Whats the appeal of this character outside of coomerism?

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The other Batgirls.

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Same appeal as every other character.

It’s like reading Batman before he was an unstoppable ninja keikaku god.
And she’s a hot redhead.

coom is the only reason batgirls have fans

>hey steph, wanna raise sales?


She's a pedophile (and that's a good thing)

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she has no appeal outside coomerism

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>outside of coomerism?
there isn't one

Same as Batman outside of the coomerism

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>Kicks ass, but isn't an overpowered Mary-Sue

The fact that she's hot is just icing on the cake. But that does make up a lot of her appeal.

And thanks again for the art, Sketchatron!

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>Kicks ass, but isn't an overpowered Mary-Sue
So like most street level heroes?

It's a workable formula. I just wish Babs had kept her heels.

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Her romance with Dick is cute.

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She was blacked.
Best character

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Self inserting as Babs while Dick fucks her.

>We can start raising those sales any minute now...

>maybe if we raise our tops.

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Same appeal as Robin really
Plucky young hero who works with Batman

You could ask that question of all of the batgirls.

Cass at least has ‘best batfighter’ going for het. No matter how bullshit it is

Heores don't need to be "The bestest evah!" to be enjoyable. That kind of attitude has lead to the shittiest writing in multimedia today.

Atleast both Steph and Cass had an arc to work with unlike Barbara who started as a generic bimbo who played third wheel with the dynamic duo.

Would you prefer love crazed Betty whose sole defining trait was being thirsty for Sick?

They're all sexy.

Characters didn't have "arcs" in 60s DC, you're holding her to a standard that didn't even exist at the time.

That, and the very concept of a Batgirl was discarded for awhile. A lot of that silver/golden age "silliness" was put aside because people in charge of comics were increasingly self-concious about it. DC didn't care to put any such investment into Barbara, and usually just brought her up as a rights placeholder, and to dump on the concept. And even Oracle had an uphill battle for relevance.

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>Hey Kelly, you did a good job witht hose Batgirl stories in the BTAS comic, clearly you love the character, can you write some Batgirl oneshots?
>Sure *cackles maniacally internally)

That aside, I wish we got more Babs from Jim Balent.

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Hm... Maybe I should commission a Babs in Tarot-esque armor...

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I want to lick Jim Gordan's ass.

Balent's happy being his own boss for the last 20 years, but I can't help wishing he'd worked on more Big 2 heroines.

Even the odd cover would bring a smile to my face. Especially for Batgirls.

Heck, it's not like all characters need arcs. After an arc, most modern characters in a DC comic will become static characters anyway. Static characters are just traditionally what you use when a character will be in many stories instead of just one. Goes all the way back to figures like Robin hood. Just in recent years, there's been a view that ALWAYS Static=flat and bad well dynamic characters with arcs are the best kind of character.

I'm sure if they asked him to he'd come back, but DC has been trying to unperson his Catwoman era despite it being the character's most successful era.

Seriously, its clear that people that didn't even experience the era originally love the purple costume and the look, yet DC tries to pretend it didn't happen.

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I wonder how a Balent Selina would look in the pitsuit.

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His obvious enthusiasm for sorceress characters makes it a shame he never got to work on any Zatanna or Scarlet Witch books, but that one Batgirl issue does leave you wanting more.

They at least published two trades of his Catwoman, I'd suspect it's more DC hiring the types of people who'd be offended by Balent Catwoman to work on Catwoman comics than a specific editorial push against that era.

Now I’m curious. How are the sales of the new book doing? Haven’t heard much about it.

It’s kind of weird to think that people thought of Babs in the same way many thought of Bette.

A lot of people wanted to get rid of Robin for good too, and probably would have succeded if not for Teen Titans to keep Dick active. Jason got the brunt of that, it seems.

Seems to do ok in digital sales but nothing spectacular In the lower 50 of the top 100 usually.

Its so weird how people shit on Babs for not having enough training when DKR is the so-called definitive Batbook and has Carrie able to pull her weight with nothing more than a costume. Then in Miller's continuing works she's Batman 's successor.


It's called being straight.

I guess that's why Year One has Babs go through a bit of a trial by fire.

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Most of it is coming from people who either want there to be no Batgirl, no Robin, nobody else but Batman, or from people who want someone else to be Batgirl and fixate on anything they can use to claim /theirgirl/ is "better".

Trust me, you don’t need to be straight to appreciate her.

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It really helps though.

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I love all Batgirls, but Babs is still my favorite.

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Betty and Babs saved Dick from catching the gay. Poor Tim only had Stephanie. Even her full teen milkers were helpless against queer pandering.

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What did that guy do?

Just write a few comics.

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Did Babs kill that guy? Why?

He was the go-to guy to write a bunch of Babs girl one-shots in the 90's, as well as Cassandra cain's creator. He said he created Cass because he disliked writing Babs in the BTAS comics because he felt she had no proper experience to be a vigilante and not face consequences.
When he wrote about Bab's time as Batgirl for the mainstream universe, the theme is generally that Babs wasn't good enough, she was in over her head, and even though it was fun that she's better off as Oracle.

She was caught by surprise, and is very green and in over her head.

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