Most superpowers are useless and serve nothing to the plot other than being superficial fanfare and excitement

Most superpowers are useless and serve nothing to the plot other than being superficial fanfare and excitement.

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Damn, really? It's almost like superficial fanfare and excitement is the point of capeshit comics! Great observation, Rasputin!

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why does he put rape in his comics then

Yeah but it's still cool as shit.

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What autism compels you to make the same low effort daily bait threads?

>It ain't that deep bro
Yes and that's the problem.

It's not autism, it's simply a cry for attention. wait...

Fuck off.

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>Most superpowers are useless
Is there a bigger pseudo intellectual writer in the world right now? Imagine trying this hard to sound smart that you come across as more retarded than a 5 year old, I will never forget the day he said Superspeed would be useless because you don't need to go anywhere that fast. What a retard, good writer but a complete retard who wants to be seen as better than his own medium

What use does super speed have?

doing your chores in the span of seconds. It still feels like hours to you, sure, but now you can spend the time of the day on other things before it's night

Thanks for proving Moore's point.

"Roight, wot if fictional characters weren't interesting"

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>It still feels like hours to you
Depends on the superspeed.

Are you baiting or just an actual retard? Fun, commute, sports, travel, productivity. That's just off the top of my head.

>What use does super speed have?

Imagine a person who could react/move only 5 times faster then an average person(So absolute low tier speedster), they'd be able to break 90% of all olympic records and be completely unbeatable in hand to hand combat against anyone without powers.(or at worst stalemate opponents so large/strong that being able to land every single blow and not get hit in return would do nothing).

Speed raping everyone without them noticing.

At minimum it literally the same use as a car or bike but more convenient and maybe faster. Most of our society and entire industries are built around moving people from one place to another quickly

Oh yeah didn't think of so let's add fighting and fame onto the list. Also personal security because shit like floods, earthquakes, fires, won't be nearly as much of a threat anymore.

And no matter how long you grow your beard you’ll never be a wizard

So nothing of any practical application?

>Lists nothing actually useful and only more bland and meaningless uses for super speed
Fucking kek. It's amazing how many manchildren in here are using this as an attempt at an own at Moore but they're only proving him more right.

I suppose you thinks cars are useless too

Get 8 hours of sleep in 8 seconds

All of those are practical applications

Fucking run to work every day and avoid paying car insurance.
Run across the Atlantic to get some great wine for pennis in a small Italian village.

Aren't all defining character traits in fiction this?

Why is this meth fiend talking to me

moore is a serviceable writer of nothing but cheap schlock. entertaining, but a mere diversion in even the narrow world of American superhero comics. i'm sure he would agree.

I repeat, are you baiting or an actual retard?

define practical

I don't think you read very many comics.

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You Moore simps are so pathetic.

Stretch it out as long as you can, troll. Try to getb them SEETHING and unable to COPE for your enterttainment,

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Why do (You) keep making these threads?

He's saying that you should have powers that have actual application in the story itself and not just cheap window dressing.

That's not what he said. Quit moving the goalposts.

So a guy using his powers to make his life drastically easier, or to drastically alter the world doesn't count?
What would count as an actual application in the story in your mind?

Yes that is what he said. You're taking his quote out of context.
Wow you really missed the point didn’t you. He’s saying that if you really sit down and think about it, superpowers are only useful in the most mundane and superficial ways. This clip is from a much longer masterclass he gave on writing. He’s teaching aspiring writers how to be better by thinking about their subject in more depth.
Everything you mentioned can already be done without the use of superpowers. The fact that you A, first think about using powers to commit crimes and B, accuse Alan Moore of being uninspired shows just how superficially you’re thinking about all of this. Try to understand the wider context of what he’s saying rather than just nitpicking the examples he chose.

But aren't superpowers a major part of superhero stories? If you logic most fantasy/sci-fi it becomes impractical or useless.

Batman exists.

the link you posted proves he's being an idiot.
a guy with superspeed would be an amazing gamechanger, acting as a courier for medical supplies, or for providing aid in natural disasters, or perhaps getting people to hospital after accidents (depending on how the powers work) there's way more you can do than just delivering pizza.
And heat vision would have countless applications for the military, so even if you just wanted to grill, you can bet the government would want a piece of you.

Moore dealt with this topic with Nite Owl II

But isn't that an awfully unimaginative and mundane way to use superpowers?

I mean what do you want out of superspeed? Do you just want silver age acid trip flailing where you have a speedster outrunning time or the concept of colours?
Like honestly what sort of imaginative and abstract thing do you want?

You mean like Moore’s shit?

>Do you just want silver age acid trip flailing where you have a speedster outrunning time or the concept of colours?
Yes. Do something more imaginative with it.

Reminder he got cucked by a lesbian. He is Ross from Friends IRL.

Why? Why would that be interesting? We need mundanity to make stories engaging, it's the humanity that makes it worthwhile. I personally don't want to listen to a man huffing his own farts while high while his artist friend who's also high jerks himself off.

Isn't the whole point of superpowers to be imaginative?

No? Why would that be? Imagination without context is pointless, you can't just throw shit on a page and say that it's good because it's imaginative, you need more than just imaginative imagery to make a good story.

Why is it a problem?

Why is he so obviously retarded and wrong?

You don't want something to be higher than cheap entertainment?

What would the government make you do in that case? Stare at something to power it for years on end? Isn't that kind of mundane and boring?

>Isn't that kind of mundane and boring?
Surely the psychological situations that would arrive from being conscripted into government service be worth looking at?
The question of whether it's morally ok to curtail the freedom of someone for the benefit of many others.
What sort of life would he have? What would he be like?
There's so much you could do with this premise I'm legitimately not sure what you're asking for

Nothing, he's just repeating what the old man said without knowing what he wants, just like a lot of Moore fans, I would know I am one

Read something else then, dipshit. What the fuck are you even doing here?

Mega for Alan Moore's BBC Maestro Storytelling course