DC Pride

DC is finally on the right side of history!

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If they believe they are a woman who do they call themselves a trans woman

That better not be fucking cass

Quit being a bitch.

Who is the character?

>Has a Bat
>Bat is colored like the Trans flag
Ha ha good one

It's kinda redundant, you would definitely know already

Quit enabling degeneracy.

>Alysia Yeoh
Babs' friend.

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he bonks dudes on the head with his club and then rapes them in a dark alley.

>be me, a recently-hired henchman
>have to fight one of the lower bats
>not sure if I'm facing batgirl or batperson
>ready to use my ninjutsu moves
>get knocked out by the transbat

Even their heroes are victims and helpless


what would you do if it were cass?

>Trans woman.

Was she born with a dick and is now a chick or was she born with a vagina but due to mental illness thins she is a man?

born with dick, pretends to be a woman

this shit is nothing but a twitter tranny larp that would get any of them killed if they tried it in real life
i cannot wait for elon musk, in 6 months when the deal is finalized, to make it TOS-viable to call trannies retards for trying to act tough

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Is that her dilator?

Where are the standards?

Well the nu-vagina is a massive weak point. One kick in that and all his stitches come undone.

Okay so quick lesson, if someone says trans whatever then it is the opposite they were born as
>oh but user you’re enabling binary shit!
Fuck you, its how this categorization works

Troons are very rough, even if they’re rarely tough, desu.

>Carrying around a fucking baseball bat for self defense in megashitholecrime city
Funny how the want trans people to defend themselves while also refusing to acknowledge that a CCW has a legitimate use for law abiding citizens.

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carrying a bat is too obvious and will get you in trouble if you don't have a good reason to have been carrying one in 99% of all possible situations. the better solution is a really strong walking stick since those are legally accessories and you'd just look like a weirdo or fag at worst, which I'm sure that individual might not mind as much.

Is there a lot of violence on trannies in Gotham? Is that why people still live there?

>what are adjectives

Or, you know, just but a gun

>Muh Elon Musk
Die cocksucker

You mean she

Don’t you mean Herstory?

>someone says trans whatever then it is the opposite they were born as

Not true. I met a trans woman that was born with a vagina. She spent the first few years of her life as a girl, then decided to be spent her high school years as a lesbian, then decided to be a man, then transitioned into a trans woman. She even got the feminization hormones and shit.
So, there, you fucking bigot.

You can carry around a bat if you carry a baseball glove and ball. You just say, I'm going to practice.

is that this character?

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Yep. Same one.

When I think about batman and the bat family, this is exactly what I think about.

There’s a special LARP I’ve noticed when it comes to self defense with this crowd
>You can take someone down with pepper spray
>A black belt means you’re gonna be a good fighter even if you got it at a McDojo and don’t regularly train
>Even worse, that self defense course you took with no sparring or any simulation involving the attacker actually trying totally qualifies you for a fight.
It’s why there’s so much footage of these “bash the fash” types getting their asses handed to them. A few weeks with a punching bag does not make for a qualified fighter and when you actually are properly trained in self defense, you typically realize how last resort it is because you’ve sparred/rolled with enough people and ran through enough hypothetical drills to know that you should never just assume what the other person is capable of

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To be fair its 2 degree form Bruce.

History doesn't have "right" or "wrong" sides, OP; it's just a record of the past. It's hubris to think you are on its "right" side.

Most gays and trannies have a weird thing about guns. Aside from a few larpy ones like the tranny ranch people, most are downright fearful of being near one. Even though carrying a handgun stopped me and my ex from getting gaybashed once.

t. gay guy with a gun collection

Even actual master martial artists don't recommend fighting back unless you're 100% certain your opponent is unarmed. Knives WILL fuck you up, one unlucky cut and you'll bleed to death

>gay guy with a gun collection
Unfathomably based.

When I was taking a class, we did a knife drill actually. Our teacher then said “I want you to do this again, but now, the person with the knife actually tries to hit you”
The difference was night and day. Most people could block like one of 5, less with the people who decided to get tricky with the fake knife.
If you’re at a martial arts or self defense class that’s worth something, usually any teacher worth their salt is gonna do this kind of thing where they show you what it looks like when your attacker actually tries to knock you off your badass power fantasy pedestal

Even if you're armed with a gun, being up close to someone with a knife is risky. If they're within like fifteen feet, you still have a crazy huge chance of getting stabbed.

>You can take someone down with pepper spray
user, the family guy joke was a joke. Someone hits you in the face with Pepper spray you're not going to be in a position to queerbash them.
Unless it's one of those really shitty ones that don't spray well, or you're wearing a damn gas mask.
Which granted, won't stop a bullet to a brainpan so in that regard it's more effective.
Won't stop a baseball bat either.

You can take someone down easy with pepper spray if you’re actually able to properly use the pepper spray.
That’s not as simple as it sounds, there are a lot of times cops will pepper spray someone but the other person will still be able to resist a bit as they wrestle.
Especially if you don’t get them in the eyes, then all you really have (unless you bought a good spray) is a pissed off attacker.
The proper thing to do after pepper spraying someone is to turn and fucking book it until you can call 911

Wait, I thought HRT made sperm sterile and eggs unviable. What's that person doing at a fertility clinic?

>I don't know what adjectives mean
Gee I want people to think I'm smart
>Im SORT OF smart
Why say sort of?

If you just get someone in the face or the wind takes the spray, it's not going to be nearly as effective as you think. Better get that stuff they make for bears if you're gonna rely on it.

Or, y'know, just get a fucking gun and avoid bad situations and areas of town.

She's there with her wife, her wife is the one trying to get pregnant.

I heard Bear mace is actually weaker

1) mislead group into thinking they are persecuted
2) blame target group as the cause of the problem
3) substitute own goals for the original groups goals
4) repeat as needed
someone learned way too much from nazi germany

elon's a conservatard faggot who's going to make it okay to spread fake conspiracy shit and lies
but if he allows me the right to make fun of larping trannies to their faces, i will never say another bad thing about him ever again
we can be the generation that ends the tranny menace
we can save so many lives

>Especially if you don’t get them in the eyes, then all you really have (unless you bought a good spray) is a pissed off attacker.
Or if they breathes in the stuff. Hard to beat someone's ass while you're gagging on your own burning spit and snot.
t. Watched a man fall to his knees just breathing in the shit why he was spraying it on a taco because it was 2009, we did that for some reason.
Actually thinking it over that's an excellent argument against using pepper spray.
Alright fuck it. Get a gun. Don't bother with the head, center of mass, make sure to be white so you won't go to jail!

Ummmm, did he just assume that doctor's pronouns?

>Fifteen feet
>Four and a half meters
No wonder cops are jumpy.

A transgender doctor deadnaming their patient is a kind of savagery that's almost commendable.
Seriously, pretty sure you're supposed to swear an oath against doing that kind of harm.

It's funny, start a thread on /k/ about "what do you do if someone pulls a knife on you" and pretty much 90% of the replies will be "run"

You don't believe in none of that shit.

Enh, there's also a lot of social engineering involved. American Cops are trained to shoot first, rarely if ever face any kind consequences for it and are trained to be ridiculously paranoid compared to other nations.

What if I do believe it? What if, I'm not pretending, and I really am that retarded?
What then fuckboy?

Nothing because you don't actually believe in anything you're saying.

>close family friend was a state trooper
>doing a routine stop one night. Guy he pulled over was just speeding
>wasn't even going to ticket the guy. audio picked up on dashcam said he just wanted the dude to slow down
>asks the dude for license and registration, usual stuff
>turns away for two seconds
>looks back and guy has a gun in his face
>Pulls the trigger
>dead instantly

Turns out the guy had a very outstanding warrant and a murder charge already. I'm not saying that all cops need to go hard on every fucking dude they find. But, yeah. It's scary out there. You never know what the fuck can happen. Relaxing even for a moment can cost an officer his life.

To be fair Norway doesn't exactly have entire tribes of dudes high off their ass who treat murder like it's a right of passage into gang life adulthood, America is pretty dangerous when your job is to run directly into the worst parts of it.

This. American cops are brainwashed by the soul of Hitler to shoot minorities on sight while everyone in town claps. I get my information from reliable sources