What are your thoughts on this boy?

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I'd kiss him


That he got to cum on this face at will.

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He’s Kakashi Hatake.

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Deserves better than frigging Katara

he deserved his sister. He could have fixed her bros….

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He should fuck his sister too.

I'd let him impregnate me

Get out, Suki.

Mai totally swallows

Why do so many people ship him with his sister? Can’t he just fuck a normal girl?

Had a better redemption than most. The scene during the comet with his father cemented him one of my favorite characters.

Obviously but that's during blowjobs.
Because it's the best ship. Also he can but why?

sounds boring and gay.

ANd they both got mommy complexes to boot! A lot to bond over.

>Also he can but why?
Because it’s not healthy to have an incestuous relationship.

Is there anything healthy between those two anyway?

>Because it’s not healthy to have an incestuous relationship.
It would be an argument if you weren't wrong.

Should marry her

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Who does Zuko belong to?


Made for Azula

Zuko deserves better than pic related.

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Should stayed with Jin.
Also where the fuck my episode about Toph and Zuko adventures?

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Azula, Mai, Ty Lee and arguably Suki and her warriors.

>when your brother wants to smash on the middle of your battle to death

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My thoughts are that we haven't gotten new Zucest and Fire Foursome content in forever.

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Aang x Zuko

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Only if Aang is a trap / femboy like in Fire Nation Triumphant.

sasuke if he would be well written

Made for sister

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I like his character but too many zoomers who only consume children's cartoons treat him as the pinnacle of character writing because he was their first heel-face turn

Zuko is probably one of the best examples of how to avoid a heel-face turn, you contrarian

He must had a lot of bastards in the earth kingdom.

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So....uhh....why Katara didn't heal his scar after war? They still had spirit water in North Pole, right?

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Based faggot

Nah, he brought them back to the capital alongside their mothers.

I don’t know if you just go and get some spirit oasis water anytime you like otherwise everyone would do it. Especially not for someone like Zuko who probably desecrated the Oasis by brawling with Katara that one time

Because Katara is basically Lisa Simpson, a terrible person that like to been seen like a good person.


Same reason her water didn't get rid of Aang's scar on his back, it can't.

>it can't.
Then what was that

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Greatest anti hero ever. Best redemption arc in television.

I just want him to be happy

>Best redemption arc in television.

Actually this, Jaime's arc from GoT could compete if writers didn't ruin him in final episodes.

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Did Aang just cockbend the whole family!?

Katara not being able to heal Aang's scar doesnt come a bit after this scene?
>incest is le bad
>incest IS le bad
>have I mentioned already incest is le bad?
Why is reddit like this?

The man is a prince. Imagine Prince Zuko visiting the ancient Buddhist Maldives for a state dinner.

What so good about incest anyway?

>He doesn't know.

Mate, Zuko's a great character with or without incest, there's no need to reduce him to that being his only character portrait, no need to seethe all that much

Post Zuko x Azula art

Is Yea Forums having a hate boner for Katara something new?


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I agree completely, Jaime returned to his gay cuck ways as soon as he was back in camp lannister. Absolute waste of a POV

Will never have a good Avatar thread so long as Azula lives. She must die.

I mean she's likely did before LOK events

He should fuck the crazy out of his sister desu

>Fire Foursome
Sounds interesting, what is that?

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