Stitch she practical your sister

Did anyone realize having the boy experiments basically getting seduced by her is basically incestual?

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anyone would want to fuck a creation of this man even if they're related

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Are they blood related?
If not then it's free game

Animals dont tend to give a shit about incest so why should the ayliums?

You do know most of the experiments who talk call each other cousin?

I dunno, does being grown in the same lab by the same scientist automatically put you on the same tier as blood relatives? It's kind of like saying that two babies getting delivered by the same doctor in the same hospital are automatically siblings.

The idea that Stitch needed a pink Rule 63 love interest is still pretty weird though.

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Calling each other cousin does not show proof of them being related
Besides wasn't that just a earth term that Lilo taught stich that wouldn't really have similar connotations in relation to lab made aliens?

>Noodle selfcest

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Did they give her hips?

What are you talking about?

did they give her wide hips? like an hourglass figure

There are a lot of places around the world where there is no stigma against fucking your cousin. Dunno if Hawaii is one of them.

It has been seventeen years since I have last heard this argument. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

In Hawaii it's a thing to call close friends cousin, auntie, or uncle (depending on gender/age) if I recall. But I still think its iffy with Stitch's family.

But not technically

Their all test tube babies, at best their just clones.

I would totally F her up the ass

Who is the objective best experiment besides Stitch?

Define "best". They were all designed for specific purposes.


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I would totally F him up the ass

To fuck or abuse their powers

Leroy was literally superior to Stitch and I don't know how they beat an army of him

Imagine the earjob

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I think Jumba intentionally gave him a failsafe weakness

If I remember correctly, playing an Elvis song made them explode

It made them weak and sleepy actually but that was only at the climax. I don't know the other experiments were able to brawl with Leroy's clones without getting mogged

>That Tongue
She's tough enough that you could probably do her eyes too


It's a term of endearment, autist.

Based and sandwichpilled

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We are all brothers and sisters of Chirst.

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The first movie implies that Jumba modeled Stitch after himself, so it's possible that Stitch has Jumba's DNA and so do all the other experiments, given their physical similarity.

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Alright, looked it up, and the wiki says that Stitch and Angel are not related (somehow), but the theory about Jumba's DNA was also true, at least for Stitch.
>Due to possible concerns about the implications of relationships between cousins, with Stitch seeing his fellow experiments as "cousins", Angel is the only experiment made by Jumba to not be regarded as one of Stitch's relatives.

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You mean *based?


Isn't hawaii one of those places where anyone who is like family but not related is considered a cousin?



you could have at least contributed something to the thread other than to just bump it.

angel is for lewd

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I love the implication that he could be just as strong and agile as Stitch, it's just that he's lazy and doesn't apply himself.

I thought it was rather explicitly stated that was indeed the case.


you had one fucking job, user

this was mentioned a few times. hes basically a copy of stitch but. makes sandwiches and has all the same abilities stitch does, but he never applies them because hes just a sandwich maker.

I would totally spread my mayo on 625's buns!

But there's no sex. She probably doesn't even HAVE a cooch. These experiments are PERFECT (think Superman: metabolizes everything perfectly, so no waste), so no need to reproduce sexually or excrete. Angel just fucks with your brainwaves to manipulate you into servitude, there's no sex involved.

>there's no sex involved.

she still has a mouth and im sure can suck a mean dick

I say implication because despite being openly stated, even when he tries to fight stitch he sorta jobs hard. It woulda been neat to see something that...indicated that other than word of mouth.
Unless I'm just forgetting something.


Wasn't there a thing about how cloning makes someone weaker ir that at least the clones themselves are notably weaker than the original?

If you remember the finale, when he was finally named, he did apply himself and became just as formidable as Stitch in the rescue operation.

In the original film, Jumbo called Stitch the first of a new species, implying he was intended to reproduce at some point.

Ah, y'know what. I don't think i ever saw it. Maybe I should rewatch the series.

so if he was the first of a new species, what was he supposed to mate with to continue the species? didnt think about that did ya?

Speaking of not thinking, what would stop Jumba from creating an Eve for his small blue Adam?

She was my first waifu when I was a kid.

hola amigo

This, get him motivated and he's Stich but can speak perfect English and make sandwiches

She still is my waifu
Tara Strong man

Jumba either spliced together existing DNA from animal or wrote a whole genome from scratch. Either way it's not exactly significantly more difficult for him to avoid making them "related" on anything more than a species level.

I've no idea why people fail to grasp this.

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It's pretty obvious that Jumba included some of his DNA into most if not all of the experiments. The shared parentage aspect is hard to ignore.