Zendaya and Watts expected for Spidey 4

It's over, Feliciabros...

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Is it true that because of Sony legal bullshit, they arent allowed to use the original Spider-man supporting cast?
Thats why MJ is some brown literally who, aunt may is a different character and uncle ben cant even be referenced by name?

Would explain a lot.

No, it's not. Sony still holds the full right, and it's a creative choice. if it wasn't stipulated in the contract, they would have racebended peter or made him gay, but they legally can't.

idk sounds like cope to me

WHY!? Can't they move on from both!? I hate these white/jew exe so much, all they think is money.

Anyone who actually thought that was the end of PeterxMJ in the MCU is a fucking retard--the likes of which are probably the same retards who convinced themselves that there's NO WAY we're getting three spider-men in one movie.

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Watts was already confirmed to be taking a break from capeshit when he was dropped off F4

Didn't Watts jump ship from Marvel just yesterday?

This. Zendaya is one of the most popular actresses working today, they weren't going to get rid of her.

>Is it true that because of Sony legal bullshit, they arent allowed to use the original Spider-man supporting cast?
Yes and no. The contract Sony has with Marvel says that they have full rights to the 'versions' of Spider-Mans supporting cast in the MCU but not adaptations more faithful to the original comic book version.

Basically Marvel can have Zendayas MJ show up in any of their non-standalone spider-man MCU movies and Sony wont make a penny off of it. But Sony could if they wanted, make a new spider-man trilogy with a redhead MJ and not have to give marvel a penny too. It's why they made Ken Leeds Asian, and why there were talks about making Kraven The Hunter Wakandan.

SM4 won't be here for some years. 2023 is booked, 2024 has titles already they're preparing like Black Captain America. They don't need him to write a script and everything. Dude just points and shoots where Feige tells him.

>convinced themselves that there's NO WAY we're getting three spider-men in one movie.
Nobody believed this. Scenes for the movie were leaked far in advance. Also the Electro guy spoiled it on his instagram much earlier.

The contract Sony had with Disney/Marvel said that Spider-Man has three standalone movies and three cameos in teamup movies with an option to renew only after the contract was spent up. People assumed since Tom Holland filled out his contract, Sony was going to try to use the Tom Holland Spider-Man to try and prop up the Venom-verse.

That would actually make it less likely for her to return. If you're a huge star, do you want to be saddled with MCU love interest shit for a decade or be in movies where you can be the lead? Keep in mind, it's not like she's poor.

You have a short fucking memory. There were loads of people on here that said there was no way Tobey and Andrew would show up.


Superhero movies pay more. Not to mention she is dating Tom Holland IRL. She has zero reason to not do it.

Is making Ned Leeds a fat Asian nerd and Aunt May a milf really, in a legal sense, a meaningful enough alteration to dodge any rights/ownership issue?

>Nobody believed this.
Somebody clearly wasn't browsing Yea Forums in the lead-up to NWH...

You severely misread what he wrote.

Peter is the one they can't fuck with. Everyone else can be wokified and neutered 'til the cows come home.

What you're experiencing is copium

I didn't believe they'd drop it, but is it so wrong to hope they would?

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No, its intentional. There was a post about it on those gossip rumor sites. They specifically said a producer was intentionally doing it.

It's like hoping Disney goes under, you are allowed to do it, but you will be mocked as an idiot by non-idiots. Do as thou wilt.

>You severely misread what he wrote.
No he didn't lmao.

>Zendaya is returning

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What a coincidence, I'm expecting to not watch it.

I've never heard of anyone going to a movie because Zendaya is in it.

She's a Hollywood it girl.
Meaning she's connected to, fucking, or has dirt on someone.

Or she's just the chosen niggress to push for woke points for the next few years, like Tessa Thompson was before her.

It's because her and Tom are a couple IRL

nah she's just a waste of time, in comics and 3d.
with luck it's just an epilogue scene. otherwise, awful storytelling.

LMAO you know it won't even make half year

No, he was gonna direct Fantastic Four but now he's not
which is a fucking relief desu

>Ken Leeds


what does it mean

>i've never heard of anyone going to see a top 15 national and international high grossing actor of 2021

you must have dick in your ears

it's been five years

eh, she's integral to these movies

Dune did pretty bad but then it was fucking awful, Space Jam 2 deservedly died, the Greatest Showman did fine for what it was, Smallfoot was forgettable CGI cartoon movie

but the Spider-Man movies have done great and nobody's going to write her out completely while keeping Tom, and they're making enough that they can afford to keep everyone they want around

she was down to supporting role in the last one, but so was everybody except Holland

it maybe you're a retarded conservative that has his head all the way up in his ass

Gay men can stay married to their beards for decades

>Zendaya is one of the most popular actresses working today

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This is actually really sad. They gave the perfect ending to MJ allowing them to use one of Peters many other love interests in the next movie. Why the fuck would you then just reverse that?

>thinking Spider-Man 4 won't be anything but dogshit anyway
you faggots fell for No Way Home's Memberberries, you brought this on yourselves

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Rise of Skywalker should've steered people clear of this shit but MCU brainrot is apparently stronger than Star Wars brainrot

Watts literally just quit capeshit, and Zendaya probably has a bunch of other proyects thanks to that Euphoria success.

Yes she is, you racist prick.

Felicia is going to stay in Sonyverse and lezz up with another woman.

People love nostalgia and continuity fanservice. Star Wars RoS didn't work because they were bringing up stuff covered in shit and didn't bother to remove the shit, in addition to shitting up stuff on their own, like Palpatine's return making RotJ's victory feel even more diminished. Like no one cares about Luke saying Light Sabers should be respected when you're still keeping his pointless death from the last movie (heck, even if you want to argue it wasn't pointless originally, RoS itself pretty much made it pointless).

Michelle coming back just ruins the ending of NWH

Do I have to remind you that Sony released an "All Wimin" Ghostbusters movie the year before Homecoming came out?

Why does it matter who is directing? These MCU movies are like a series of TV episodes of a series made by The CW. The directors are just there to provide pure technical support, not artistry, to the vision of the Executive Producer (Feige).

Because a good director can bring in his unique vision to life? Google it how that works.

That's exactly why it matters. Jon Watts is the worst of those types of "directors". The MCU Spidey trilogy are probably the most visually uninteresting and sterile of the entire MCU, and that's saying something

>they arent allowed to use the original Spider-man supporting cast?
With Amy Pascal as producer and Sony we have never seen the original supporting cast together besides never being able to have women as villains as well, this franchise would be better and more profitable if it was in other people's hands

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>Bringing your vision to a movie
>A Marvel Studios movie
What year is this? 2008?

Weird, I thought avengers came out in 2012

Wheddon's style fit the formula, but Iron Man 2 100% wasn't what Favreau envisioned.

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>Amy Pascal
Why are her and Avi Arad just cancer to the Spider-Man movies?

>top 15 national and international high grossing actor of 2021
Yes, producers give her money so clearly she is worth it and they must give her more money. Literal industry plant.

SM4 has to be released in 23/24. It's a legal requirement