The MCU shows are dying. Don't expect any follow-up season to anything except Loki

The MCU shows are dying. Don't expect any follow-up season to anything except Loki.

>Disney all but confirms that it has no plans to develop a second season of both Hawkeye and Moon Knight.

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its because its fucking expensive, moon knight would get a movie before he gets a season 2 but also its not bringing in a new audience like they want. hawkeye wont get a season 2 because the girl is getting a movie debut

These were always intended to be limited series

The problem is they're writing movie scripts and adding a bunch of shitty filler to turn it into a television series. They need to trim the fat. Loki could've been told in a single 90 minute movie. I don't think anyone would have a problem with Direct-to-Disney+ MCU movies if they want to produce more weird content at a cheaper price, but they're way too married to the idea of dominating weekly television.

That's not how it works. Anything that's popular will get milked. They didn't know they would be making Thor 4 either.

It would have to be ridicously popular, the whole point is just to get new subs in

It's actually because the shows are character destroying IP killing disasters

No o e is going to keep tuning in to see shit like loki wanda vision and Hawkeye.
Fucking marvel girl is looking to be a disaster and multiverse is going to tank the strange ip but good.

I still can't get over how goofy this shit was. Especially after watching Arcane.

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>hawkeye wont get a season 2 because the girl is getting a movie debut
The fuck are you smoking?


all of these except loki are just resetting the table of characters and putting them in places feige wants them to be. ex. what happened to wanda between endgame and multiverse of madness

moon knight will return in a movie down the road or perhaps another series but they're not going to waste a guy like oscar isaac

I would sacrifice all of Loki to get more Moon Knight in a second. Man, Loki sucked balls.

Of course the only 2 good shows get rejected and the worst one doesn't

Gee I wonder why the shows are so much worse than the movies that are mainly male made.

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Half of those examples are movies

Which aren't out yet. Doctor Strange 2 will be the last good MCU movie.

From what I understand Moon Knight has been praised, way above the other D+ projects. If anything, he'll get a movie

Oscar doesn't have a contract so ultimately it's up to him if he wants to come back or not.

> Doctor Strange 2
> Good
> Screenplay: Jade Bartlett

So you agree that women are pretty good at making films?

No expert, but arent MOST shows supposed to be limited series then get renewed if their views are high enough? Like Korra was supposed to be one season. Then only one more season. Then only one more seaon, then one final last one more season.

>From what I understand
>Makes asspull claim
This isn't reddit.

I've been going by word of mouth and the buzz I've been hearing. But if I'm wrong, you're free to correct me with some reports instead of being a tryhard newfag crying Reddit every 5 fucking minutes

This sounds like pure copium. Moon Knight is good and surprisingly faithful to source material. Hawkeye was also much better than expected. And you are nuts if you think Multiverse will tank. Marvel is pretty fucking far from perfect when it comes to both tv and movies (and comics for that matter), but these particular properties are not examples of things they have fucked up.


Shit. This explains alot.

>shows are dying because they're not getting season 2!!
they've literally all been advertised as limited series user.

She's not directing it

>Doctor Strange 2 will be the last good MCU movie
>Thor: Love and Thunder will be the last good MCU movie
>okay, She-Hullk was good but all the other MCU shows were hot garbage
>Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be the last good MCU movie
>Okay, Fantastic Four was good but all the other phase 4 movies were hot garbage, I'll watch FF until they do Galactus
>Okay, X-Men was good but all the other phase 5 movies were hot garbage, I'll watch X-Men until they get to Dark Phoenix
>I swear, I'll quit the MCU any time now

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It's been shit on by nearly everyone.

all I know are youtuber reactions
absolutely marvel & DC hate it because they're comic book nerds that want more Moon Knight in the suit and they're butthurt about the Lemire run not being adapted directly
normies like double toasted who never read any of the comics are loving it
it's also got high ratings on letterboxd and

>The MCU shows are dying. Don't expect any follow-up season to anything except Loki.

At no point did I expect any of them to get additional seasons.

Endgame actually was the last good MCU movie, and I said that 3 years ago. The MCU shows haven't even really been "good" yet, just passable.

>they were always going to flop!

>no one watching that shit
>it was always suppose to be limited


Moon Knight and Hawkeye bombed with the target audience and got poor ratings.
The multiverse movie is looking like a DCEU Justice League disaster

LOL Nigga no one is reading comics.
The shows are disliked because they are bad or had potential but are seriously fucked up by feige and his exec producers gurlboss bullshit.

I'm sorry, did you not watch any of them? They were fucking terrible.

>miniseries = flop

I think Disney thought they were good, and expected one to pop off and become a cultural phenomenon like Invincible or Peacemaker, both of which are getting 2nd seasons.

So if Moon Knight ends up being good overall, they won't ruin it? Nice.

nothing of value was lost
Moon Knight hurts the most because under Netflix or anyone who gave a shit it could've been good instead of pg-13 Oscar Isaac overacting around terrible VFX
I lost all hope for pg-13 Blade

Invincible is an adaptation of a story that requires more than one season, on a platform that is in desperate need of content
Peacemaker was a rare good thing in the sea of shitty DC projects
they literally are making a spin-off of WandaVision based on reception to the show

>under Netflix

I wonder if someone's just gonna make a movie-lenght edit out of Moon Knight. I heard it's kinda ok but drags on for too long without action.

The only one intended to get a second season was Loki and it's getting a second season. TFATWS is literally getting a theatrical sequel, Wandavision was such a hit there is talks of Scarlet Witch getting a solo movie

depending on when you release a six episode series could keep someone subscribed for 3 months

ITT it was supposed to flop

Doom Patrol still mogs these shitty MCU shows and it has 3 seasons.

What good shit have Netflix ever made?

Found the Snyderbro

It's so weird they didn't have him sign a multi-project contract before making Moon Knight. I would have figured that would be the standard to work in the MCU.

Not anymore


>made by Marvel Television
>distributed by Netflix

Yeah no shit.
>Moon Knight
Yeah no shit. It's a standalone to set up "mature" Marvel shows coming to D+.

Mostly the TV shows are just to set up Young Avengers.
>Billy and Tommy in Wandavision
>Patriot in Cap and Bucky
>Kid Loki in Loki
>Kate in Hawkeye

There's 3 already?

ok and?

>Mostly the TV shows are just to set up Young Avengers.
Geez, the MCU is really giving up already huh

It's made by Disney not Netflix retard

I didn't say it was made by Netflix


>team that's young, hot, and 75% gay
>thinking this won't be #1 on Twitter

>New audience
If you weren't sucked on by the rest of the MCU you're not subscribing for Moon Knight

Doctor Strange will be shit. All anyone cares about are the cameos