>‘Batwoman’ Canceled After 3 Seasons on The CW

Batwoman’s time in Gotham has come to an end.The CW has canceled the DC Comics drama after three seasons. Showrunner Caroline Dries shared the news on social media Friday.“Just got the sad news that Batwoman will not be seeing [season four],” Dries wrote on Twitter. “I am bummed, but full of gratitude. What an honor to make 51 episodes.”

The cancellation comes a month after Batwoman aired its third season (and now series) finale on the network.

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Legends of Tomorrow is next, and The Flash next season.

The Arrowverse is dead.

And nothing of value was lost.


It would be a shame if Legends also ended. They somehow got their shit together and made a pretty strong season after the previous two were getting stale. Also, they finally got the rights to use Booster Gold.

How the fuck did it manage to last three seasons?

But Black Lives Matter… how could they do this

Decent streaming numbers.

I'll miss you the most reporter-fu!

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Eh it was still pretty awful and honestly While I like Faison his take on Booster was literally nothing like Booster especially the outfit it’s pretty clear he was Michael in name only and they are going to rip off the Kang take in Loki

Season 1 dropped hard but it had a strong enough opening that they ordered a season 2 right away.

Season 2 was broken as all fuck thanks to the Ruby drama, and they couldn't cancel black batwoman right away.

They let it limp on for another year and then pulled the plug after the media bump for their "Black lesbian superhero" faded, since all those pushes are by design temporary and meaningless as far as getting ratings. They gave some decent press, gave their talking heads something to do for a little bit, and now that its no longer a big thing they're dropping it since their ratings were shit across the board from season 2 on. It's not an old tale, but its a consistent one.

>51 episodes

Alice appeared in 50 of them. Christ and you thought WB overuses the Joker.

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Where will I get my fill of black women in tight spandex outfits now?

>Legends of Tomorrow is next,
Eh, if they were gonna cancel LOT, I'd figure they'd announce it with BW too. Next season is likely the last, though.


Surprised they kept her around after Ruby bailed.

By the emperor's grace! Took them fucking long enough!

they honestly thought making her black would attract people
not even the woke crowd who defended her casting watched it

Season 3 Poison Ivy was a cute!

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I can't decide whether making the Batsuit weak to Kryptonite was clever or retarded.

If they were going to continue it they would’ve announced its renewal when they announced the Flash and S&L, the only one that is iffy is Naomi.

That is a good point too.

They wanted to kill it after the ruby fiasco but they couldn't because they had made a big deal about muh gay batwoman, then they wanted to kill it after the second season but couldn't because they had made a big deal about muh black batwoman.

As with all this woke stuff that drops like a rock, they just have to wait for Twitter to get distracted before getting rid of it to no complaint.

Flash died with Covid cutting it's season short. Even the acting itself feels terrible, like they're all just waiting for it to finally end.

>the only one that is iffy is Naomi.
How are the ratings for that?

so is legends based on the legion or something else?

Give me a final season of 12 episodes to wrap up everything and I'll be happy.
Haven't watched it in years as the show became a bore to watch.
>Arrowverse is dead
About time

I almost enjoyed the first season then they just had to nigger it up

well thats what happens

I want one more season of lot please. Give us turk turkleton and John Dorian as booster and Ted

He was supposed to be getting the classic costume in the next season.

Was the black batwoman also a lesbian?

With Ruby Rose's exit. What was CW to do with casting a new lead besides go full diversity hire because that's what they have been known for over the previous few years?
>Wally was black'd
>Iris was black'd
What other characters were black'd by the CW?


Making her black was damage control

Go woke go broke

What was the "Ruby Fiasco"?

Wallis Day did okay as new Kate. I will never understand why they didn't just recast her and pretend nothing happened.

The concept of finding the batwoman suit could have worked with some slight changes.
Could have had it where Ruby was found and suffered from facial injuries. She shows up at the end of S2EP1 with her new face.
Stupider shit happened in comics and the CW to handwave what I just typed out.

Absolutely abysmal, which is even worse because the show right before it, Superman and Lois, has around twice the ratings. It's telling that if a huge chunk of audience won't even leave it as background noise after S/L and are actively changing the channel rather than watch it.

What does the super soldier serum have to do with anything?

>they finally got the rights to use Booster Gold.
are people actually excited for this take on booster gold?

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Why is the showrunner allowed to do the Gotham Knights show

arrowverse is dying
>supergirl ended
>arrow ended
>black lightning ended
>batwoman cancelled
>green arrow and the canaries never happened
>diggle green lantern never happened
>the flash renewed for most likely the last season
>legends of tomorrow will most likely end next season
>Superman & Lois is the only show that's doing great
>all the other dc shows completely ignore the cw shit


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It's time for The Justice Society and Static Shock to debut. Kind of hyped. That Gotham Knights show is going to be cancelled after two seasons.

Tbh I think Turk would have been better off as Ted. Booster needs to be a young shiny twat of a person but who grows into a hero. If they insist on race bending, someone like an older Ryan Potter.

I still think the two dudes from Psych would have made a good Booster Gold and Blue Beetle a decade ago.

Honestly I could definitely see those two more than Turk and JD

The ratings are bad for capeshit on The CW, but Ava DuVernay will probably chimpout publicly if it's a one-and-done. A pity renewal probably depends on whether or not the Discovery execs care about that.

S&L, Stargirl, and Flash are doing pretty good ratings wise

Or at least a good Quantum and Woody.

Speaking of, did that whole joy buzzer plot just frustrate the fuck out of anyone else? Like the joy buzzer, through comic book magic, is said to have the power to essentially toggle the victim's ability to feel empathy and remorse and Marquis shows that by being a television sociopath. Meanwhile, Alice wanted it to cure herself of her increasingly deteriorating mental state, but it's made pretty clear that the cause of that is that she isn't incapable of feeling things, she just lied to herself and her ability to lie to herself is reaching its limits.

Isn't it then obvious that, since deep down she actually does feel remorse and stuff the joy buzzer would just kill what's left of "Mary" leaving only "Alice"? But no one brings that up.

A magic joy buzzer? What the absolute fuck, how retarded even was this show?

Electric shocks fucking up a person's mind has some basis in reality and how brain damage works, but the way it was used in the show was completely absurd. It was essentially a cheap plot device.

Seriously, I was just as confused as you are, so I read the wiki. Blackwoman's brother got zapped with it and it made him a psychopath, then 20 years later she just zaps him again and he's normal. This show sounds so fucking retarded.

>black Batwoman

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Legends got cancelled too lmao

>Black Lives Matter

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>how retarded even was this show?
Season 2's entire focus was a coven of lesbians guarding a flower that could literally cure absolutely anything, even almost-death, instantly. Said flower was made when a bunch of abused wives left their abusive husbands and went to the special island, and when the husbands came to take them back they defeated them with girl power and the blood of the fallen women seeped into the soil and made said special magic healing flower.

Season 3 had a major plotpoint that the black dude got shot and literally chose to die rather than live in a world full of racism but then he didn't die.

And there goes LOT.

The original actress Ruby Rose, left the show at the end of season 1. Rumors were that she was an arrogant diva and difficult to work with so the higher-ups essentially said "you can quit and everyone saves face or we fire your ass and expose what a bitch you are to the world". Of course these are all rumors she very well could have seen the show was a sinking ship and bailed while she could.

It's over.

Eh, normally I'd believe that, but as I recall some stuntperson got fucked up on that show too. So I suspect The CW believed in safety standards like the KKK believes in race mixing.

Good, now hopefully they just cancel Naomi