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Only King now.

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King chads stay winning

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tonight we're gonna meet king's long lost sister, queen, i can feel it

well user you've been tasked with re-writing the series to be better and last longer then it did, how do you do it?

>write it to be about the Jacobite cause and the return of Charles Edward Stuart, the rightful king.

and also girlfriend

Habsburg grindset

He deserves it.
It would be amazing to get a Rulers reach (King's book) edit with this picture.

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Salutations, sir.

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I would totally F him up the A


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This show really surprised me with how they’re handling King. I went in thinking he was just gonna be the obnoxious whiny “cute” character for jokes and nothing else, and while he has those moments, he’s actually become surprisingly mature.

I especially liked how he was in HM when Luz complained about no one believing her and he offered earnest advice, it was really wholesome imo

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as it should be for royalty
>also they're like cats or something, they won't mind

also, technically, Philip changed his name and ears, so to them; yes, he basically disappeared
what we've seen of the conditions philip lived in it is a wonder he didn't die of an infection after the DIY cosmetic surgery
>he also never got his nose fixed in those 350 years

That was obviously Philip/Belos even back then.

pretty sure the Emperor Belos is human theory is as old as the first season, as we get a forcefield inside the EC conformatorium which only HUMANS can cross

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>Edge of the World
>King's quest to uncover his past leads to shocking revelations and horrifying truths.
Alright Yea Forums, the next episode airs tonight and this one's gonna answer some big questions. Before it comes out share your final theories about King, his species, the titan, etc.

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I was referring for Calen being the one vanished instead of Philip which it proves that Caleb is connected with the Clawthornes.

edaxluz is endgame

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I wouldn't change much honestly, the dots there are already fine you just need to fix some exec mandated warts to build up what's coming later. On top of my head:
>ditch S1 E2
>Make Luz and King hangout more instead of splitting him for boring B plots.
>Do not flanderize Amity in IWATA into some random bully, she should act more grounded in a personal level, even if she is a bitch when there're eyes on her
>Invest a tiny bit of screen time addressing Willow's conflict that led her to chase the abom track and not stand herself as a plant mage instead.
>Give Gus something else to do, maybe move him with the Detention Kids and make him pop sometimes for B plots.

Are there more pages?

the thumbnail look like she chewing that book

can't say die in a kids cartoon
but Philip killing his brother and being heavily implied to be a serial killer is okay

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>not telling her kids they're part human
wow, asshole move from clawthorn grandmom

I don't know

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350 years is a shit ton of generations, so far down her great-grannys great granny getting knocked up by a human was probably an urban legend


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I'm amazed by the call backs this episode did to Understanding Willow.

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oh no

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you'd need to tear it up from the floor, it's full of holes.

baby belos was so cute

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when the fuck is this show coming on disney+ in europe? amphibia is on there but i don't care about that.

dude clearly loved his brother, but his hatred for witches was stronger than his love for his brother
>also reminder that we still have to figure who cursed belos

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Stolen forbidden sister kisses

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Any particular wart you have in mind?
I can't think in one particular right now. Maybe... tweak Lost in a Language just to introduce a bit of the characterization the twins got. Just remove the comet thing, and make the books being bring to life a scheme planned by the twins to fool Amity (adding another reason for them to look for her diary) but Edric was a retard and mixed accidentally some black market shit he bought via Penstagram in the spell so things were wrong.

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Well he has experience with having his worldview shattered pretty hard.

Basically what I’m working on with my fanfic, just a big fat divergent timeline using every idea I’ve had for the story, stuffed into one long story of how Luz ended up like Beta Luz after staying longer on the isles (circumstances delay or ruin the day of unity happening so soon after Luz gets there, since Luz showing up at a different time doesn’t just affect the story but hundreds of years of life on the isles following the Tide Pool revelations.

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>belos: I love my brother with all my heart
>Caleb-Clone: But why?
>Belos: this one I'll drown in a bowl of soup

finally, patrician posting

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>Belos wants to murder all witches and demons, merge both worlds so he can hunt the remaining creatures with the other humans.
>The Collector wants all the magic from the witches so he can get his physical form, be freed from the Titan, help Belos in his hunting and having fun with him.

I see.

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reminder that the reason Amity hasn't been in the last two episodes is because she refused to join a coven and Belos is gonna remind the Isles what happens to wild witches
then Luz will end up with Boscha

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>crew hasn't hyped up this as much
So I take it it's a 10/10?

>not eating amity palisman
cmon belos step it up

everything with lily is a 10

I'm going to be 100% honest and I'll be happy if we're getting a cute episode with nothing bad happening and just King and Luz having fun
>dear god please, my soul cannot take another punch

But wouldn't that Luz land in the exact time frame the original did, just that she'd find the sand somewhere else?

>King killed off
>Queen takes over his role in the show and everyone pretends everything's the same
>Hooty takes a vow of silence and Alex booted off the show
>Queen voiced by Dana

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>can't say die in a kids cartoon
Andrias repeatedly orders his robots to explicitly "kill" the girls in Amphibia though

hey, the beast has hunter's ears

the crew obviously hates the episode because it has the best couple

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Knocking on Hooty's Door had zero hype

if she was in a metal band, what would it be called? the demolition dykes?

If you don't got cable:

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I wonder if Amity would like the first trilogy of Ace Attorney or would drop out because JFA is iffy to go through. Or maybe root for Franziska.

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what are these things from?

I also headcanon as enjoying heavy metal
>because it sounds like people get tortured