Is Atlantis really an underrated classic?

Is Atlantis really an underrated classic?

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It’s not underrated but it’s also not a classic. I think anyone who’s seen it would say it’s a solid movie, but there’s just not much more to say.

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It's one of those films that didn't succeed financially, but became a cult favorite.

God this thing was so cool.

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>entire supporting cast turns evil for no reason then have a change of heart five minutes later

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I mean they did specifically say they were in it for the money. Also they trusted Rourke at first.

It's a machine!

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Submarine gone too soon.

all the tech was really cool

evac pods, mini sub pods, the driller, launching biplanes off of a truck catapult

rad as fuck

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No. It's a moderately competent movie that was babby's first PG and there are faggots that refuse to acknowledge its many flaws.
Also, art style is ugly.

I only recently learned that Mike Mignola did the concept art for this movie. It really shows, you cant unsee the Hellboy in this movie

>Also, art style is ugly.
Shitting on Mike Mignola is not encouraged around here.

Honestly, I don't care much for it, and I'm somebody who saw it on release, and re-watched it a few years ago. It's just kinda forgettable in the grand scheme. The villains aren't particularly interesting. The city isn't particularly interesting. Milo and Kida aren't particularly interesting. The surface and submarine aren't particularly interesting. The crewmates are almost interesting, but the feel like they come and go very quickly with just a few quips. Overall, I wouldn't say it's bad, just mediocre. If it was me doing this film, I would try to make it a lot more atmospheric and weird in order to divert the generic adventure plot.

If you want a really good oceanic film that captures of mystery of the seas, go with Ponyo if you haven't seen it.

alternate intro is pretty neat


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this is disney, what's new?

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Lion King and Kimba is more credible than Nadia and Atlantis. Nadia and Atlantis are a case of parallel works having the same influence. Which in this case is Jules Verne and classic Disney adventure movies.

You haven’t watched either

>Atlantis is set in the same universe as Hellboy and Screw on Head
>During WW2 the Nazis launch an expedition to find Atlantis and get wasted by the Leviathan.

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In Milo Returns (which doesn't seem to be much later) they raise the whole bitch to the surface again

Jules Verne and the writings of Edgar Cayce. Disney leaned more on their classic adventure movies while Anno leaned on Space Battleship Yamato and Atragon.

I wish this movie got more popularity purely because I want the Jules Verne inspired Mignola style to be more prominent

Because that ending was slapped on to give their "Let's slap together some episodes of this show we cancelled mid-production to get something out of it" movie closure.


a proper sequel with the same budget would've been great.

In fairness, The three segments were pretty good adventure cartoon fare. Especially the Kraken one.

Milos Return apparently takes place after the second world war. Heh, imagine what the appearance of a highly advanced city in the middle of the ocean would do to Cold War politics.

Anno was working n a story concept written by Miyazaki in the early 70s. Mostly a kids' show about a couple orphans who end up going on adventures around the world on the Nautilus with Captain Nemo. But the idea was shelved by the company he was working for (I want to say it was when he was with Toei) and he moved onto a different company, but his old one retained the story concept. Since he couldn't use exactly what he wrote, he recycled his ideas into Future Boy Conan, subbing out the submarine for airships. He then recycled more ideas into Laputa like the whole blue jewel being the key to an ancient civilization.
The story concept was sold to NHK, who shopped around for studios to work on it. It was actually Yoshiyuki Sadamoto who made the pitch to NHK for Gainax to pick up the contract. Sadamoto was going to direct, but after finishing the first episode he said it was too much of a headache and handed the reins off to Anno. Who proceeded to add ancient aliens and religious overtones, because Anno is fucking bonkers like that.
It would have been interesting to see where Anno would have taken the show if he had had complete creative control. He was constantly butting heads with NHK over where to take the story and credited that stress as one of the factors that sent him into his famous depression that led into Evangelion.

Random question OP, why do you keep spamming this thread? I am not complaining, I liked the movie too. Just seems weird that I keep seeing this thread. Everything that can be said has been said in previous threads. I've seen all these posts before (Nadia, Mignola did concept art etc etc).

did whitmore (the financier) know roarke and his crew were going to go rogue?

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Because Yea Forums is nothing if not reposts of reposts of reposts of reposts.

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I haven't read his Hellboy universe stuff in forever, but was Atlantis ever mentioned? Surprised he has never done anything with it in his comics.

Probably not. You forget, nobody really expected there to be an actual civilization in atlantis, just a ruined city.

Obviously not

no atlantis?

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Sure it is, but on Yea Forums especially there seems to be a really big issue of spam. Not a thread being reposted once in a while, but a sustained barrage. I've seen the same Grant Morrison/Alan Moore bait quote threads a bunch of times in the past month. I've seen a bunch of Atlantis threads in the past month.

Its entirely Disney owned unfortunately.

>To whoever took the L from the Motor Pool sign Ha Ha we are all very amused.

Not what I was asking. I was saying has he ever used Atlantis or mentioned it in his hellboy verse. I am not talking about lifting the whole movie into it, more if he ever did a different take or mention of it.

He didn't do much for it. Just early draft designs. He didn't even know that the production would stick to a sharp, angular look that was heavily based on his style until it was explained to him after the movie was finished.

>tonight's supper will be baked beans
>musical program to follow

I would kill for an animated universe of Jules Verne movies. Fucking just absolutely love this man's work. Journey to the Center of the Earth next, please.

I remember it was mentioned as an ancient Hyperborean city that crumbled into the sea. Pretty sure he said something about it being inhabited by merfolk before it crumbled as well.

>Who wrote this?

Early drafts actually had him in on it and actively planning on selling it to the Kaiser before the volcano eruption took out Whitmore's ship on the surface and the Germans.

Yes. It's failure destroyed Disney's ambition forever, which consequently destroyed (western) animation's chances of being taken seriously.

I had a toy of that water tanker.

Mignola came up with the entire idea of the living statue technology. Disney hired him because the directors had already spent a ton of time overanalyzing Hellboy comics and making detailed diagrams breaking down his style.

Not what I was asking.
> ancient Hyperborean city that crumbled into the sea
Ah fair. Wonder if he would ever do more about it. He is still doing hellboy universe stuff.

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I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Disney found and then bought the real Atlantis (ignoring how unlikely it is to be real).


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Even in Plato's original writing, he specifies that the Atlantis he's talking about it purely hypothetical.

Best waifu coming through

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Okay how the hell did literally everyone in history who has ever searched for Atlantis miss that?

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Here’s the actual best girl

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Most people knew it was intended to be fictional.
But writers have fun romanticizing things. It's just as the game of telephone over more than two thousand years, things get muddled in retellings of retellings of retellings until dipshits are on the History channel yelling that they've totally found proof of an ancient advanced civilization because these straight lines are totally too advanced for those primitives who probably weren't even white.

he made up that part to keep the delicious brown girls to himself

Maybe I have a soft spot for snarky old ladies but she was consistently the funniest character in the film.

I'd be with you if she was 50 years younger.

>And he took his suitcase? Marge honey, I don't think he's coming back.

compared to the plump slut in El Dorado this Atlantis fish whore is ugly as fuck

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>One of the Mercs ends up painting an Audrey pinup on their truck.