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>show ends with the Legends getting arrested for all their time fuck-ups and screwed over by Booster Gold

I'll be honest, that's kind of fitting

I still enjoy Legends to this day, but still admit that the show lasted mor than it had any right to do.
I hope Caity and the rest of the cast move on to great things.

The 12 people still watching this will be sad, or thankful it's over.

I haven't watched the latest season yet. Did it get anything even resembling a finale?

>wanted to be guardians but with time travel
time travel is inherently bad and should stop being used by Hollywood it kills stories
i love that china bans time travel movies because that means we will see less of them

It ended on a major cliffhanger . The penultimate or so episode toyed with the idea of the Legends retiring and living their own lives, so the producers might've been thinking their next season would've been the last.

Honestly when they fired Routh I dropped the show so this lasted longer than it deserved in my eyes

That was the season's end? I thought it was a mid-season cliffhanger or something.

What the fuck are you talking about? Time travel stories are fun as hell and that was not the problem with the show

>Routh gets shit-canned as his contract was asking for too much money
Still hurts as he is a great guy IRL. Met him and he is extremely nice to fans.

fucking gay
the latest season was unironically one of their best. I fucking hate that it ended on a cliffhanger. At least give us a special or something.

CW cancelling their two series with heavy LGBT cast and characters out of the blue, this isn't a good look for them, i hope the woke twitter crowd doesn't get a hold of this news, especially so close to pride month
a month DC so desperately tries to be a part of ...

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Show has sucked for years, glad this and Batwoman are gone, hope Flash follows soon after the next season.

Superman & Lois is the only capeshit on the CW that doesn't deserve the axe.

wtf kind of crack are you on? The recent season was pretty fucking bad even the Christmas special was awful

Nah, he's right; I liked it too. It wasn't a superhero show anymore, hadn't been for years, but it was still fun times.

CW shows normally get warning that a season will be their last so they probably suspected the next would be their last.

you are retarded for watching this trash

God I want him to get a HBO mini that was rumored a while ago. The guy deserves it. Though at least he has a banging hot wife and got to work with her on Legends for a few seasons.

>i hope the woke twitter crowd doesn't get a hold of this news
Is this what brings twitter and the infamous hacker Yea Forums together?

Discovery taking out the trash

Based Mick had it all right, he choose to leave the series with dignity instead of waiting for this shitshow to get cancelled.

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I dug Legends, but it's clear they weren't getting the budget the show actually needed. I was mad when they got rid of Routh, upset when they got rid of Mick, but furious when they got rid of Ryan's Constantine to make way for the BIPOC on HBO Max.

Bro wtf are you on? Season 7 was great. unironically the best capeshit on the CW. I know it's a low bar but it genuinely had some fun moments.
I don't think we'll ever see a show like this anymore.

everything is fucked because of the merger. I'm pretty sure we would have gotten a season 8 or atleast some closure if it hadn't happened.

Personally I’d love to see him play Earth 2 Supes in Stargirl and maybe have his wife play that version of Lois

He genuinely loved the role too. He returned for the 100th episode and the last Flash crossover.

It sucked though especially compared to season 2-3 it was just them all acting dumber then usual


Good maybe now we can actually get a decent show starring Rip Hunter and Booster Gold

it wasn't the show's fault Constantine was yeeted, it was JJ Abraham's and DC's retarded embargo policy.

The thing with Matt Ryan, all the shows he's played Constantine in have been cancelled yet he still finds a way to continue to be Constantine even after death. I'm pretty sure he'll be the voice of Constantine for as long as DC uses the character for animated projects.

>rip who and booster gold ever getting their own show or being part of a show ever again

It's just dumb DC/CW policy.

>Can't use Waller on Arrow; she's in a movie now.
>Can't use Deadshot on Arrow; he's in a movie now.
>Can't use Harley Quinn on Arrow; she's in a movie now.

I'm surprised Flash lasted as long as it did with Ezra "I'm taking shit and you're going to get hit" Miller being around.

F Arrowverse is DeCeased

The only reason it lasted was because the show did incredibly well in the ratings/streaming and people really liked Grants Barry. Also DCEU Flash’s movie has been in the works pretty much the entirety of the shows length and also Ezra is an unlikable twat

What happened to Mick?

I bet the actual reason why they cancelled it is because Caity is a prude and doesn't suck exec dicks unlike the other "canary"

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The chances are actually pretty good now that Legends is cancelled and a Blue Beetle movie is being made

His contract ended.

Honestly, it lasted more than anyone, even the makers, probably thought possible. I often heard it described these past years as the only decent CW show.

>Cancels LoT a series where all the main characters are gay/bi/lesbian/ace and most are POC aswell
>Cancels Batwoman a series with a black lesbian as the lead and a cast full of black and lgbt characters
i don't watch CW shit anymore but I'm expecting the woke mob to have a field day when they hear the news.
I can even hear the articles being written
>"DC cancels their POC LGBT shows right before pride month"

Same. Nice trips btw.

it was a fun show that didn't take itself seriously and just went with the flow resulting in some pure kino moments.

I want an animated Blue & Gold accompaniment to the Jaime movie. Something with the coherence of S1 of Young Justice.

Amaya & Zari were so cute it almost made me forget my burning hatred for black people and muslims.

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Same. It's a shame that the show couldn't end on a better note, but at least they had a fun few seasons before the decline

RIP, going to miss my dose of Caity.

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The CW is currently up for sale, which obviously shakes things up.

Of course whoever buys it could demand the cancellation of further shows, which will then happen.

Seemingly hard to find a buyer though, perhaps not so surprising given that 'The CW' has never turned a single profit during the 16 years since it was created.

said too many based things about CW so he had to leave. same with routh.

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Wonder if this was Discovery's doing.

Did they write that storyline where he gets pregnant as a final fuck you? I mean he already had a storyline daughter that he could have left the show to be with.

I mean, there's a reason she's the last OG left and she became the face of the series. Just saying...

I liked the show but I'm glad it's over. Shows don't need more than 7 seasons. Now when the fuck is The Flash getting cancelled?

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probably, they even had le funny scenes with him wearing a dumb wig.

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Season 1
>mediocre at best focused way too much on the Hawks and Savage, tried to turn the time masters into fucking Doctor Who Time Lords

Season 2
>great rebound and probably has the single best episode of the series “Shogun” utilized the dc universe fairly well and had fun with it

Season 3
>much like season 2 it was just such a fun watch and had only some really standout episodes

Season 4
>it was fun but the cracks were starting to form and was actually kinda becoming a chore to watch

Season 5
>after the show fired Routh to save money the show took a massive nosedive in quality

Season 6
>continues trend of nosedive

Season 7
>continues trend and finally cancelled for its trouble

Ruby Rose was right when she left too, then?

flash is getting one more season. only because to hype up the upcoming flash movie that got delayed again.

Probably Season 8. It's not like it's been much of a Flash show as it has been an ensemble show. Like, I get that auxiliary characters can be cool; but every week, every god damn week, I see more of Caitlin/Killer Frost/Mark/Alegra/Iris/Runk/Sue/Cecile/Joe/Ralph/Cisco/Wells than I do of the Fucking FLASH. That's been the biggest issue with a lot of the CW stuff is that it focuses WAY to much on side characters.


I wouldn't mind them so much if their plotlines were at least fun, but it's all drama and sad bullshit. Allegra had a workplace plotline about having to cope with one of her journalists not liking her, ffs.
It's Flash, with all the crazy magic and technology around is it really that hard to come up with shenanigans for episode plots?

considering how fucking bad the first season was it's fucking amazing it lasted as long as it did. Besides now Caity is free to play Emma Frost in the X-Men reboot

I remember rewatching it up until (at the time) the show ended on a cliffhanger of Sarah being abducted right after she walked out a bar. eventually when the new season dropped, I watched like 1 episode (don’t even think I watched it fully) and I was just bored, and hadn’t watched it since.

Given Batwoman melted someone's face off I can see this

Routh just gets fucked over in everything he does. Was a great Supes wasted on a shitty movie, completely under-appreciated in the Arrowverse and then kicked to the curb cause of an attempt to save a few sheckles

she was right in that cw fucked up with set conditions. but according to several people that worked on the show said she's basically crazy and acted like a total diva, like she actually thought that dc is coming after her. like they are actually going to kill her. she essentially thought she was working on a prestige tv show and not a cw shitshow that doesn't pay much

it doesn't change the fact that cw fucked up a lot, including nearly killing that PA. difference between this and the other shows is that nobody actually wanted fucking batwoman...this shit was doomed from the start.

>No more Zari eating junk food for our pleasure
Not gonna lie; moving on is gonna be heard.

Wait, none of them are Indian.

Caity Lotz is pure sex

based dom

we wouldnt have gotten that zari anyway. she was too busy milking nate for semen

>Ezra "I'm taking shit and you're going to get hit" Miller
big kek