He-Man: We're back, baby!


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Definitely confirmed. Wonder who they'll get for Hordak.

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Saw that one coming. Good, I enjoyed the show and thought he did a fun Skeletor. I expect some proper action shit in the second season now that the "Adam's ded" arc is over.

Me too.

>Of all the shit that got the ax this tripe was allowed to live
Netflix deserves every loss it suffers

Wake me when there's news on the CGI show.

>unironcially liking kevin smiths cucked aberration of MOTU
I know Yea Forums had shit taste but this is new depths of awful

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It's surprising with all the doom and gloom surrounding Netflix at the moment, but Ted Biaselli must have really fought for a Season 2. Maybe "culture wars" buzz like is preferable to the bottomless well of apathy from a Blood of Zeus or DOTA.

>Has a pic like that saved on his computer
>looks down on others

Outrage marketing doesnt work or make a profit
Yes you soi guzziling shits are inferior to me for your rotten terminally shit taste, fuck off

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Do not free evil He-man from his packaging, everyone will die

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>Outrage marketing doesnt work or make a profit

Toy sales went up.

Fuck Kevinfags

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I bet that in real life you're a loser with no education who acts smug online to feel better. Can you confirm?

The He-Man fandom found an Italian licensing guide that says Season 3 drops in August.

People never bought origins toys because of smiths abortion of a show
>thinking some overpriced indoctrination school is something to be proud of
Enjoy crushing student debt and a useless degree in gender studies that doesnt get you hired anywhere

People bought more He-Man toys. You can whinge and whine and claim "well people HATED the show, he just reminded them of He-Man." Cool. People bought more He-Man toys.

I think their enjoyment of the series is disingenuous.

Nah, the show had no impact on that you whinging limp wristed soi cuck

Evil He-man has been freed, you need to start running. His sword has the power to instantaneously kill you with the power of Greyskull.exe

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>Wonder who they'll get for Hordak.
Hopefully someone who's a fan of the character, like Newman is of Orko. Hordak is potentially one of the deepest characters, but there's so little consistency from one reboot to the next that a random nerd celebrity won't help bring it out.

Yes, user. For NO REASON the sales went up at the same time a new show dropped. Completely unrelated.

It is unrelated, the origins line came out around the same time and people bought it because they are remakes of old figures, NOT revelations shit

Weird way to reveal this, but I'm down. I just hope the writing is better and makes better use of its time.

How do you know this is for another season of Kevin Smith's braindrain and not a new game or something?

>I just hope the writing is better and makes better use of its time.

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>getting video games

user. Stop being stupid. Nobody involved has been subtle.

MOTU has never had a great show, true, but I'm still curious to see what they do with Hordak.

>shit talks the past iterations to prop up his woke SJW shitpile of a show instead

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That's kind of the only thing the brand's been missing in recent years. You've had multiple MOTU cartoons, new toylines and a live-action movie in development hell. Is it that outlandish to think Mattel might get someone to pump out a He-man game? There was a random GI Joe game a year or two ago.

Really, the only weird thing is that it would be Hamil instead of Ben Diskin, since that would suggest it wouldn't be a tie-in to the kids show.

>There was a random GI Joe game a year or two ago.

Before anyone tells me GI Joe is from Hasbro, I'm aware. I just used it as an example of a franchise that was most popular in the '80s getting a modern video game out of the blue.

It's not propping up anything. It's just acknowledging the truth. If there's any other "lesson" that needs to be learned it surely pales in comparison to the redundancy of that one. I like MOTU, but the vast majority of the fiction has always sucked.


>the past media sucked only my cucked nu male show is of any value
You arent a fan of MOTU your just another SJW cunt trying to ruin things men enjoy. Kill yourself

Learn to read.

lol, well I guess that answers that.

I'm surprised Netflix is going for another round. The impression I got was that the second half of the first season was completely ignored by most.

You could be supporting the show who doesn't shit on He-Man yet you choose to continue giving ratings to the cuckshit instead.

They cannot do a worse Catra than the 2018 version so automatically they have it easy with her.
awesome picture

Okay Yea Forums who fucked over MOTU as a brand harder?

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I watched the CG show, too. It's tighter than Revelation and in some respects is the best show MOTU has ever gotten, but it's hogtied by its demographic and isn't much more than passable. I think Revelation has more potential going forward, whether it's realized or not. I'm willing to give it another chance. They aren't mutually exclusive.

Fuck yes.

>Maybe it'll be better
You have an addiction if you think this. Stop giving them the benefit of a doubt when they openly despise you.

>Fuck yes.
T. Pic related

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>I'm willing to give it another chance.
You gave it a chance and then S2 happened, it's not going to improve.

We haven't gotten season 2. Just season 1 split into two parts which were undoubtedly written all at once or nearly all at once.

>If you have to attack the old show the new show must be bad

None of the people on She-Ra attacked the old show except in your head. You wrote fanfic about the creators.

I want to say Noelle because the She-Ra show is worse, but technically it didn't fuck over anything too hard since it was so easily forgotten by anyone who wasn't a queer animation fan. Revelations was actually a big deal when it happened, with multiple news sites reporting backlash. People who didn't care about MOTU cared when Revelations dropped, and the people who began a war that's never-ending.

I can tell you're not going to like this answer, but it's Kevin.
Giving personalities and character arcs to one-dimensional She-Ra characters like Glimmer, Mermista, Catra and Entrapta is the opposite of fucking it over. The way Noelle and her writers' room handled Hordak was also a valid thematic character arc even if it excluded what I liked best about him before.
I don't know whether the abusive-romance ending killed the fandom, but it certainly created a new generation of fans: there are 15,304 fanfics on AO3, which is 38 times what He-Man has.
Kevin doesn't like He-Man and is a big fat hypocrite for attacking the fandom after building nerd-cred attacking George Lucas for making Star Wars movies the fandom didn't care for.

They cut off their boobies user! Their boobies! Please save the boobies, even the ones on people I want to brutally torture and dismember into pieces because they made a reboot of a children's toy cartoon.

GI Joe is from Hasbro.

How come Kevin Smith still has fans, when he proved soe many times, that he's a hack stuck in the 90s manchild? How many times did he "cry from joy" over a shitty trailer for a shitty movie that everyone thought was shit? And people still buy his opinions?

Same. I enjoyed the series, and I wasn't ass hurt it focused on female characters instead of he-man and skeletor the whole time.
It wasn't life changing. But I liked it and I'll watch a season 2.

You really need to get off /pol/ and touch grass user

Noelle took the title character and made her a lesbian at a time where the world is acting like a new national holiday should be declared for every gay kiss in a children's cartoon, effectively making it impossible for any future interpretations of Adora to not be a carpet muncher without catching holy hell. (That she also went and made Adora's love interest from the OG show a foppish metrosexual who may as well be invisible to her should have been a predictor of this, but that's how Noelle prefers men in general.)
I would say that ultimately dealt more damage than Kevin's bootleg Death/World Without/Return of Superman treatment of MOTU, which can be simply shrugged off as one of a few possible iterations of the character (it isn't even the only He-Man show on Netflix). I say she wins.

Kevin. She-ra was fantastic from begining to end.

They both improved the brand. New Adventures is the only thing that really fucked it, other stuff was either "no effect" or "mild improvement."

>New Adventures is the only thing that really fucked it, other stuff was either "no effect" or "mild improvement."
New Adventures actually put out toys from 1989-92, albeit usually at the anemic rate of 1 6-figure wave/year.
MotU crashed and burned starting in January '87, selling only $7 million worth of toys to retailers after what seemed a sustainable $250 million + $60 million for Princess of Power in '85. The movie flopping was part but not all of that story.

I'd argue that it SIGNIFICANTLY diluted perception of the brand, particularly when combined with the movie.

For the millionth time, the Netflix slashing of animation effects stuff done by Netflix animation, not deals Netflix does with other studios. Dragon Prince and MOTU are unaffected.

Who the fuck brought up DP? Control your autism.

Cool. I like when show makes /pol/fags seeth.