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Batwoman had more than one season?

3 seasons aren't bad.

To make time for the bat woman movie they’re making OP, duh!

It’s honestly shocking it lasted this long. It was a dumpster fire from day one.


Why didn't she look like that instead of that horrible wig

It's insane that it got three seasons, until you remember that 'The CW' has never had a profitable year.

16 years running, not a single year they didn't lose money, no wonder they are having problems selling the channel.

How can a channel lose money for 16 years and stay on, greenlight new shows and add actors? I call bullshit.

They had to disclose this fact when they put 'The CW' up for sale.

Just search the web

Clearly they were playing some 'long game' and now they've gotten tired of it.

Loans. Investors.

You know why. The actress has enough white admixture that she doesn't have blatantly african features. So they had to black up her hair.

Speculation. The entire American economy has been running on speculation since the 80s.

Initially, Warner and Viacom believed the network could turn itself around. They're both big companies and the losses weren't great enough for them to pull the plug in the years when linear audiences were still huge. That wasn't happening, but management was smart enough to change business models.

The channel itself isn't profitable, but the shows were. If the shows were made only for viewership in the U.S., they'd all be flops. But management was smart and got Netflix to spend a comical amount of money buying all of the foreign rights to the shows in 2011. This deal meant every series was already profitable, so the U.S. broadcast was just a cherry on top. This is why The CW's original scripted lineup consists almost exclusively of shows owned by Warner and Viacom (the companies that own the network), when ABC/CBS/FOX/NBC have shows made by a variety of companies.

You're seeing the hammer drop on these shows because that Netflix contract expired in 2019 (Batwoman being the first "notable" DC show not going to Netflix). Warner and Viacom thought these shows had value and were hoping to use them to prop up HBO Max and Paramount+. The transition period is over and they've found out that no one cares about these shows. With that Netflix contract done, these shows and the network they're on are now dead weight - hence cancellations and The CW going up for sale.

Legends of Tomorrow was still covered under the Netflix deal. I have to assume it was cancelled because cast contracts were up for renewal and Warner decided it wasn't worth it. They also might be trying to consolidate all of the DC stuff for HBO Max, too.

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3 seasons too many.

I swear Arrow and The Flash were huge at one point, how do you not make money on that

Is Superman & Lois the next on the chopping block?

The actress is hot . Never seen the show though

didn;t they just announced she was getting a movie or whatever?

She cute

It was renewed for a third season last month. Who knows how things will play out after that, though.

What in the goddamn, she actually looks cute in that pic

I'm surprised it lasted more than one season after all the bullshit with the main actress.

I was watching the CW DC shit a few years ago and I remember this show was announced back then. There's something bothering me, though. Wasn't the main actress white (with red hair) or do I remember it wrong?

Is the live action PPG cancelled too?
Please say that it is

The first actress was fired then replaced by a black actress/character after a season

The only thing good the CW DC shit has done is all of Legends of Tomorrow and the first season of Flash. My god the Flash threads during the first season were discussion kino.

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OKay, so money WAS being made until then, though not by the channel itself. It's not some bullshit like people bleeding money to appeal to a woke crowd that doesn't pay.
Thanks for the info, user.

They did. See

Eh most of Legends is hot garbage Seasons 2-4 are the only watchable seasons

As a trans Leo man of color who is a lesbian I am offended that one of the few shows that represents me could be canceled over something as trivial as “low ratings.” Diverse products should be held to different standards.

Ruby Rose quit because the working conditions were so bad. Like life sustaining injuries bad. Someone had their face melt off.

So then they had Kate Kane go missing after season 1 and the new character show up as Batwoman II

>Ruby Rose
The mc from RWBY?

1. Winners subsidize losers. That's how it works with conglomerates.
2. They're losing other people's money.
3. At this scale, people have no choice but to continue propping up failing businesses until they can sell it to another sucker. See Yahoo, Tumblr, WB, et al.

>It's not some bullshit like people bleeding money to appeal to a woke crowd that doesn't pay.

I mean, if the shows weren't so obnoxious they might've actually built a real audience instead of subsiding off of a long-term deal. It's not a coincidence that these shows are dropping like flies the moment they had to rely on actual viewership to survive.

4 was a mixed bag too. The show just felt different without Firestorm.

Interesting, thanks

beat me to it

Flash went downhill so quickly, but goddamn was watching that first season with Yea Forums fun.

Where should I stop watching the Flash, if I ever feel inclined to watch it?

Yeah 4 was definitely the start of the decline but Biff Tanner made it kinda worth the watch

Believe me, you'll know.

Pretty sure three seasons was part of the original contract. So it got shit canned the first chance they could.

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It is when it's a CW quality show.

Ok I'll play ball, what should I be aware of? Change of writers, new intro, sassy new female character, pronouns, crossover, OC Donut Steel, the actual Steel?

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There’s different levels to it depending on what you can tolerate.
For me, it was Season 4. They brightened up the colors and amped up the attempts at humor. Guess they thought the previous seasons were too dark or something. It was a bridge too far in a show that was already having signs of decline.

Good post thanks

Now that it's over she can look cute, in fact it's vital she looks cute so the decision seems stupid.

It's not Disney so it's safe for now.

It's been on limbo for almost a year I think. The pilot hasn't been leaked yet.

What's Ruby doing nowadays?

doing drugs

Sorry, she has to look like a fierce bulldyke and not like an attractive fuck toy that men would plow into oblivion.
That's sexist and antilgbtqa and well...attractive women who aren't white scares the white chicks and cock thirsty members of the lgbtqa who are jealous of attractive women soo...

This just in - you have no idea how many institutions are running on credit, spending money they don't have, including your very own goverment.

Channels don’t make shows. Studios do.
In this case, the studios (CBS and WB) directly own the channel and can subsidize the losses because the shows themselves were profitable.

And what would you say were those signs of decline? better yet, what was the most satisfying season finale, the one you would say would have ended the show on its highest note?

If you can convince investors/loaning institutions that these losses are leading to big gains later on, you can go for a while.

Eating pussy something which Batman isn't allowed to do.

My guess is HBO max will take them, but the shows don't fit tonally with the other DC stuff they've been making like Titans and Doom Patrol. And HBO is following the disney star wars model for their DC properties by running one or two flagship live action shows built off properties just large enough to justify it but too small for a full movie a la boba fett and titans. Those flagship shows get propped up by cheaper animated offerings to round out the content archive, some of which are aimed at what would probably end up being otherwise mostly useless properties a la young justice and others aimed at coasting off the niche popularity of an existing name a la harley quinn.

I am less pessimistic about the outlook for the CWs show lineup because I think there are still some questions to be answered. Their shows were pretty consistently in the most watched categories on netflix. Does that make them valuable for streaming, particularly since they aren't expensive to make? HBO may prefer to pick up an existing studio instead of trying to figure out how to make lower budget shows. They may also not want low budget shows at all. I don't think the transition period is completely over, because the shows were already on netflix. I watched Arrow, Flash, etc, but since netflix has my place and so on there was no reason to start over on HBO. Is batwoman a sign or another black lightning? Batwoman was panned for the most part while BL wasn't watched. This might not be the hammer so much as trimming the fat. If the future of DC is HBO, they're not going to want crappy shows tarnishing the brand and it remains to be seen if this is going to hit other CW shows or if the execs just read that the TV superhero era is ending/moving homes.

I was going to cry on twitter about this but then I remembered that asshole Elon bought it.


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