Does Jeri actually hate Stick? Or it's more like, she dislikes most people?

Does Jeri actually hate Stick? Or it's more like, she dislikes most people?

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Jeri is out-off by her. Jeri is a pretty popular girl which already sets her apart from nerdier people, but Stick is especially weird and eccentric
Also Jeri tends to be generally disinterested and above-it—all, so there is a little bit of a dislike of others, but she’s not a full misanthrope. She’s just a bit conceited

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That should say put-off, not out-off

Oh, thanks, I was wondering what you meant. I didn't quite get your post.
>but she’s not a full misanthrope
True, in some strips she's even bice and kind with Teena. Rarely with Stick, though.

She dislikes Stick because she sees her as lame

Stick is lame. In the cutest way possible.

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Jeri is just jealous that she's a babe

I love these girls so much.

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Jeri already thinks Teena's uncool, and Stick is even more dweeby.

>couldn’t understand “out-off”
>says Jeri is “bice”
Was that an intentional joke or a legit mistake? Funny either way

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Jeri thinks everyone is un-cool and have value in this world only so far as they adore her.
Teena, her parents, the neighbors, and her sometimes "boyfriend".
Stick is un-cooler than most but Jeri doesn't actually HATE her. She reserves that emotion for Candy, the girl who moved in next door.

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Imagine having two daughters

My brother has three daughters, and claims that he won't have more kids (divorsed, can't see himself starting another family) so he has no chance of having a boy. He seems happy about it.

Why? You think two daughters would be a problem?

I loved when the strip had longers arc like that.

>you'll never take Jeri's virginity

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No one will ever take that, she's a huge stuck-up.

And even if she does, Teena and Stick will loose their years before.

>You have a chance to take Stick's virginity

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Is your dick much thinner than Stick's body, though?
If you have a normal dick, it'd be like shoving your fist up a straw.

I'll make it fit

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Well, where there's a will there's a way. Go for it!

Lots of lube, remember.

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She better bite the sheets
I'm going in dry

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Stick is not for your filthy lust. She's too pure.

Oh, there's always someone.
Possibly someone equally dumb and narcissistic and who only cares about eye candy and bragging rights.

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When the strip ended, Teena imagined everyone's future.
Stick blossomed into a supermodel -- though still plagued with allergies.

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>it's real
the fuck

Trump existed before 2015. Apparently half the country doesn't remember that he was a degenerate con-artist and liar before that, but he didn't just spring into fame 7 years ago.

I remember him from back then. Never liked the guy.

She will be soon

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Basically the same person. Right?

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this is still getting threads

Yes, but not often and they tend to be treated unfairly.

They don't happen often

Why not? Compared to other newspaper comics this one is actually delightful

Newspaper comic threads tend to be the best

Jeri is just a stupid b*tch.
Sometimes, howevber, they can get along.

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>Compared to other newspaper comics this one is actually delightful
Yes! This. Also, the artist puts actual effort in it,
I love this so much, when Teena breaks the fourth wall. Also, wow! That's extra sexy.

What's the author doing lately? Can't she see we need a continuation?

I want to give stick uncomfortably huge breast implants!

How's she gonna stand up? Also, no! She's the flattest DFC.

Just living her life. She very rarely posts drawings of people in her life. This was one of the last things she ever posted of Teena.

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I didn’t say “cripplingly huge” implants, user, just uncomfortably so. She’ll still be able to stand, but they’ll really get in the way and she’ll be turning heads left and right!

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Why would you do this? Jet body is already perfect.

Her, not "jet".

how can 12 inches feel comfortable? I understand the mixed messages as "i dress as a tomboy but in the end a hint of femminility is good" but

>how can 12 inches feel comfortable?
You give Gordo that much credit?

you can never tell where a dream will get you

Well, it's more than just a dream. The author always wanted for Gordo and Teena to be an item, but her editor was racist and against that idea.

so that's where that dream get us

>that skin color/hair color
I understand comic palette limitations, but 0 chance there's a redhead, unless Gordo has a redhead somewhere in his ancestry.

I am who I am, user. I could fatten her up too, if you’d prefer that.

The publisher wanted her to age them up.
Allison adamantly refused to do that, so they parted way.

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That was actually for the scholastic book deal. They were gonna make a Teena book/series but they wanted Teena and co to be in middle school. Allison was against that kinda change because it removes the whole point of the series.

No what?