This doesn't feel like Star Wars

This doesn't feel like Star Wars

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>Star Wars should ONLY be about Jedi/Sith wank
You are why Star Wars is shit. Fuck you.

No one said that.

>This doesn't feel like Star Wars
>This feels too much like Star Wars

You type like a faggot.

Why are you putting words into my nigga mouth?

The event wad a decent 7/10 overall but the Doctor Aphara stuff feels so out of place for me in the overall star wars nigga universe

Should mention Doctor Aphara in general feels out of place not just her role in War of the Nigga hunters

Doctor Aphra is just female space deadpool.

Does she even smell good?

Doctor Aphra is just female space Indiana Jones*

It gave us Triple Zero and BT-1, what the hell do you mean its not Star Wars?

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For one, the art is shit.

So Star wars

No character should be considered real until they show up on the movie screen.

Why does she have magic circuits?

Because she is a cheap rip off of another insufferable character from another franchise.

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I'm basing this entirely on panels posted here but it looks like they demonstrate her being stronk woman by shit talking vader to his face

so, Star Wars


>carol singers will be circumcised

English Second Language?


You basically did. Otherwise what the actual FUCK do you mean by "this doesn't feel like Star Wars"? Idiot.


Funny how you keep lashing out at others when you're the only one saying that Star Wars is only about Jedi/Sith/lightsabers.

Who is complaining about the space Indiana Jones, you twat?

You're making up weird arguments no one's making so you can be angry.

because it isn't star wars, it's disney wars.

Are you one of the those faggots that covers there ears and go "NOT CANON NOT CANON" over the Sequel Trilogy

Aphra is good when she represents the scum side of scum and villainy as opposed to being some kind of weird sympathetic anti-hero.

YOU ARE, you blithering retard. This entire thread is about how Dr. Aphra somehow "doesn't fit" in Star Wars.

>arguments no one's making
>dipshit somehow didn't see the OP
Star Wars fans are subhuman filth that must be purged.

So my introduction to Doctor Aphara Series is reading the War of the Bounty Hunters event and its tie-ins. The Doctor Aphara issues just feel really off to me for some reason and feels like it doesn't fit in to the rest of the universe.

Of course that can just he that these tie in issues suck ass

Yes the argument is that Doctor Aphara doesn't feel like she fits in not that Star Wars only needs to be lightsabers and jedi

Now show me where op said Star Wars is only about Jedi/Sith/lightsabers.

mouse shills have been more aggressive than usual lately. wonder what has them so worked up.

she's cute and that's more than i can say about most sw girls

She's also a lesbian and you will never have a chance with her, so her beauty is a pointless trait

You would never have a chance with her regardless as she is a fictional character

Yidsney shill in full-blown meltdown.

the first two books were vbery good
no idea what the war of the bounty hunters book is like, but i've mentally tuned out star wars comics since aphra vol 2 and the last good vader run ended

until marvel's out of the way SW books are gonna suck hard

Not one single piece of media feels "like Star Wars" except the DOS games which were pretty good. Star Wars is just a terrible cash grab franchise.

It was implied by saying that anything in Star Wars doesn't "fit". This is a franchise with all manner of nonsense, like Sith alchemy, and you morons seriously want to try and talk shit about a thief? Really? Again, subhuman filth.

I can't tell if that's yet another tired ass "HURR HURR DA JEWS AMIRITE" thing, or a Kingdom Hearts thing. Either way, you're a disgusting waste of oxygen.

Is that the one where half the bounty hunters look and read like OCs that are trying to bring their own baggage into the story? Honestly that's just Star Wars EU, absolutely brimming with snowflakes.
I liked the Boba parts but I didn't read very far because he stopped being the focus.

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You are trying way to hard to be a victim.

I hate the modern comic book industry. You got people that have no right to be writing and drawing comics. Do men still exist in the comic book industry like the pinned guy that just died, or is it just faggy woke twinks with blue hair?

>It was implied
Different user.
You inferred. It was not implied.

The tell me, dipshit. The fuck am I supposed to take away from what is essentially OP saying "NOT MUH"?

Oh the fucking irony.

Not even the same guy. Just wanted to vent about how much burger comics suck ass.

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I don't know user, but there's no need to snap at me. Just pointing out what they did and didn't say.

You are correct.

Star Wars fans are absolute scum, and you don't deserve civil treatment. Go fuck yourselves, you vile sacks of hateful shits.

Kill yourself.

I haven't said I was a star wars fan. Or anything hateful.
You seem to be making a lot of assumptions tonight. Quite a few of them wrong as well.

>I haven't said I was a star wars fan.
Yeah, but you are. Why the fuck else would you be in this thread? Dumbass.

Why are you being so mean?

To answer the question, I was curious about the comic.
But then, aren't you in this thread too? Does that mean you're a star wars fan as well? Why are you in this thread then?

Kieron Gillen is known to come on Yea Forums and start arguments with people.

He's probably made because OP doesn't like his OC.

Because I fucking hate you and all your filthy kind. Fuck you.

>I was curious about the comic.
Why? Apparently it doesn't "fit" with Star Wars, so why bother? Fuck off.

It looks boring and a bunch of nerds are arguing over it. Sounds like star wars to me.

>Kieron Gillen is known to come on Yea Forums and start arguments with people.
I have no idea who that is. Or why.

Comic Book writer and creator of Doctor Aphara.

Only a modern day comicbook writer hates and insults the fanbase of what they are writing about

And here comes the desperate disinformative deflection. Absolutely pathetic that you "people" delude yourselves that anyone could legitimately have a problem with your collective shitty attitude and abhorrent actions. No, that person MUST be the writer being pissy. Once again, subhuman scum.

Couldn't tell you. Cover maybe? I wanted to know why OP felt that way perhaps? I was curious about what lead them to think it didn't "feel" like star wars? A few dozen reasons. Didn't think I needed a reason to read a thread or reply to it.

But you never answered the question: Why are you in this thread, then?
>Apparently it doesn't "fit" with Star Wars
I have no idea if it does or not. I know nothing of the comic and was hoping this thread might shed some light on that.

Ah - So the creator of the character in OP. Gotcha.
I guess they're pretty protective and defensive of the character they created.

I didn't read the post empire run yet, but her original run with gillen and spurrier was kino