Hopes for Calamity Sasha?

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>thread made before bump limit

That thread is gay

I just don't think calamity Sash will exist, not really. She'll pop up at the end to do the team attack with Marcy but she won't be relevant until then. Not sure what element she'll show affinity to. She honestly might just be red. We already know Matt's made a SSJ 2 for Anne so I'm not sure he'll have the time to design the rest of the girls, lel

That it acknowledges how much it was Sasha's fault and not Marcy's

I just remembered what the whole calamity trio and colors remind me of

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There's a third flip flapper?

coincidentally the green one is the cuckqueen

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We have like 2 threads up already my man

Endgame right here brothers

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Shut up retard.

My hope is that she appears for more than 2 minutes

Where's the mega?

Thank you.

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Queen would fit right in at Wartwood

>Not Jack_the_Jobber.png

The Neutopian palace is Onigashima

Gomu gomu gatoringu!

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Leif is repsonsible for this

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This is the thread now


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Amphibia is One Piece now

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Whose the biggest cuck?

You first dumb fuck

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This thread will be gay too

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She betrays Anne again, kills Marcy and the show is left open ended.

Only through the meta do people care about her. It's the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Aryan queen.

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Good Marcy deserves it.

Queen is a goofy, accident-prone mad scientist with zero attention span; he's clearly Marmar.

Look at his face; dude is already suffering enough even without a filename mocking him.

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Confused Anne in last panel is precious

What will the second twist be

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spoilers bro


Is she aware of the burgerchad vs fryfags meme?.FR If you are reading this, go outside more and start doing exercise, you fat girl.

Assuming it's based off Lord of the Rings, the second twist is that the Hero turns evil at the end. Which is probably just referring to Marcy.

>there are actual people in this thread who will tell you this dysfunctionality wasn't foreshadowed

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Who cares?

The only thing dysfunctional is Marcy.

Fat you KJ looks cute

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we already knew they had problems but people suddenly pretending they aren't friends at all is pretty ridiculous

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>omg they slept through my hecking long ass movierino at a SLEEP OVER. What horrible frens!!!

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It was revealed to us already. The enemy knew the army was a fake out and that the heroes were sneaking in.

Things were way too toxic to say they were friends.

Marcy is going to the undying lands beyond amphibia cause she never really recovered from the stab.

Cope Marcyfag.

By all accounts I was supposed to be the Marcy in my friend groups but nothing similar ever happened to me, me and my friends could always come to a compromise what to watch or play but the baseline was that we were all interested in the same shit anyway

They were obviously friends, at least to some extent, before. Darcy just said that to fuck with the girls. Is this entire argument happening because people think the core was 100% truthful?

The flashbacks were overwhelmingly negative dynamics.

How old were you?

Not really
Like a 25% toxin level and Marcy knocked it over, but the cup is refillable and easily purified
You twitter bitches don’t know real toxic

Looks like you found people you were just compatible with.

Who’s that girl? What’s her name?
Is she cool? Is she lame?

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Anne was a door mat Sasha a complete queen and Marcy just didn't exist. That's not really a friendship.

At this point she is just looking for a quick death that frees her from the weagie life

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Realistically how bad would it be bad if the US government got a hold of the calamity box?
We already lived through 50+ years we're 2 global superpowers had opposite ideals that could have destroyed society.
Would having seemingly everlasting free energy really make the world a worse place?
I know that if some writer got a hold to this premise in order to make a story something bad would happen but irl?

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The difference between people who are friends for no reason and people who share interests.

The economy is completely fucked anyway, her student loans were already burned when the Bank burned

At any age basically, there was never a time when I didn't have friends I shared nerdy interests with

How sheltered do you have to be?

If we had unlimited energy laying waste to the planet wouldn't matter. We could just create a frobo that sucks all of the CO2 out of the sky. Or hell just make a whole biodome

Her aunt would miss her

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Just because no one lost an eye doesn't mean it wasn't negative.

I became friendly at age 13 before that I was kinda antisocial.
It feels kinda weird to say but there's a very simple method that I follow that makes me feel comfortable and that it works.
Basically it is to talk about something weird that I like or find interesting and just keep talking and engaging with them letting others speak.
Very easy way to make friends

You would be surprised how durable the human body can be.

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If she's aware she's only """aware""" because she clearly doesn't get it. Marcy tears proves that. It's not about haha what if they were food it's about making a point for s3/2b

Well we know that the energy output is seemingly never ending but it does have a maximum flow.

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la cucaracha...


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Calamity Sasha will probably be the Mjolnir moment of the show, like it activates during her fight with Darcy. Calamity Marcy will probably have the least screentime, I don't think it will activate until the moon falls.

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Nah, she is taken her anger out of years being a wagie in souless robots.

I wonder how this fits on my headcanon of her mother being a member of the secret service of newtopia