Just look at what you and I have now

>Just look at what you and I have now
When will the lesbian train stop? Aren't you tired of this already? Why couldn't this just be a story about friendship? Why did they force a romance out of fucking nowhere?

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She means the friendship they have now.

They gay son

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It was the gayest moment I ever saw on this show. This was basically a confirmation that Sasha has been munching Anne's carpet.

For the record, I'd be pissed off with this even if Sasha was a guy. They just ruined a perfectly good story with this bullshit. The fact that this is yet another lesbian couple is just the fucking fly on the turd.

>Aren't you tired of this already?

You're unironically just as bad as fujoshi who see two guys having a deep friendship and instantly call it gay. You've let a mind virus warp your perception of normality. You're not normal. You're insane. You have a bug in your brain that makes you insane. You are the thing you hate. You're in a psychic abyss of your own making. Touch grass, seek God.

Friends dance together, stop being an introvert loser.

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Damn I guess I have to watch this show it looks fun

This isn't just a "deep friendship". This is very heavily implied to be the real deal. The delivery is what convinced me. Especially the emphasis on "you and I"
This is exactly what people were saying before Lumity happened.

Dana already leaked the ending a long time ago.
Yuri ending confirmed.

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>barely a few seconds in
>already referencing internet memes

>yurifags chimping out in the threads
I don't like the looks of this. Thank God there's no season 4

If they did get together it would be the only well done lesbian romance I've seen in a cartoon.

They're just frens user
They're females, they do this emotional shit all the time, unless they full on kiss on screen I won't believe they're gay.

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Is that a fucking Eva reference?

it's easier to waifu the characters if they've been unsullied by the cock

Sprigs' mushroom zombies line was great. Almost worth the rest of the ep.

Yes, and like almost all eva references it's extremely cringe

>tritonio's sword mogged so hard it doesn't even get on the flag
Jej Coloured weaponfags BTFO'd

Girls kiss as a joke all the time. I won't believe they're really gay until they show sweaty uncensored nude interracial scissoring onscreen.

>absolutely no hints at any kind of romantic affection
>central theme of the show revolves around friendship
>every interaction between sasha and anne in season 3b is entirely friendly and platonic
>suddenly turns out that they're lesbians

>episode ends with LA and Amphibia abandoned for good
WEW. I'm glad the yurifags like it because they're wearing goggles.

Even Lumity is done better and that ship tanked Amity's character. You can't be serious

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good morning all lesbians i am vaneesh

am going to send rape squads in orders of two to your house soon? thank you

That's ok I'm armed

Wrong, all lesbians are leftists who want guns banned, therefore you can't own a gun

Incorrect my uninformed friend. Marx himself said that the proletariat should be armed. And in a world where being gay is treated with this much scorn and violence, being armed is the only thing that makes sense

Disney and basically every cartoon aimed at tween girls is full on grooming them.
This is not a joke
This is a fact
This is the fucking plan

Disney has been outed in that conference call and they are pretty much full on dying in a lovecraftian sense. Dead but the death will take a long time kind of thing.

Nick was caught right around the time someone said "hey doesn't jamie lynn spears daughter look like that fat kike from nick?" and basically disavowed themselves from Avatar and a lot of the other shows that were pushing questionable subliminally manipulative media to the kids.

CN is basically dead at this point becuause of a lot of the stuff they were heavily invested in.

Netflix. We all know what netflix is about and it's utterly fucked. The investors got real fact checkers to find things out and they were not happy that they were being lied to about the worth of their product and why they were being fucked out of their money.
The backlash against netflix is coming and it's not going to be pretty. Not even distancing themselves from the media they created is going to fix things.

user depicting relationships between two girls isn't grooming anyone

You faggots complain about no friendship in shit then get mad when they are t lesbian. Then when they are lesbians you get mad. You don't want answers you just want to be mad. This isn't lesbian shit. It's just having friends and growing together as friends. But what the fuck am I saying, this is Yea Forums, we don't even know what friends are. Unless it's some a on across the world calling each other faggot.

>in a world where being gay is treated with this much scorn and violence, being armed is the only thing that makes sens

Youve never seen or been to the world where gay is treated poorly.
Not really.
You're in the world where it's being forced onto people agains their will and harm is being done to children by people suffering from social media induced psychosis.
It's...the backlash against LGBTQA people is going to be horrible user.
It's going to be horrible.

Second Eva reference on Disney this week.

>It's...the backlash against LGBTQA people is going to be horrible user.
>It's going to be horrible.
All the more reason to arm up.

>It's going to be horrible
Cool, glad I've got my gun then

homosexuality is a mental illness

Imagine if they both were guys.

>Even Lumity is done better
How so? You even give evidence to the contrary in the same sentence.

They look gayer on this screenshot.
Fuck this shit.

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At least there were hints that it was gonna happen. Amity was lusting for Luz for a while, it was always clear.
Meanwhile, there was nothing that hinted that Sasha and Anne were going to be a couple until this very episode.

He's right. Amity becoming less uptight and learning to be a good friend again may have made her less interesting (Pacifica's redemption in GF was done way better for example) but it was pretty telegraphed all the way from that episode in the library.

Why are modern cartoonists so obsessed with making anime references

I don't know where you have been in the last decade or maby 2, but the western animation industry is filled with weebs.

Weebs that haven't seen a single anime made after the year 2000, I must add.

>When will the lesbian train stop? Aren't you tired of this already?

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Has always been, mate. It's always been.

This episode has proved that Yea Forums is full of mentally-ill subhumans who treat this board as their safe space. The 'official' thread is full of them right now.

You niggas told me this show was great and had no faggotry and now you're telling me didney is going for gay shipping again? I hate western "people" and their creepy obsession with gay children

To be fair I'll take it as overreacting so far but if this shit really goes gay I'm killng myself

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Cool, bye

You are in denial. We have been through this song and dance so many times.

Sashanne feels more earned and organic to me. They each had individual arcs that contributed to their relationship arc. They had to learn to be better friends before they could learn to be anything else. It's not like they're suddenly lesbos now or anything either. They're currently just doing kind of gay shit that's in the realm of things friends might do, but possibly pushes the boundaries into something else. It wouldn't be something like Korrasami, for instance, where not only the romance comes out of nowhere, but the characters even interacting does too. There's been a gradual buildup from the moment they reunite to this point.

Lumity, on the other hand, didn't feel like it added much to either character. It made Amity not even feel like a character for the longest time because her primary purpose was being shipped with Luz, with all the characterization whiplash required to make it more convenient. What it has going for it is that it's much more obviously a romance so at this point it might win by technicality, but depending on where Amphibia goes from here I'd say it'd be easy to beat.

>Cool, bye

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Is that you user? Is that why you're going to commit suicide?

Seriously, did Anne really have to hold Sasha's hand and look into her eyes and say that shit?

>To be fair I'll take it as overreacting so far but if this shit really goes gay I'm killng myself
Good riddance!

Yes. Now Marcy and Sasha must do it too.

>Seriously, did Anne really have to hold Sasha's hand and look into her eyes and say that shit?

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Marcanne has the most content by far. This is necessary to help the other ships catch up.

You people are fuckin thin skinned if cartoon girls holding hands makes you THIS upset.

Everyone warned you this show was the next Star Vs but you didn't listen because your loli tendencies were that high and you physically cannot get into decent tv shows for your life

men don't dance user.

Cartoons are so shit now there is nothing worth referencing from them

There have been FMA, and few other show references. Beside, anime copy itself to. I mean, what's worth copying after copy paste same Isekai MC after 2012?

>Friends dance together, stop being an introvert loser.

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