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What if Steven jerked off on her face

Thought we were gonna meet up next Saturday?

Anyway, Bronze is best character

Oh neat a new Stella thread. That’s surprising. Did you know we currently have zero female villains except for Pyrite who’s not even a villain

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>It's a 'Stella messes up Valentines Day' episode

>it’s a Stella gets drunk on valentines chocolates episode

>It's a Stella buys herself valentines chocolate because no boy buys any for her episode

>Stella gets some chocolates from a secret admirer
>spends the whole day dreaming of who they could be and what they’re like
>turns out Carol just sends everyone in the squad a box each year as a fun tradition

>Stella finds a letter for "Stella S."
>It's filled with expressions of love and beauty
>Praising her gorgeous blonde hair, heart of gold and lovely culture that's out of this world
>Stella tracks down the boy who wrote it hoping for a romantic bf
>Turns out the letter is for another girl named Stella Sinclair, the sweet blond girl from Belgium

>back to the weekly basis
Welp, time to brace for another burnout.
Also, I'm still working on that timeline thing.
Unsurprisingly, the "lore" made by random people over the course of 2 years can be... pretty self-contradicting, to say the least.

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What do you have trouble with the most?

I’ve been talking with someone behind the scenes and our original plan was to do this next week with last week’s thread meant to be extra kindling to reignite the concept before switching back to the two week schedule
Looks like someone else is making threads now

Mostly, the squence of events around Alice becoming paraplegic and Gold Leaf sacrificing himself to save Stella.
Is the reason nothing can heal Alice shadow-related?
Did she sustain the injuries on Earth where GL got killed or in space?
WAS she even in space?
Were they still under the government's care at that moment?
Were they ever?

I think it was shadow related and I think Alice was in space at the time
Alice may have been the reason for metals joining with the gov

>Were they still under the government's care at that moment?

I always figured that they were strongarmed into going under government care once GL died, with the promise of aid in figuring out what the hell Stella is now

Sorry. I thought this was every Saturday after i read in the previous thread someone saying "See you all next Saturday".
I thought this was next Saturday.

Did they move out on their own accord?
Cause most of the stuff written around the time she started going to school imply/outright state that they live as civvies.
Did the government just let them walk out?
Again, it starts getting really messy once you really get into that.

It’s alright :)
But let’s switch to a two week schedule after this to build hype and avoid burning out

I don't think it was talked about, but I always thought that the Gov let them go after a while of testing, and being assured that Stella wasn't dangerous

>I know you’re having some trouble with a few of the routines Stella.
>don’t worry, I get it, they can be pretty hard to remember perfectly
>but if you want, we could always go to my house and work on them together
>my parents are never home. So nobody would see if you embarrassed yourself

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>Stella grumbling about “stupid Stella Sinclair” in the locker room and asking what Stella has that she doesn’t as Carol pats her on the back in comfort

Where are the artfags?? I wanna see some new stella and friends artworks

They usually arrive later in the day in my experience. Also they cannot be rushed or overworked, art will come when it comes
I’m the meantime we can always discuss some characters or write scenarios for them. And we still need a hot first name for Doctor Turner

>the charges officer?

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Is Pyrite our own personal mesugaki brat now?
I fucking love our drawfags!

Yeah pretty much but with more stabbing and arson

I missed the ball on Pyrite, but she's a cute

Pyrite is Stella’s little sister who was stolen by Doughnut (potentially in an incubator) and raised in space
She’s a space pirate menace who pilots a mini mecha and extremely teasing and spiteful
Basically an 11 year old space gremlin with a knife and bombs

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>tfw Carol decided to buy Stella some high quality cat ear headphones for gaming
>the sides have a golden heart design

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>Chrome has an entire corner of the basement dedicated to Antifreeze

>Pearl hates Chrome more than her distaste of Amethyst’s habits because “at least she’s eating something edible”

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is there a wiki or compendium for all the characters? im getting confuse reading previous threads about the main characters

Not yet though someone is working on a grand lore to sort it all
Here’s our current helpful greentext

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Is Carol a good friend? Is she a good friend for Stella?

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They're good friends

They're even on the cheer squad together :D

Indeed. And Carol does everything she can to help raise Stella’s confidence and style as her BFF and favorite of the squad
I still think that idea of Carol secretly sneaking on a headband or putting Stella’s hair into a ponytail while she’s distracted was pretty cute

Giant golden fist to the face


Basically an annoying little loli

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How does Stella react when she first meets Carol Turner’s hot, manipulative, psychologist mother?

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Is there any ideas that need more depth to them?

>genetically engineered edgy guy
>Carol’s mom Doctor Turner
>the military base in general
>the Prophet’s followers
>the cheer squad and other classmates
>GOLD’s ship
>the bounty hunters GOLD hired
>Mithril the ancient unifier
>Conrad and his silver form
>still zero female antagonists

>Stella? Can I tell you something?
>sure, go ahead
>I love you
>w what? w
>no, I’m serious. I love you Stella,
>I’m sorry wha…
>let me finish
>I love everything about you. Your amazing smile, your gorgeous eyes, your amazing figure, your brash attitude. I love the way you fight and walk and talk and dance and sing and… and I love your power and when your weak and when you’re strong and listening to your amazing heartbeat and.., I’m sorry
> …
>and I love all of your imperfections too. I hate seeing you get torn up about your scar Stella… it’s beautiful, just like the rest of you. And it’s ok if you need to cry sometimes, you aren’t weak and I promise I’ll still love you then
>I’m ah, um
>yeah, I’m sorry Stella. I just… I couldn’t keep it in anymore. I love you… and I always will

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>still zero female antagonists
What about

That’s fair, but I feel like Doctor Turner (we need a sexy name) still isn’t exactly a true antagonist so much as someone Stella really really doesn’t like
She’s manipulative, a bit vain, and neglects Carol but doesn’t technically do anything Stella can get her for
With that being said, we can still have quite a bit of fun developing her

>Doctor Turner (we need a sexy name)
What's wrong with the name Turner?

Well for starters, it’s a last name
Her daughter is Carol Turner
She is currently Doctor (TBD) Turner
Turner is a fine lady name, but she literally doesn’t have a first one right now

In all seriousness, why did Carol steal Stella’s hat here?

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Yeah she does. It's Tina.

Alright: I couldn’t remember if that name was decided or not

>"Ugh, I keep missing!"
>"Just keep your eye on the target and make adjustments-"
>"Stella! You're more accurate than I am, right? Can I borrow your hat for a sec?"
>"Yeah sure, here you go"
>"Frankly, I do not see how this would affect your-"
>*Carol fires, hitting bullseye*
>"-aim. What in the gold-da-"

another thread already? the last one ended last thursday i think? shouldn't we wait for another week to pass first? give anons time to make some ideas first.

There was a slight communication error so we’re a week off schedule
But we are starting the 2 week thing after this

>how did you do that
>well, I like to think there was a little piece of you inside the hat telling me how
>that’s kind of dumb
>lucky hat then?
>lucky hat then

Depending on the situation, Stella is either a brilliant tactician or an INT 2 dumbass

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What would make Stella challenge Titanium White? A desire to be on the top (completely valid), or maybe there's a misconception, or they're forced into it somehow?

I think it’s a massive misunderstanding on both parts that ends in them understanding each other and stopping the fight
Sorta like MGR except you accept Armstrong’s friendship. They were probably manipulated by GOLD

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