primal isn't fun to shitpost about because it's good, just overplayed to shit. At least with BL it's so atrocious -and- overplayed we can laugh through the pain

2 shows. But without access to content even if they still had a budget they can't buy anything anyway. All we have to look forward to is FLCL and [as] reruns. Welcome to 2008.

Accept Boruto in your hearts and he WILL save you.

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I remember reading the manga of this and enjoying it

Demarco had 2 full weeks to get MiA before the sale and after the Jan 1 budget reset. It’s tight, but doable.

Lupin was picked up straight from TMS. It’s like Toei and One Piece, the Japan side dictates where it airs

I don't know about MiA, but Lupin is Discotek. Apparently they have a deal for Lupin to stream on Sentai's HIDIVE service, but they still have the rights for it.

Besides uzumaki what other shows are this year? I honestly forgot. I thought flcl was next year.

Someone post that January 2020 schedule where every slot was a relevant premiere and everything was looking golden

I think the problem with Viz is that Demarco blew the yearly budget to make the block seem not dead in January. But now they can't afford anything.

I don’t want the block saved if it’s in a place where all it can air is it’s proven failures. It had a good run, let it rest now


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I'm expecting it to be on the block next month and it would put the /m/ back in Toonami

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puff puffs

Housing Complex C. That horror show no one remembers because it’s trailer dropped with the FLCL ones

Isn't Housing Complex C supposed to be this year? Or maybe early next year at the latest.

note that the manga is getting a follow up series starting in a week or two too

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I feel like I'm playing Wacky Races with my suicidal thoughts and they're catching up quick. Nintendo Switch Sports is fun but lacking for the price. Also playing Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep again on crit. Watching Toonami every week allows me to calm down after a stressful week weighs on my mental health. New lineup is giving me doom feelings but hopefully it means Primal season 2 is coming very very soon. Oh also Sakura in Fortnite big cute! Love her ass.

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It was a different time.

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Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
I've been waiting to have an opportunity to post this.

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Post yfw you first saw the new schedule

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>Food Wars S5
>Blocked by the AMC buy out
It's on HBO Max. I think they'll take whatever they can get for it. They'll probably see it as sabotaging the block.

Tenants were fighting almost nonstop. Theres two of them left taking advantage of the 3 day grace period

No. A good show to talk about also has shitposting but a good show is still a good show

I wonder if TMS and Toei have any good freebies they can throw our way

Oh yeah. I totally forgot that was a thing. Whoops.

Ignore her and try to find You Wanna Zoo so I can avenge my father's death.

It was actually a similar time. A lot of these shows were near their end, and as each one ended, a slot was cut or a rerun was added. Then the coof hit and gave them a Golden excuse for not having anything to air

eat shit

The AMC deal was finalized on the 5th and Monday was the 3rd. If he got it after the 5th that means AMC ownership is not a dealbreaker.

>Lupin was picked up straight from TMS. It’s like Toei and One Piece, the Japan side dictates where it airs


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I'm not saying I would do anything bad, but I'm NOT leaving this earth a virgin

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Nope. TMS is mostly ancient relics and Toei is OP/DBZ but I really doubt DBZ comes at a 2022 Toonami price, especially since AS knows it’s reruns don’t pull an audience

Yashahime is on the way to save us, don't fret.

Then don't shitpost and actually watch the block for 30 minutes.

I can't believe this is already 2 years old. Wow time flies.

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you DID learn all 4 Wude, right /tg/?

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>You will never be abducted by a boat of huge-titty pirate women.

Look, if Sentai was still on the table, where is the new shows at? This was Demarco’s chance to prove himself of still having some allies and he blew it

Didn't the original block also only last 10 years? Like pottery.

Hey I'd like to get a peak at her wooda amirite ladies and gents ayoo

Talentless Nana would be good fun with TG. I hate seeing the block like it is

Is Demarco saving new shows for the 10th Anniversary?

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The best time has finally arrived! Though I don't know for how much longer. I'm honestly excited for Primal, though. I missed the marathon, and so I've only ever seen the first episode. I'm looking forward to see the rest. Less so the Nardo-Wan Piss Double Power Hour.

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where are you going

I'm already weening myself away in preparation for something terrible.