>Provide References for all requested characters and keep them to one image/post.
>Keep requests Yea Forums related and keep them concise.
>General OC discussion belongs in "Work on your art" and the Donut Steel threads.
>However, OC requests are allowed as long as they aren't /trash/ material or fanfiction. If it's not /coc/ you must provide a link to the comic or cartoon.
>Be patient and take it easy! Don't forget to check the booru to see if your request was filled.
>Drawfriends, don't hold back.
>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.
>Keep art critique short, otherwise take it to the Batman thread.
>No one is entitled to a request delivery.
>Don't bump or "second", "third", etc. requests. They eat up the post limit.
>Don't fight spam with spam.
>No begging.
>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10 at bump limit.
>Have fun!

>Collection of Deliveries:

>Drawfriends Gallery List:
rentry DOT co SLASH txf8t

NSFW deliveries and requests should be posted in:
or Previous thread:

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Requesting Marco Diaz, non-princess hair style, wearing the leotard and ribbons outfit on the right and having that same reaction.

Attached: AY OJON.jpg (876x920, 196.61K)

Requesting Anne, Sasha and Marcy (Amphibia) joining these 3 girls from Fairly OddParents in a huge bed.

Attached: B736F96F-8796-46FE-A634-2909F6102227.png (2201x3451, 3.73M)

Requesting Canyon juggling boulders.

Attached: tumblr_one2nfYypx1t0t09yo3_1280.png (1280x760, 280.11K)

Requesting Minerva from The Wicked and the Divine dancing.

Attached: minerva_dancing.jpg (2471x1199, 1.84M)

coomers die

seethe and cope and die shitting yourself mad, baby

Requesting a modern take on Queen La from The Legend of Tarzan. My concept is Queen La as a CEO or entertainment star, with her Leopard Men acting as her bodyguards.

Attached: Queen La - Reference.jpg (1692x1556, 3.14M)

Requesting any of the Shiho Yoshimura images on the left with Willow Park of The Owl House.

Attached: Shiho Yoshimura.jpg (5768x2808, 2.25M)

requesting maggie fusion

Attached: MaggieSquaredPesky.jpg (1831x759, 351.45K)

Requesting Doofenschmirtz and Reagan on a date

Attached: 8E508EE2-BAF4-4876-9071-ADFCF20B85CE.jpg (1280x656, 207.6K)

Requesting Duo Damsel being cute using her powers to take a selfie with herself

Attached: Duo Damsel.png (2111x808, 2.27M)

Requesting Arthur Morgan punching Jasper in the face.

Attached: a0e.png (1848x1070, 2.06M)

Requesting Priya Mangal, from Turning Red, in the same pose and wearing the same swimsuit as in the image on the right. Just change the DADDY to a MOMMY on her top there.

Attached: Priya Mangal.jpg (1948x1520, 560.11K)

Requesting Finn marrying and bridal carrying Betty while she flirts with him, causing him to blush and smile back.

Attached: finnettymarriage.png (1256x503, 438.52K)

Requesting a picture of Princess Star Butterfly taking a selfie with Emperor Belos

Attached: ThouShaltNotSufferAWitchToLive.png (1200x1250, 1.36M)

no one will draw your shit request

Requesting Andrea Benton aka Mania, using her symbiote to make her breasts and hips grow bigger while in costume. A bit similar to this reference:

Attached: mania.jpg (1800x1012, 346.14K)

funny how the keep on drawing them
funny that :)

>Yea Forums
>not drawing while horny
lol You're way in over your head, Yea Forums. Why even make the switch to this board?

Requesting Little Bill slipping pills in Caroline's drink.

Attached: imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-bu3nY31VeJ6.jpg (3618x1440, 1.29M)

Requesting someone finish any of these Ben and Gwen rough sketches I found.

I don't have the source, so if you know it that also works because then I can just check if the artist finished them.

Attached: maese591-A4.jpg (933x1128, 141.15K)

No offense to Spoe, absolutely fine pinup, but garbage drawthread op from a faggot op, Only good thing about this dog shit of a new thread is it'll be ready for saturday chads and their requests.

so try hard

Requesting The Beyonder trying out the Beyond Burger to see just how ‘beyond’ it really is.
Dialogue is up to the drawfriend.

Attached: 203471DD-81AD-4A8B-9583-F02BCBFAB155.jpg (3953x2350, 1.76M)

Requesting Hayley Smith (from American Dad) and Amy Wong (from Futurama) dressed as Ryuko and Satsuki respectively fighting each other

Attached: hayley-ryuko-amy-satsuki.png (2064x1530, 2.02M)

So what's with this new thread "lore"? Why are we being raided?


Yea Forums refugees. Something must've went down over there, so know they're here. They don't even seem to enjoy cartoons or comics. Which to be fair to them, it's not out-of-character for a Yea Forums poster.

requesting a gyaru power girl

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Requesting Bebop and Rocksteady dressed and playing golf.

Attached: golf goons.jpg (1024x768, 135.06K)

Requesting that DUMMY THICC school nurse from Invader Zim wearing that Trick-or-Treatment outfit on the right.

Attached: zim nurse.jpg (3476x1524, 1.13M)

>enjoying cartoons
>100% coomer requests

Told you. Yea Forums being Yea Forums. They spent a life not enjoying games, so I figure that they're here to not enjoy comics and cartoons.

He's got a point.

/r/ make her fat looking like a pumpkin

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bump for this draw anons

Unless it's anime. And before anyone corrects me, I get that Yea Forums is a different board, but over at Yea Forums, there are some animefags.

Requesting a remake of this scene from Futurama with Skeets in place of Fry and Buggle in place of Leela

Attached: E640CF97-2743-450E-91CB-5E1C37C5D7B7.jpg (1665x1013, 570.85K)

It's funny that you think you matter, and even funnier that you think you can enact any kind of change, when Yea Forums-related shit literally more coomer-bait heavy than anything in any video game. Keep on keeping on, though. This is turning into a high comedy bit.

Yea Forumsoomer reqs have been what make these threads 98% of the time so if you think there's any difference.
you're fucking retarded.

Requesting Bridgette from Close Enough dressed as Satsuki from Kill la Kill

Attached: bridgette as satsuki.png (898x840, 567.2K)

Requesting Shezow but a fembot. Any style of bot you think fits better.

Attached: FRb6vD1aMAEsla.jpg (2408x3168, 1.16M)

Requesting the meme on the bottom with an emaciated Yea Forums-tan on the floor, looking up to a fat and jolly Yea Forumsnrad looking down at him smugly.
Just Yea Forumsnrad is fine, but if you want to draw him with like Panda Delgado and Gwen Tennyson both next to him mocking Yea Forums, that's cool too.

Attached: lel.jpg (894x1682, 433.37K)

The irony of all this is Yea Forums drawthreads allow straight up porn requests yet they are here complaining about cheesecake requests. Fix your own house before talking about others.

Requesting Evil Stewie (cosplaying as Reverse Flash) saying to Stewie (cosplaying as Flash): "Remember when your dog Brian got hit by a car and died? It was me, Stewie. I was the one to kill your worthless dog!"

Attached: imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-Vx2KSBa5auV.jpg (2485x700, 609.66K)

Why include just telling it like it is.
And I say that as someone with WAY more cheesecake/pinup/lewd deliveries than "wholesome" ones.

Requesting an user taking a photo of Penny Desiree booty while she smiles and gladly strikes a pose.

Attached: spooky.png (3179x1286, 2M)

Requesting Care Bear/Care Bear Cousin takes on different Yea Forums boards. A representative for Yea Forums, Yea Forums, etc.

Attached: care bears and care bear cousins.png (1233x1167, 2.51M)

Requesting Agustin and Felix supporting Abuela's massive tatas

Attached: Madrigals.png (3405x1981, 3.96M)

Requesting human Slappy wearing the outfit on the left.

Attached: Slappy Slutgirl.png (1580x1086, 1.05M)

Requesting She-Ra doing the jacko challenge.

Attached: she-ra jacko.png (1811x1995, 2.34M)

Requesting Venus sewing on a leg, like this.

Attached: venus sewing kit.png (1158x1267, 1.95M)

Requesting Triana dressed as Raven.

Attached: Triana Raven thing.jpg (2345x2091, 700.9K)

Requesting Chloe Barbash from Bob's Burger dressed up like Mirabel from Encanto.

Attached: 20220427_095350.jpg (1034x1080, 438.08K)

Requesting Dani Fenton/Phantom working at Tomboy Outback.

Attached: tomboy outback dani fenton.png (2374x1940, 3.44M)

Requesting Holly and Selina as stocking/pantyhose masked bank robbers.

Attached: SH Team.png (778x886, 1.1M)

Requesting Starfire dressing up in Gadget’s clothing (Eureka 7) like in the reference.

Attached: CD998F25-1D81-45A3-835E-59DE9B2A2C52.jpg (1109x1296, 210.43K)

Requesting Samantha Argus like the bottom ref.

Attached: samar.jpg (596x1256, 235.22K)

Requesting Mayday (As Spider-Girl) and Benjamin Parker re-enacting the right image.

Attached: Mayday and Benji.png (1296x683, 1.08M)

Requesting this meme with the classic Thundercats girls.

Attached: thundertea.png (1146x1533, 1.44M)

Requesting Otis from Back at the Barnyard shooting milk out of his udders at hypervelocity.

Attached: FATWv71XEAM-dBX.jpg (703x395, 37.38K)

Requesting Cassandra Cain as a traditional ninja.

Attached: vhk2hdgR_400x400.jpg (400x400, 48.87K)

Requesting Karai with big bewbs.

Attached: karai bewbs request.jpg (517x349, 56.14K)