Be honest, is this as horrible as it looks at first glance?

be honest, is this as horrible as it looks at first glance?

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Where's he man

There's got to be a better way to get people to discuss the show then this.
Just say I watched the show and liked it, does anyone want to discuss it with me.

It's not actually like Rick and Morty fantasy version you think it would be, like there's an actual story and no one is being meta with it.


It's not horrible but it completely strips away the appeal of the show being a bunch of actors essentially smiling and winking at a bunch of stupid jokes because they're playing dnd, and instead is just a shitty generic fantasy show where the biggest joke is them saying fuck but with an english accent. 4/10 it's watchable but barely.

Ssh, you're right but Yea Forums doesn't want to hear it

>another pseudo anime art style

>generic fantasy show
Yes please. take me back to basics.

Never listened to the podcast, watched the first episode and found all the characters too annoying to care about them immediately hitting a low point as a group. No interest in watching the second episode, I hope they stay miserable and break apart. The bard was the worst.

a mediocre plot with shallow characters and forced shock value humor mainly driven by vulgarity and violence, very little substance. if you've seen the trailers you'll get a pretty good representation.

How in the hell does it "look" horrible to you? Aren't people always whining about how most American adult cartoons are uninspired sitcoms with crude art styles? You get one action/adventure serial with gorgeous visuals for a change, yet you STILL complain? What is it that you want exactly?

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God it was fucking miserable.
I find modern family guy, harley quinn and fucking brickleberry funny but this shit painful

Bretty good adventure series. Some characters might be a bit grating, but they come together to make an engaging underdog story. Cool action & magic shit. It's no Invincible, but it makes the struggle of waiting for that show's second season just a bit more bearable. I haven't seen any of Critical Role, but I enjoyed the cartoon, so I say it's worth anyone's try.

Also I want to drink Vex's bath water.

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>I find modern family guy, harley quinn and fucking brickleberry funny
Oh so the series must be good then.

This was also my experience. I can only imagine the show was made explicitly for people who are diehard fans of the podcast to the point where they didn't actually pay attention to the show itself and just kept giggle because "tee-hee there's that elf I like!"

It'd not as bad as it looks, it's actually worse

lol ouch

I've never seen the podcast and I liked the show.

I don't blame you, spectating other people's DnD games is a form of torture

i think op was referring to the show's quality and not just visuals. "first glance" meaning the trailers or perhaps the first episode which do, in fact, look horrible the visuals are ass too

The show's quality is fine, OP is just too insecure to actually say he liked something and wanted to discuss it.

It looks like every one of Netflix's faux-anime that they've been shilling since Castlevania premiered. Probably has the same choppy ass animation too

The animation is shit, but the character designs are a step up from beanmouth.

What even is this

A fantasy series based on a voice actor's DnD session.

>based on a voice actor's DnD session
Such a giant fucking red flag, I don't know why anyone would find that appealing and the only reason this got greenlit is due to nepotism

>I don't know why anyone would find that appealing
Because they're telling a fun story.

>Because they're telling a fun story
Doubt, what makes it "fun"

The roleplaying.

The action scenes and D&D references are good but the bard will make you physically cringe every time he speaks, and the rest of the dialogue isn’t much better.

>Doubt x2
Okay what about the plot because is a lot less evasive in what he thinks

>The ttrpg group that single handedly ruined D&D
Thanks Trump, you could have stopped this, but you were too busy watching Fox News

I enjoyed it more than I expected, but probably because there isn't much else to watch in the action/adventure animation category right now that I haven't already seen. They toned down a lot of the edgy humor after the first couple of episodes.

how does this look bad again didn't idiots fo on for years saying they dont want the cal arts shit?

get your head out of your ass

>I can only imagine the show was made explicitly for people who are diehard fans of the podcast


the show got made because they raised like million on kickstarter to do an animated pilot, and then amazon offered them a whole season.

what is this retarded ass term?

>The ttrpg group that single handedly ruined D&D
I bet DnD fans say this about everything.
>3.5e ruined DnD!!
>4e ruined DnD!
>5e definitely ruined DnD!!!

Watching other people's DnD games IS fucking awful fag, you're not as funny, interesting or creative as you think you are

This is why people don't invite you to play DnD with them user.

Thank god

only the first episode is horrible, the rest is good to great

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>The ttrpg group that single handedly ruined D&D

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you sound like a bitch

yup, they do. "The Mercer Effect" is just a bunch of DMs complaining that he has a different style of DMing that just very entertaining.

And you sound like a faggot getting this butt blasted over a shitty DnD show shill

That user is right, you do sound like a bitch.

It’s a good action fantasy show. Don’t really get some of the decisions to change certain characters. Vex was more interesting when she was allowed to be flirty/greedy instead of the straight woman of the group. Don’t really see the need to make Pike edgier. People mostly complain about Scanlan but they’re pretty clearly setting him up early for ditching the group then coming back more competent leading to his being MVP in the Vecna fight. Bringing in new random OCs kind of felt unnecessary too.
Yeah OPs like this are really shit and it’s tiresome that they’ve become like 40 percent of the threads on this board with the other 60% split between either some coomer shit or thinly veiled /pol/shit

I never watched that D&D podcast thing, i watched the entire show. It was fine. Sometimes it's annoying, sometimes it's too edgy for my taste, but i got through it and had a good time overall.

Sameafgs opinions don't count.

A lot of DMs who have been playing for decades are actually kind of shitty storytellers/DMs. Seeing CR get popular and having people expect that level of DMing makes them feel really insecure. It’s like if people went to an NBA game and then went to watch a pickup bball game at their local park expecting the same level of quality. So then the DMs get assbothered they’re being compared to a professional actor/writer. So they project their insecurities onto Matt Mercer instead of getting gud.

you know whats worse then the DMs complaining that he has a different style of DMing?

The ones that blindly try to copy Mercer.

This. I didn't know anything about the characters or the campaign going in either, but I was still able to follow the story.

What does that mean though? People developing story arcs for characters instead of just throwing mobs of enemies at a group for three sessions in a row with a few moments of barebones storytelling before throwing more mobs enemies, rinse/repeat? Doing voices/accents?

snoy cinematic universe.

The difference is, Matt gets paid for it. Majority of GM do it for free. When you demand a professional-tier performance for a price of an amateur, you won't be tolerated for long.

>gorgeous visuals
it's sad that for /aco/ everything that isn't calarts is automatically over the promedy.

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You know this show actually got me to buy the player's handbook. I mean to be fair I've always been D&D-curious but this show is what pushed me to actually take the first steps into the game offical.

hope you find a good group

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>You get one action/adventure serial with gorgeous visuals for a change

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That's pretty cool to hear, user. Hope you find some enjoyment out of it.

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