Supergirl Thread

I desire images of Supergirl.
All Supergirls are Welcome

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did Superman ever date Powergirl before he was married?

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Does anyone have more cir el art?

I’ve heard this is the only good issue of Countdown. Is that true?

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superman/batman apocalypse supergirl is best supergirl

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All I'm seeing is blonde Sephiroth

Still the best supergirl costume imo.

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>Ywn have a kara gf
Life is so cruel!

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this is surprisingly hot

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I don't think they dated but Earth-One supes flirted a bit with power girl when they first met

The finale was pretty hype.

God I wish this game was better

You and me both.

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they're underage kids user

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As long as the porn is good, it's doing its job

Her updated silver age costume is pretty nice.

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The writing is good, but the hoops that we need to jump through to get there are too onerous. And not one character will ever be finished. Edging is fun, but this is too much.

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Would be better without the red shoulders.

Because how they have the red S symbol on her chest go all the way up they needed the red shoulders to balance it. Since otherwise it would look like she is wearing a bib.

Isn't she still an angel stuck in hell since DC's Reign of Hell event that ressurected Max Lord for no reason??
Reminder: Before it got canceled PAD wanted to turn his Linda/Supergirl book into a Supergirls team book consisting of Earth 1 Supergirl, Linda Danvers, and Powergirl.

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>the Bouncer calls over Wonder woman to call their mentors

>laughs as an embarrassed Superman and S.T.R.I.P.E has to show up to handle this shitshow

Would have been a fun “couple” for a few issues
Better than Wonder Woman anyway

Post-Crisis Supergirl was a fucking mess because DC wouldn't allow any other Kryptonians. Finally got to the point where they threw up their hands and ditched the rule to bring back Kara.

Jimmy is a funny man

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