Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars 08 were a mistake

Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars 08 were a mistake.

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When is Visons 2 is coming out?

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I hate the concept of the darksaber but at least they gave it to the mando now. If you have to have a dumb concept at least tie it to a good character.

Star Wars after RotJ was a mistake.

I refused to watch Rebels because it looks so kiddy. Did I make the right choice?

The Mask of Mandalore was better though. It's dumb these guys would use a weapon which Jedi excel at fighting and not getting in danger with because of the force

>Did I make the right choice?
Yes. It is cancer. The main character can't shut the fuck up and quip even during very serious moments with Vader.

Like I said I hate the concept of the dark saber. A mask would work very well. Mando's are gunmen and (lesser extent) knife fighters who excel at mastering the latest tech to always dominate the battle field. An esoteric weapon of sorcerers does not make sense. But also like I said at least the gave it to a hardline traditionalist who can make them become war worshipping fanatics again.

Depends on what you’re looking for. Your instincts were correct in that it is way more kiddy than CW, but the series wasn’t without its good moments. It’s main problem though is that that kiddiness weighs down its ability to make the stakes seem high enough, no one of consequence is ever hurt in a significant way save for a few obvious suspects at the very end, and the important events of the rise of rebellion era are filtered through the kid lens and lashed to the main cast.

Worst thing about them is how they all bounce around while they talk. They rock their torsos back and forth and their jaws move on a swivel. It’s like they were trying to hide how basic the models were by jerking them around more. They should’ve kept the blocky textured look from Clone Wars.

I am fully expecting him to lose it mid season 3 to Thrawn or another forced cameo by a character from the EU, Filoni decided to appropriate and make worse. Somehow Mace Windu returned

It was going to be a vibrosword originally but iirc lucas asked for it to be more unique.

I look at the Darksaber as more of a symbolic object than something which can be used practically all the time. My favorite aspect added in The Mandalorian is how he finds it heavy and cumbersome.

I have my issues with both, especially the latter in the context of the EU. But TCW was very important into getting me into the franchise as a whole.

That face is Macdonald's toy tier

A bunch of basement dwellers mad that a children's cartoon made by someone who worked on King of the Hill is way better than any of the movies made by their god king Lucas.

Me neither, was Thrawn done right?

That's the worst thing about it. Making it more mystical in usage which makes no fucking sense considering Moff used it in Mandalorian. Why does everything need to tie back to the force or jedi with other cultures especially the Mandalorians who previously in the EU were kind of the outsiders to that mysticism Jedi/Sith conflict shit.

People who legitimately think Mace should do come back and take Sam Jackson trolling or wanting another big paycheck as confirmation are fucking stupid. The idea he’d return now as like a 90+ year old man would not only create a massive goddamn plot hole but also completely destroy the significance of his original death.

the force is literally the center of t he star wars universe shut the fuc up

user. They used CG Luke with a fake voice multiple times unironically to make audiences clap because apparently just doing reverse Yoda is all these mouthbreathing retards need.

He was a bit dumber than he should have been. And his defeat was bullshit.

But i prefer it to how zhan writes thrawn retrospectivley i suppose.

He lost to Space Whales and lost his shit like a retard. He's more of a Team Rocket villain instead of the collected underdog leader who kills subordinates who are shit at their job and don't see it.

He’s not as OP but he’s actually competent. Also, he isn’t killed off like in the books. He’ll have more free reign after the end of the empire.

That is true too.

Also sabine should have bigger tits.

The Dank Saber

He is done right but he’s nerfed by the show needing the heroes to win every week. He’s a master tactician who never actually wins a single battle.

I know and I hate it.

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Sabine is a tight tomboy, I wish mommy Hera had bigger knockers

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did you not watch season 3

Why not both?

rebels hate is illogical

because diverse bodies are hot

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Season 1 of Rebels is very much a saturday morning cartoon, level of kid show. Season 2 got a bit better but I think the show really hit it's stride in Season 3. By then Disney stop giving a shit about it and stopped micromanaging it, allowing the creators to have more freedom.

You compare Rebels to Resistance and you can get a pretty good idea of how bad a disney star wars cartoon can get.

I'm pretty sure Ezra only ever quipped against Vader in their last interaction and even then it seemed less like "protagonist makes a quip to show their strength" and more like "protagonist makes a quip because of how scared they are".

There's not really that much "mythical" about it that doesn't apply to other lightsabers. It's pretty much established that anyone can wield a lightsaber.

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You'd have a point if you posted a less frumpy image ngl.

I wish dark lightsabres were something that didn't show up in everything now.
Anime is shit.

You say that but fundamentally the crew just didnt want to have a darker tone, even down to the showrunner saying hte darker tone of TCW was a mistake.

Maybe I will check it out.
>"You know that aspect of our shows that everyone likes?"
>"I hate it."

>Vader fucking quips in Rogue One
What the fuck went wrong?

Rebels and Clone Wars have a lot of story arcs worth watching. Now Resistance, that was a fucking mistake.

Just watch the Maul episodes and you're good

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I hate that Rogue One is the most beloved of the Disney movies. I thought it was really stupid and dripping with retcons. Also, and this is just me, it's success did nothing but prove to Disney that Star Wars fans don't want anything but the OT over and over and over again.

It is wacky to me. Why not focus on the thing that made your show sucessful.
TCW on its own, is pretty great. Most of my issues come from the characterizations in wider contexts. Rebels really only excels when its not focusing on its main cast. Which is a bit of a shame since they could have been great, and that ultimatley feeds the current trend of sw tv shows being taken over by other characters.

Star Wars feels so narrow and small now. Sure, old EU had a bunch of problems, but they cut it off for what? Post-ROTJ books which make the New Republic into a clown college? Awful sequels? The problem with TCW/Rebels is they constantly wanted to do more and expand things often beyond the scope of the movies and the two
things can't be rectified. And now, since the universe is Tatooine and Mandalorians, we are getting a bunch more cartoon characters in live action because it is the only thing they have to work with to create a Marvel-like universe for SW.

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Darksabers existed in the EU before, if that is your complaint.

It's the same dark light saber every time.

It belonged to the first mando that became a Jedi. The Jedi were the ones who defeated the mandos. It makes sense that they would see it as a symbol of power; that they mastered the weapon of their ancient foes.

>My favorite aspect added in The Mandalorian is how he finds it heavy and cumbersome.
That comes from Rebels.

The blade is heavy because Din's mind is off balance, thinking about Grogu. Gideon didn't have that problem because he is resolute in his convictions.

Get back to work, Dave.

>it's success did nothing but prove to Disney that Star Wars fans don't want anything but the OT over and over and over again.
The Force Awakens already did that when it made over a billion dollars.

Not really? The first one in EU material came in SWOTOR and its just a customizable thing post-TCW.

If anything Rogue One managed to take way more risks than the sequel trilogy. It was a gritty (for a PG-13 Disney flick) war movie and it killed its entire ensemble cast.

He only fights the heroes twice and he won the first time. The only reason the heroes got away the first time and why they won the 2nd was due to something neither Thrawn nor anyone could have predicted.

Fucking space whales.

Why did they pick that i wonder.

They were in the Force Unleashed, too. Blacklightsabers were not invented for Clone Wars. Rebels added the lore behind it, but that's just lifted straight from classical Arthurian legends where a sword gives one the divine right to rule.

I agree. Despite it and Solo having extensive reshoots, which are generally a red flag for me, the two spin-offs ended up being decent, in my opinion.

Oh so just because some watery bint gives you a knife means you can rule?

Star Wars has always had cutesy animal creatures help save the day.

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I mean, if she glows and lives underwater, I wouldn't just blow her off.

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I mean, they were just a random color there. And a customizable thing in one game. Hardly the same as making it such a vital lore thing.
Well the ewoks are actually intelligent beings. And not whales with hyperspace engines attached.

They needed a way to get Thrawn and Ezra out of known space so they needed some kind of big "aquatic" animal to do the job. Whales are respected by many cultures so it would make thematic sense for a sea creature seen as noble to help defeat a despotic fleet of ships.

So is Visions canon at all?