Royal or Rebel?

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Rebel! Fuck destiny!

not even with a rented dick

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A want a girl who's royal in the streets, rebel in the sheets.

Rebel. God I miss this.

The books did a much better job of explaining their motivations.
>Apple was traumatized by a near death experience and wants the security of a happily ever after so nothing bad can ever happen to her again.
>Raven, try as she might, has inherited her mother's cruel streak and is always just a breath away from giving in and becoming a monster.

Yeah, the books did a great job explaining all the characters motive, makes you empathize a lot with Apple in the books, when in the show she just looks like a selfish bitch. I don't know why the show didn't explain their motives more, even in a small flashback or something.
Even the kiss makes more sense when you learn that Darling always wanted to save a princess and be a knight. Fuck I wish the show didn't end RIGHT there

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That sounds pretty based for a Monster High knockoff.

fun fact, this is the same voice actor as ashlynn

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>selfish bitch
>no proof Raven's view of no disaster was correct if everyone threw away their destiny
>giving Raven what she wanted meant Apple would lose what she wanted and couldn't become queen to her people
Riiight selfish.


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>wanting people to become evil and die in various horrible ways because you're too lazy to get up your ass and get wedded on your own
Ye, selfish.

From Apple's point if view following destiny is a simple formality. They just go through the motions for maybe a day at most and then BOOM everyone's happy. She's unaware of how close Raven is to going over the edge.

It really is. There's other things like Briar dealing with the fact that she has to wake up in a world where all her friends and family are dead.

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Just came here to say I always wanted to fuck Alastair Wonderland
That is all


You act like Apple invented all of it but it's literally that world's tradition. It's like taken a dump on a hemisphere's major religion or social system.

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i want to cum the cat

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Oh, I missed these threads!

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Why is it that shows targeted at little girls are extremely coomable

Were these two dating?

No, but they scissor every Tuesday.

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I love Cedar

Why was she into him anyway?

He was the only one not afraid of the whole "Daughter of the Evil Queen" thing.

Stability probably, he’s boring and safe

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>had so much potential and huge in 2014 along with Monster High being big a couple years before
>Mattel ruins Monster High with a bad reboot, quietly kills this in 2016
>now only Hot Wheels, Barbie and Matchbox carry this toy company in sales

What idiots lol

I disagree. The books had a LOT more preachiness and obsession with being "realistic" (read: dark). Cramming your own funhouse view of America norms into a fantasy setting does not equal worldbuilding.

As much as I love EAH, it is unfortunately the cause of Mattel’s eventual downfall, truly tragic

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Honestly, based

Still upset this never got made.

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But, the cartoon was also a funhouse fantasy version of American teenage life.

>Even the kiss

>Yea Forums praising lesbians propaganda shit in kids media again

Get over it prude

My sister's a toy collector. She knows I like cartoons, so she recommended Ever After High to me. Much better than I thought it was going to be. Makes good use of the setting.

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Rebel turns into a dragon if I recall, I think we know the clear winner.


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Problem is, there isn't any new content coming out so we don't have too much to talk about. Maybe somebody could ask a good hypothetical question about the world and it's characters?

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These threads are always doomed to a slow sad death

For me it's Kitty's mom

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When I was a kid I wanted to see the Evil Queen use a corruption spell on Apple to turn her into a dark magic user and force Raven to use light magic to free her from the spell
Years later I got a worse version of my wish in Descendants but I still like to imagine what that magical battle of ideals would have been like

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