Lol this movie finna flop

Lol this movie finna flop

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I find it fucking sad that the future of The Simpsons Movie 2 and The Family Guy Movie depends on this film's success.


>The Family Guy Movie

I will only even CONSIDER watching that if it's just Peter vs Giant Chicken for 3 hours.

I'm not watching that in cinemas. Will it be on Disney+?

I want to watch this move and maybe the simpsons, but Family Guy?!?!?
That doesn't even deserve a series, let alone a movie!

No it won't.
50m opening weekend. Screencap this.
Bottom Gun is toast

>The Simpsons Movie 2 and The Family Guy Movie
Jesus christ.
I hope they are series finale.

>Wanting a Family Guy movie and a Simpsons sequel
For what fucking purpose.

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they all said it would never get released
they said it would be delayed and cancelled
it's actually happening bros

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Probably since hardly anyone knows about it. Yeah. It’s just not the right time for a movie like this to make a profit. No one goes to the theater unless it’s for a huge blockbuster and even then the show is far past it’s heyday.

>Fucking this
Fuck all three of them.

Is this really a win if literally no one is excited for this movie?

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Oh definitely, I mean if the ATHF movie bombed I can’t see this doing any better

The more I watch Bob's Burgers, the more I realise I hate all of the kids when they have too much focus on them. They kinda only work in small doses and when reined in a bit.

Gene demanding to be front and center at all times (fuck that play episode), Tina getting too single note as a pervert, all the humour around Louise being about how precocious she is... The more screentime they have, the more they're Flanderized.

This show has long since passed its peak. People might have cared five years ago when all the bitches dressed as Tina for Halloween. Now it's just old.

Disney has been sending pretty much every Fox movie to die. I think Free Guy was the only one that did well and that seemed to be more by accident than anything else.

Tina hasn't been a pervert in years.

I'm sure the kids' B-plot will be interesting enough. The real question is if the kids' jokes will be funny.

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Eh, it's not the latest season but the lifeguard ep is her being a pervert the whole episode.

They've become completely predictable. Sometimes people start roleplaying as the characters in Louise threads and it reads just like the show.

Can these new language trends die already?

Good fanservice

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Sex scenes

Lisa getting pregnant is the "poison pill" series finale option for Simpsons

The movie is gonna lead to a new golden age for bob's burger.

>we live in the timeline where this is going to theaters while PIXAR gets relegated to streaming

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You sound surprised

now this i can get behind

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Yeah but why tho, who wants this?

Your boozy aunt and me.

Any news on that Louise pic?

I've been hearing Louise willingly gives up wearing her rabbit ears in this.

Disney clearly WANTS The Bob's Burgers Movie to fail, and I think that's a serious discussion worth having.

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Lol no fucking way is that happening. That'd be too big of a status quo change for Season 13 and onwards. We'll be lucky if we even get to SEE her take off the bunny ears.

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>Peter vs Giant Chicken
Reminds me of a time when one of my local stations was airing Family Guy reruns, and they did a promo that made a huge deal out of this episode like it was the Super Bowl.
>you will never again see Holly bouncing around on your bedroom television at night hosting bumpers for commercial breaks
Feels bad, man.

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I'm just excited to finally see Ginger. We got a nice tease of her in the last episode.

You'll get a 30 min segway of Conway Twitty and you'll gladly pay for it.

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what FOX exec thought it would be a great idea to give a movie to a show that isn't even as successful as Family Guy or Simpsons? Bob's Burgers has always been passable at best, This movie will tank.

I wish I had a boozy aunt to call my own…

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It's 4D chess. They already know that Simpsons and Family Guy are horrid pieces of shit, so they needed an excuse to get both of their movie ideas cancelled. They greenlit the Bob's Burgers movie because they KNOW it'll flop, thus giving them a better excuse to say, "Hey, Bob's Burgers just proves that TV movies don't sell."
> t. Disney shuttering their entire 2D animation dept. after the "unexpected flop" that was Winnie the Pooh 2011.

This was the first time I registered that Bob's Burgers was a success for FOX:

But it's all gone downhill since then. The show has only gotten less and less relevant the longer it airs. Releasing this movie was always a gamble since Bob's has never gotten as popular as Simpsons, Family Guy, or even Rick and Morty, but the movie's especially risky now than it might've been back in, say, 2015 or so. No idea how it's gonna perform now.

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So dynamic. Makes me looking towards the movie.

Also the industry's general attitude towards animation is going to affect it big time, no one wants stuff that plays it safe anymore

will it stream on disney+?

>not wanting to see Family Kino on the big screen

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we all wanna see peter griffin ballerina dance while beating up the chicken with michael bay explosions

2015-2016 would have been the ideal time to release this

i seen that bumper in 2013 along with the "muppets" version on adult swim


Wasn't the movie in production before the FOX acquisition?

>I find it fucking sad that the future of The Simpsons Movie 2 and The Family Guy Movie depends on this film's success.
Where did they say that?

Hey, do you guys get it? She's ugly and weird and is voiced by a guy. Isn't that funny and relatable? Do you get it? Do you get it? Do you get it? Do you get it? Do you get it?

The Great North made me realise I didn't like what Bob's Burgers had become and stop watching. Releasing that was the worst mistake they ever made. Holy fuck.

>voiced by a guy
That's the best part you homo.

I haven't watched a huge amount of Bob's Burgers, but it's a strange show because I either seem to find it really genuinely funny and charming, or not funny at all. And there's not a lot of in-between.

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Finna means "fixing to," as in "wants to."

That only further explains Disney's poor treatment of it. They see the Bob's movie as a holdover they're being forced to release only because it was far enough in production and **might** have an inkling of a chance of succeeding at the box office since it'll be based off a long-running established IP. The Bob's Burgers Movie is no different than any of the Blue Sky films in production before Disney shut that entire operation down.

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Made this just in case

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>The Simpsons Movie 2
What are you talking about? The Simpsons ended 20 years ago with the episode "Behind the laugh" a perfect ending, Can you imagine a zombi era for the Simpsons?

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