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... here. It's calm here. The mirror reflects all pain. The Machine stands monumental. It was built over my family's seat of power. It's been hollowed out and filled with gentle repose. Rest, and be warm.

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Yep, that's definitely Jadis speaking through the alt text

where is solomon david


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He's in a better place. Or rather, he's in the same place but now there's a big hole through 'im

So the machine would probably be the one she used to look at the wheel. The machine that made her the "lady of infinite repose".

Cry not for Solomon, for he has found royalty.

>solomon david
him and jags unified their power
so much atrophy, so much hair.

The great bearded salami has passed beyond.

Didn't we already have this page?

I was on Patreon, and someone leaked it by posting it here.

It has to be exhausting to wake up to this and then have to immediately try to figure out how the person helping you is trying to use you.

You're telling me this key shit is all chinese alchemy bullshit? Just give Alice a manual from some 1500 BC chinese guy and she'll be the wuxia protag she's meant to be in no time.

Post the next one

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huh did they regrow her and she loss muscle because of atrophy or is this a dream thing

Let's just keep it at the normal cadence, like we had before the hiatus

The latter

new page

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Guess Maya lost then.

She wasn't trying to beat Incubus, just stop him from killing Allison.

Solomon may yet be alive, but broken beyond all measure. And either Maya lost or couldn’t muster up the rage to kill Incubus and left him behind again.

Meti's lesson about what has to be done to save the mouse and Incubus' lesson about how winning is pretty important - these two lessons aren't mutually exclusive when it comes to saving the mouse, they kind of go hand in hand.

I'm sure Maya is alive and that will be revealed later. I also feel like combat between those two doesn't make sense ending with both of them walking away.

Well shit.

Good GOD she has some yabos!


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Abby's gotten better at drawing boob shapes, nice.

It also doesn't make sense that they wouldn't start the war by seizing Throne given that it's the hub from which you can touch all the other worlds. Why the fuck would you expend your forces pacifying other worlds leaving yourself in a weaker position against the forces of Throne where arguably the only real threats exist. The angels have all but withdrawn, Mammon and Mottom's forces would be scrambling with the death of their patron, Solomon just let loose a black hole in the sky so the best moment to strike would be immediately before the city could fortify itself given they know universal war has re-ignited. And if you were to start war, wouldn't you fucking go after the only remaining member of the Seven FIRST, namely fucking Jadis.

It's almost like a total fucking idiot wrote Jadis' exposition here because it doesn't sound like someone who understands how this universe works. What the fuck were they doing for three years, jacking off?

...Spin the wheel?

dem jadis tiddys

She has some neck!

Oh no Jadis is cute

So Jagganoth is probably still trapped in Solomon's seal, while Solomon himself is probably dead from having made it

Solomon is missing, but its its Incubus leading Jagg's army... did Solidum dave actualy knock him out too?

Incubus still joins with Jaggs even after he wants to wipe all life?

Jag was IN Throne last we saw, it should have been the very first place to burn after he tanked Solomon's last attack. Thing is, we don't know if that attack was just another ineffectual blast or if it actually could have done something to take Jag out of play. Notice she only says "forces" and that Incubus is leading them. Jag himself might be sealed, or getting perpetually punched out of Throne by time traveling fists for all we know.

It makes sense. He's not strong enough to fight him directly, so joining him buys time. The logic of Inc's life philosophy makes staying in the game for one more day better than dying now.

Jadis looks like a fucking ayy lmao

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With all his overwhelming power and with no one left to oppose him, it logically shouldn't have taken Jagganoth more than like a month to kill everything just by himself, so probably something happened.

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I will never forgive him for taking away buff allison

Jagganoth and Solomon are stuck in the same black hole and have actually become fishing buddies

Theory: Maya won and is now the sword king, and has just adopted the name Incubus. They always said Incubus had a stolen throne, is it possible the name was stolen too? IDK it sounded less stupid in my head

You murderer! You killed my brother! I mean, demiurge!

I assume he looked it up but that's a pretty accurate hair growth for three years.

Also fuck
I don't like skeleton Allison

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He's missing, Incubus is leading the charge for a reason.

She looks even more like Incubus now. Wonder how we'll go from malnourished goblin Allison to Lesbian Zoss Allison.

He didn't deserve this suffering.

>been three years yet reality is still existing
What's wrong, Jag? Too much for you?
Reminder that never has Jag killed the other demiurges in any cycle. He always kills the Heir.
>Solomon is nowhere to be found
So Shelly Duval is not dead just mindbroke somewhere.

However the easiest way to die is to allow Jag to curbstomp Jadis' glass. Why is she helping Allison at all if she just wants to die?

If buff Allison looked more like Fuma Kotaro from Tenkaichi, I might be more sad to see her go.

Universe over? Wheel breaking = very yes?! That's not a good prize!

Sadly Donefishin' went out for bait, user.
I'm sure he'll be back any day now.

aw she seems nice

Okay boys and girls.

We now begin our training arc under Jadis. Please predict what that will go like and what horrible things Allison will go through during that. Also how will she dress after that, since that seems to be a thing too.

I say keep in mind Jadis specifically mentioned her underdeveloped spiritual core. We'd probably focus on that.

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Oh thank God, she's sexy again

Something something finding inner strength rather than trying to just punch harder

Why is jagganoth purging the whole of creation? It's just metatron keeping the world stagnant

This better not be like Homestuck, where they go back in time and “fix” everything.

right so, when Alison gave up and wanted things to stop hurting, jadis granted that wish and took her to a realm outside the wheen, where she could be free from pain, only to ask if it still hurts, losing everything because she gave up the fight.

I suspect this is to teach Alison that animation from harm does not save you from pain at all. hopefully she will use her wheel-turning power to return herself to the moment she left to work through the pain instead of giving up.

...also, maybe she can recover her fitness also.