Usagi Yojimbo thread

Come and discuss the comics as well as the new netflix show.

To start off the thread here's a question.
What was in your opinion the worst bit of Feudal Japan in this years UY storytime?

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Yojimbo is shit. Tired of hearing about this shit series, it's like Sonic but it stayed unrecognized.

It's literally nothing like Sonic at all.

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then stop being a faggot and hide the threads. there are filters for a reason.

Perhaps it is his karma to keep on finding threads he doesn't like?

I think the worst part would be the stringent rule that Samurai cant pick up a trade. It's great for the lords when they are in civil war and throwing soldiers around but when they start downsizing you end up with a lot of assholes with swords and nothing to do.

It wouldn't be so bad if the Samurai who become Ronin didn't cling to their old trade so hard.

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I just can't bring myself to watch the CG cartoon; it feels like the sort of thing you'd see in a parody about dumb committee-retooled adaptations.
You can almost picture the board room scene in which they decide the lowest-common-denominator title change to "Samurai Rabbit".

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This face has "Seppuku by police" written all over it.



the story times here on Yea Forums made me actually buy the comics. which are the first comics i ever bought in probably half a decade.

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It's a pretty basic kids show with a main character who wants to become a thing and wants to fight all the time, so he can be like his idol.
It's pretty much as non-canon as it can be.
mfw I also read Usagi for the first time in a storytime and have by now read through it all.

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It feel like this but without the irony

I lied, I updated the picture immediately and oh my kami, the meddling statistics have gone up since last year.

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It's made by a Japanese person so it should be in Yea Forums

One of us! One of us!
Go ask Yea Forums what they think and then go home and be a family man.

UY was the first comic I bought and began collecting with my own money as a kid. Good times.

>You'll never watch a traditionally-animated straight adaptation of UY with this level of quality

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>Go ask Yea Forums what they think and then go home and be a family man.

>It's pretty much as non-canon as it can be
Yeah, I'm kind of grateful about that in a way. If it was an actual compromised/sanitized adaptation I would probably be curious enough to watch it and would have to live with the inevitable first-hand disappointment.

That 80 seconds long animation cost them months of work and 60 000 dollars to make. And despite their best efforts, it went nowhere.

Anyone got a mega of the episodes? I'm leery of Netflix on a good day, I'm not getting a subscription for a likely kind of "eh" show

Been reading this for the first time during this year's annual storytime. Very Good series and I regret that I made it this far in life thinking Usagi was just a TMNT character. Stan Sakai's art is incredible and I love how the book is accessible to all ages. Kitsune is best girl

my first one was hellshing, followed by black lagoon.
it is pretty weird to be buying comics again desu

I wonder if we're ever going to see these background paintings in higher quality

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Source on that? I'm interested in the logistics of producing this sort of short project

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Speaking of, who is that hyena?
Is it an idealized version of the current shogun?

Eh, 7/10, it's flawed but you can feel there was at least some effort put into it. And I found it really funny. I wonder how the second half will go.

>What was in your opinion the worst bit of Feudal Japan in this years UY storytime?
The fact that if you live in a remote part of the country a bunch of bandits pretty much can come to your village, steal your stuff, kill you and it could be months before anyone knows what happened yo you.

Fuck, I meant to reply to It's just ProZD being a comic relief OC.

I don't think I've seen a link around Yea Forums yet, but there's torrents in the usual sites already

They used to promote a VR experience based on their fake show (which, by the way, they at first tried to virally push as an old forgotten cartoon) and gave a few interviews about how and why the intro animation was made, but that was in 2016 so good luck finding those.

It's ProZD? I thought he sounded familiar.

Are there any waifus in this?

Sure, but they are all suffering or causing suffering or dead.

In the comic? Tomoe, Chizu, Mayumi, Mariko, Inazuma, Kimi, La Zorra Puta... I mean, Kitsune.
In the show? Chizu and Kitsune.

Yup, he was the Shogun. And the guy who played Jei in TMNT 2012 plays the bear mentor. This may be the most Asian cast in a non-Asian animation ever.

>Lady Fuwa wants revenge
>She finds a stone that has an ancient evil sealed in it
>Breaks the stone and unleashes the demon
>It’s Jei
>Jei designates Fuwa as evil and proceeds to rip fuwa’s soul out of her
>but Jei believes now that the world has no innocence, and proceeds to do something different.
>seemingly dead, Fuwa falls to her knees.
>After a few moment, Fuwa wakes up and looks up at Jei, eyes full of child innocence
>”Hello, Keiko”

I would quite like to see some Chizu on Kitsune lesbo hatesex stuff.

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its on kimcartoon already

kimcartoon. li/Cartoon/Samurai-Rabbit-The-Usagi-Chronicles

I'm on ep 5, I dunno if I can continue it, boys
The animation is completely lacking in timing and snap and the framing is so off sometimes, it's like the staff is 95% unpaid interns but that seems to be the norm for netflix shows

Is the animation the only thing which is seriously bothering you? Give us your opinion.

The way the VAs switch over hard R and english R is grating to my slavic ears.

Some ghetto indian studio did the animation iirc. We're at a point in which cheap CG can sort of look ok for the average consumer because there's a surplus of heavily specialized technical workforce, but that overspecialization tends to produce this sort of utterly bland and diluted stuff with no punch or soul behind it.

Well, no, but I rarely decide to start watching a show because of the narrative or characters anyway.
Neither of which I would have expected the show to have, especially since the source material has about the same spirit and pretension as Asterix. Some beats are moderately fun, like Rhinoman meeting his sister, or the mole mob, but it all falls through the horrible frame and dialogue timing...
At least Cyber Edo could be a cool setting. Only that and/or waifus could redeem it at this point.

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Someone offering the 1st issue of the pahtomgrapbics usagi Yojimbo for £110

>if a Japanese draws a comic book it automatically makes it a manga
>if a Japanese grills a steak it automatically transform into sushi
Based retard.

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Thanks for spoonfeeding baby, user.
>Aunt Miyamoto's farm's logo is the mon of Lord Mifune but with three turnips
Alright that's pretty funny and the kind of boomer dad visual joke that Stan would do.

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I dunno man, looks more like the mon of Tokugawa shogunate to me.

Someone said that the setting looks like NeoKamigawa from MtG... and it really does. There's "high-tech" but it looks like stuff powered by magic that does not fit the usual cyberpunk/cyberpop aesthetic.

Magicpunk then? Or Shadowrunesque?
Or never mind, most of the tech in Shadowrun is technological.

>2016 was 10,000 years ago

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The netflix show is OK but is clearly for young kids,. As for what is the worse that has happened I think the old lady going to the mountain to die hasn't been surpassed yet.
Its just a parade of suffering with no escape, famine has taken away most of their food leaving too little to plant and even then the rains washed away the little they had planted. There is no escape to the suffering of those farmers and the implication that many would die anyway no matter what makes it more depressing.

Neither nuUsagi nor nuKamigawa are "punk" in any measure, it's urban fantasy with typical fantasy tropes but with futuristic-ish window dressing: more metal, more geometric shapes, more neon, more levitating stuff that would normally hang on strings or beams, etc.

how much can he meddle in a year?

Can something count as a intro if doesn't has a show?

This show is weird it made me like Kitsune but I hate Usagi.

Nah the guy is basically american, unless you thiink NGNL should be on Yea Forums because the creator is brazilian uour logic ia flawed