The Heroic Honey-Bee/Spectacular Honey-Bee

Somewhere in the infinite Multiverse, there exists a version of the Marvel Universe where, instead of a Peter Parker who was bitten by a radioactive spider, there exists a Petra Parker who was stung by a radioactive honey bee, becoming the heroine: The Heroic Honey-Bee!

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here's a rundown of the rules of this universe:
>Only Peter Parker and his costumed friends and enemies (be them hero or villain) are changed, except for Dr. Connors, because it's funny
>Non-costumed folks (i.e. JJJ, Aunt May and Uncle Ben, MJ, Gwen Stacy, Harry, etc.) are unchanged
>The outside Marvel Universe (Avengers, F4, X-men, Daredevil and Hell's Kitchen group) are unchanged
>Swaps are more than just gender, but also in concept (i.e. Instead of a proficient illusionist, we have an incompetent witch. Instead of a villain themed to an aquatic creature with multiple limbs, we have a villain themed to a land animal with multiple legs, etc.)

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Here are the mappings for those that are changed:
>Spider-man ->Honey-Bee
>Scarlet Spider ->Bumblebee
>Green Goblin -> Purple Pixie
>Doc Ock -> The Centipede
>Mysterio ->Dazzla (formerly Mysteri and Enigma)
>Chameleon and a bit of Screwball -> Toxic
>The Vulture -> Black Swan
>Rhino -> The Doe
>Shocker -> Quake
>Silver Sable -> Bronze Bear
>Black Cat -> Red Fox
>Grizzly -> The Ring Leader
>Kraven the Hunter -> Saeoris Craven: The Bug Catcher (name pending)
>Hobgoblin -> Red Cap
>Venom (and a bit of Scorpion) -> Dragonfly
>Carnage -> Tarantula Hawk
>Kaine -> Lilith
>Scorpion -> Hornet
>Molten Man -> Maddie Raxton (no super villain name)
>Beetle -> Mantis
>White Rabbit -> Cheshire
>Mr. Negative -> Alternates between Miss Positive and Mistress Negative
>Prowler -> The Lurker
>Morbius -> Ghulia the Living Mummy
>Spot -> The Line
>Overdrive -> Override
>Tombstone -> Sculpture (or Monolith)
>Silk -> Drone
>Electro -> Radia
>Sand-man ->Glass Lass
>Hydro-man -> Flamme Fatale

And the story arcs we already have adaptations of:
>Origin Story
>Clone Saga
>Sinister Six...kind of
>Petra/Honey-Bee Mutation arc
>Pteryx reverse evolution arc
and original arcs:
>Petra and Peter swap bodies
>Quinn's depression arc, leading to her redemption and becoming an ally
>Quinn accidentally unleashes a horde of Yokai on NYC
>Toxic finds out her birth father is Dr. Doom

We are missing art for:
>The Ring Leader
>The Line
>Flamme Fatale
>Miley Morales (Also need to solidify her concept)

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Reposting new art from previous thread

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Best ship coming through

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Imagine if Petra and Jeanne kissed… and held hands

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I want to see art of Glass Lass using her glass powers in an intimidating manner, or like reassembling herself. Also I think our goal here for this thread is hammering down Ghulia's design, while also making HQ base art for The Line

You can add
>Jack O-lantern -> Spring Heeled Jill
>The Wall -> The Door

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That's some good art. Does the artist have socials

>Also I think our goal here for this thread is hammering down Ghulia's design, while also making HQ base art for The Line
We have a lot of goals. In addition to what you mentioned
>Design, name, and motivation for Kraven/Craven
>Design, concept for Miley and Prowler/Lurker
>Any other Spider-characters that need swapping over?

Correct but I mentioned those two specifically because we already have solid a basis for them. Finish the half completed before tackling the hypotheticals, you know?

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That's a great style.


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Man these styles are far too cute

Imagine in a Spider-Hamish world, there are Pepe le Pew style shorts starring Kitty-Bee and Foxic

I don't get the appeal of this. You change the look, powers, concepts, backstories, and personalities of all the characters with the most screen time, iso it might as well be fresh OCs. Would be better if you changed only 1 char or everyone except pete

The whole point is that the Spider-Man mythos but not the rest of marvel is changed, though there is a sub au where both Peter and HB exist together with some minor name changes that I’d like to develop
Also cute girls doing cute things

That's fair, although Craven and Lurker are also technically half finished, since we kind of already have names for them.

I would also like to see other interactions between characters, like I don't get the appeal of going in to threads that don't appeal to you and bitching about the content, yet here you are

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Oh that's kind of gay. Never seen interaction with the larger marvel world in these threads when I've opened em up though, that would be cool I guess

I'm not bitching about, I'm trying to understand it. Looking at good art is always appealing, I was asking about the appeal of the concept. Why u so mad bro?

>Oh that's kind of gay
Where do you think we are!

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The appeal of the concept is that the reversed characters are really fun
Petra is a shy and unconfident mascot hero and reporter that few take serious
Maddie is a girl with anger issues
Toxic is a lovestruck but extremely girly sweetheart
Doe is an adorable ditz
Dazzla is an inept and naive mage with big dreams
Bronze Bear is the most bombastic man alive
And the list goes on. The characters are just fun

The appeal is just an exercise in creativity - working within the limitations of the Spider-man mythos, characters, and concepts to create something new. By restraining ourselves to changing only Spider-man and his cast, we see how the rest of the Marvel universe changes in response to the changes we did with the characters, watching the butterfly effect unfold in real time

Oh hey! That's me! I do have a twitter, @XXXEros2, but I forgot the password, and I've been lazy and haven't done the password recovery on it lol

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>Never seen interaction with the larger marvel world in these threads when I've opened em up though
They occasionally pop up, like Petra's relationship with Johnny Storm and the F4, and the Clone saga being directly related to Civil War 1, and the clones being sent to Xavier's because May and Ben can't accommodate all of them. I think there's also talk of some clones joining other teams, like the West Coast Avengers, the Thunderbolts, and the Champions?

Oh what a shame might have dropped a comm at some point :/, still cool art!

Yeah, I don't do comms, but if you have a bee-verse request, just drop it here, and I might draw it when I have more time!

Also huh just searched it and no results

Was just generally curious! These threads spawn a lot of really appealing art.

I finally decided to do the password recovery and got back into my account

Neat, you've improved tons since my Mr. Venom/Spider-Woman request
Keep it up!

Dropping some sketches, I missed the last few threads but trying to catch up
Had an idea for how Petra might look as a teenager vs her older look once MJ starts handling her fashion more. I like to think of younger Petra's hair being a frazzled mess and post-sting it being more managed but still floofy. Part of me wants to say its due to natural oils similar to honey(but much less thick and sticky) secreted after the sting that keep it tamer, but that's probably too out-there. Also maybe a Ben Reilly expy?

Some concepts for Line(I think the inverted colors look ok, ) Craven (Sounds silly but I was thinking maybe a vest made of bugs? Like a bunch of preserved ones) a mutated Honey-bee (Bee-honey sounds weird but it might work? If you think of honey as a pet name and all.) and a prototype mask for PEtra

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It all looks really nice and I love a lot of your ideas
The glasses also reminded me of the idea of Petra mostly keeping her glasses unlike Peter to cope with the ultraviolet vision
Also, though Honey could be a pet name, I think it’s funniest that Petra’s friends might give her a literal pet name by occasionally shortening it to Pet

Looks great!
I like the look for Belle, our Ben Reilly analog!

For Line, I think both color schemes work, but I'd need to see the full body with both color schemes

For Craven, Not sure about the vest being made of bugs, but maybe if she had some bugs pinned onto her vest in order to attract other specimens? Or maybe if it's shiny/iridescent like certain beetles?

I think in the last thread, a drawfriend said they were redesigning Redcap? I wonder how that's coming along?

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Nice, I love the progress already being made with these concepts.

For Craven, is "wild woman" part of her character in this AU? I like the look but I was thinking more, based on what was being talked about last thread, that her concept was a bit more refined. Having pinned bugs on her shirt is a cool idea though.

If you don’t mind at all, I would eventually like to see Jeanne in civilian clothes reenacting this comic just cause I thought it would be cute
But only if you feel like it

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I think as a reversal of Kraven's "wild man" design, we decided Bee-verse Craven would be a refined woman, maybe like a Victorian era explorer, complete with pith helmet and safari pants, or something? but I do like the wild bug catcher Craven from , too


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I like how Maddie looks like Yang. And I like how she’s a chill older sister type who only occasionally gets mad enough to do villain stuff
I could easily see her just becoming a chill person heroes can come to for help

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Yeah, Maddie really does seem to be the lovechild between Yang and Weiss, although I think she's more on the hot-tempered side of things, what with Petra's taunting and calling her names when they fight. Maybe she mellows out as she becomes more of a frenemy?

Amazing sketches, nice proto-costume with its homemade feel and Line reminds me of Death the Kid from Soul Eater with the... lines on his head

Cute. Most villains that'd go to a zoo are there to steal the animals, but Jeanne ust wanted to chill with the frogs

In a publicity stunt the Bugle starts a rally to encourage people to help the bees, with Petra at the forefront. Could perhaps have the clones too.

And maybe Toxic who'll hijack the event to spread her "save the frogs" message.

Honestly I always liked Maddie as the big sister of the frenemy group and as someone who’s ultimately more of an ally than enemy
To be honest, I feel like most of her villainy would just be fights that escalated from a gambling habit and sneaking into clubs and getting into a fight there
Heck, maybe her origin is more similar to the original comic than Spectacular with Maddie touching a glowing meteor on a dare and absorbing it’s power

Maybe Toxic could actually show up in a bee themed costume to actually help with the event in her own way
At some point I feel like Toxic might just start trying to get New York to ship her and Petra while also trying to win her over

It would depend on when this happens. Before Doom? She'd hijack for her own message/popularity. After Doom? Helping Petra

Jeanne has always wanted everyone to love her, but hyper fixated on Petra when she showed support during her time capture
Honestly it’s cute that the love developed naturally, though I bet that Jeanne ended up misremembering all their previous encounters to convince herself it was love at first sight

What about Scream and the other Symbiote offshoots?

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Actually, I just had an idea for a name. Sob. The entire thing is that he's a gaslighted crybaby.

Yeah, I think it's moreso the fact that Petra is the only person to actually reach out to her during her time in Latveria that really cemented it. Prior to that, Toxic's only interest in Petra was only to boost her own numbers

Indeed, and I also think that it’s funny how Toxic slowly became less lewd and follower focused as she fall for Petra which in turn probably increased her number of followers as more people flocked to her channels to watch her insane attempts at seduction and the resulting drama

How's this? I thought about coloring her, but I think leaving Jeanne uncolored sticks to the original comic better

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We had ideas for some of the other symbiotes, but I think only one got major consideration, the one about the woman who gets taken over by the symbiote who's going around killing people and assimilating people into the hive against her will