>tfw Sashanne is canon
>tfw another cartoon has been ruined because now everyone will just care about the canon lesbian couple that was shoehorned at the end of the show

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People have always cared more about Sashanne than most of the things that are actually in the show.

Informing Marcy she’s the only straight friend of her group.

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It wasn't my ship but I'm not going to bitch. It's all set up.

>4 Amphibia threads up
>going fast as fuck
Frogfriends...WE WON.

>tfw Sashanne is canon

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No she's gay for her friends they just aren't for her.

Endgame right here brothers

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It wasn't my ship and I will bitch.
Fuck this shit, I'm sick and tired of lesbians in cartoons. Especially this forced last-minute bullshit. Zero build-up towards a romantic relationship. I'd be pissed off even if this was a hetero couple.

Dude it's all set up. It is what it is.

>It is what it is.
Yes. It is shit. Absolute horseshit.

>Sashanne is canon
Until they kiss on screen I refuse to believe it, we need at least one damn show that doesn't end with last minute lesbians.

They're in love.

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We'll have the epilogue episode where it's revealed that Anne and Sasha are married and adopted a black latino baby. They'll see Marcy 15 years after the events of the final episode. Marcy will be a transgender man named Marcel.

polygamy is illegal

So what you all think, will we see significant screentime of the Waybrights and Wus during the invasion or will they only show up in the very last minute of the finale?

>Ship hastily shoehorned in to garner unearned praise for "representation"
>barely representing anything since Sasha and Anne barely worked out their baggage
>spend all of 3B building up the Amphibian army only to leave them behind for shit Earth townies for the big finale
>Anne is no longer the only stupid character
Doomfags are now my doombros

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I don't really care about seeing them. Kinda just want things wrapped up.

Glad to have you onboard, doombro.

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I don't care anymore. Lesbian shit has taken over. Nothing matters anymore. This has become another run-of-the-mill piece of shit cartoon.

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It's fine they are not human , just like the africans

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Not in Amphibia.

It takes more than two to be poly.

Matt had a good laugh.

>"Do I hear something faintly... wet? Nah. Back to Warlocks!"

They'll get a presidential pardon after they save the world.

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Stop shitposting.

So considering that Matt apparently made a big deal out of it, and it hasn't happened yet; is Sprig going to fight a spored Sasha in the finale?

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I dunno, maybe?

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Kek, she has to sleep alone on the bed

Then you don't watch the show.

Or perhaps YOU are the one in denial. The writing's on the wall, user.

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>tfw in college some of us drunkenly drug our mattresses into the hall and had a little sleepover
>I pretended to sleep while I heard a guy fingering my crush next to me
>I never made a move because I obviously thought she was straight and so did she
>she's now married to a woman
>a woman she met during the term I failed out of

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>Grime/Sasha bromance has been thoroughly disregard for Sasha/Anne.
How much you wanna bet that the only reason he came along was to die for Sasha's new form. Oh, who am I kidding, Anne will probably unlock that for her.

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Disney would never allow it, lesbians is one thing but ending Amphibia on that shit would cause an shitstorm of such immense proportions that pretty much no one knows what the outcome would be, they wouldn't risk that to give representation to some degenerates who make up like 0.00001% of the population.

The only ones close in that group are Sasha and Anne.

He’s there to be a toad rep in the final battle, which is also why they’re dragging the newt ladies along

The yurifags better enjoy this shit because they're ruining it for the rest of us

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We already know that Anne is going to give her powers back, Mother Olm said that explicitly. The question will be 'why,' considering that Andrias is defeated the moment they do so.

Only the Sashannefags won so the others will bitch.

Or did they?

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Let them gloat in their delusions. Nothing better than seeing one that flaw so high to the sun go down in flames.

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shut up already

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Marcyfags are the worst.

>>tfw Sashanne is canon
I'll believe it when I see it

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>Matt said he wanted to avoid stepping on the toes of the shippers
he couldn't even do that right, Mattbros, what happened?

Would it be too much to ask for it to turn out that despite all the buildup, the US military response demolishes the invasion force with ease

I want more settings where some fantastical force comes at Earth for conquest and immediately discovers they shockingly overestimated their effectiveness against traditional weaponry, and has to deal with the lethal blow to their pride and sense of superiority

Dude it's clear as day and completely set up.

What did we do this time

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>I pretended to sleep while I heard a guy fingering my crush next to me.
Marcy is just pretending to be controlled by the core, she just can't wait to do all sort of things to them to her heart's content

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It's literally just an example of this. Nigger's ain't never had a true friend before.

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sorry I don't have shipping goggles cutting off the bloodflow to my brain

I fucking love Sasha and Anne's character dynamic since season 1.

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So far Andrias is still a better villain than Darcy has been. Marcy just ruins everything she touches

And Andrias gets to watch

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I was worried he might have lost his edge but he was great in this episode

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This is creepy

Should have not been gay without her.

>"Just look at what you and I have now" (while new light sounding relax piano music start playing in the background)
Never cared about shipping but this got my attention. Could easly just be about friendship but it felt, more to it.

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I don't even ship it.

You're pathetic losers that can't cope.

>No blush in this scene
You had your chance yuriniggers. Girls are platonic for each other

It's fully and intentionally shippable but it's not gonna be canon

It would be funny if that was what triggered Marcy's Calamity form as Darcy, because they're getting blown to smithereens

they threw in lesbians with the owl house, it's not impossible to have another show have an lgbt ending. you're really expecting moral outrage to have much greater impact than this, they can always just cut out the scenes for china and places that would throw a fit over it. they've done it before.

with the amount of hetero relationships they've shoved into children's shows, having a handful come out as gay or lesbian isn't the end of the world. it's just not catering to you guys. get over it.

I want to kill myself. This is the gayest shit.

>"Marcy, I know you're in there somewhere! You have to wake up and stop this, you're the only one that can help!"
>"Anne, Marcy has been in control for the last three hours. We've been TRYING to put her back in the gay baby jail."

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Cope with what? I love this development

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The het ships suck too. These creators just don't know how to write good romantic relationships. Look at how much people hate what happened to Star Vs

Straight people make up 99.99% of people

If they blushed it would seal the deal for sure. But for now, it's just a really damn beautiful friendship they rebuild. I got teary.

I never get tired of Joe's fight scenes

Is frobo's only purpose until they reach the I.T girls to be polly footstool? Why is he even here

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That is incorrect!

he's too OP to have a body before the real final battle

>with the amount of hetero relationships they've shoved into children's shows
>hetero relationships
So you mean natural, healthy relationships? The kind of relationships that can actually procreate? Fuck off.
>having a handful come out as gay or lesbian isn't the end of the world.
>having a handful
>a handful
You faggots are overrepresented.