Meilin's driving me crazy, when will she be home?

Meilin's driving me crazy, when will she be home?

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>Mei your antics caused the planes to crash! You're lucky i had to convince the government jerk offs to blame it on some middle easterners! You're in big trouble young lady!
Did not expect such level of thematic intensity from this film


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Give her a hug.

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After going through the last thread, the blu-ray features, interviews, and the Art of Turning Red, I've had a schizo breakdown which has revealed to me the movie's entire original plot.

>Ming was more outwardly abusive to her daughter and husband, which they said they deleted because it made people uncomfortable
>the pandas were violent and uncontrollable by nature, even causing Mei to nearly disembowel her dad
>Lily was Ming's sister, as well as Mei's favorite relative and the one who taught Mei all her catchphrases and influenced her personality and behavior
>Lily's daughter was a trans man who acted more like Ming
>Ming and Lily were said to be best friends but something "changed" and they never spoke again (Ming trying to kill their mother)
>their kids are rivals for most of the movie but the male panda, Leo, is revealed to be a 4townie and teaches Mei how to use pressure points to control their mutations and becomes her friend
>Mei's friends, her aunt Lily, and her cousin all finally give her the strength to disobey Ming and stand up to her
>Ming transforms and attacks the concert as normal, but Mei's hate and anger drive her to also grow into a giant monster and they have a kaiju battle from the SkyDome to the CN Tower
>when temporarily in the afterlife, Mei's encounter with young Ming carries more meaning because she also lost control and hurt her mother after becoming a giant panda
>Mei realizes she's followed in Ming's footsteps almost identically and wants to break the cycle
>reunites the family, makes peace between Lily, Ming, and Wu, while also being the first to learn to fully control and bond with her spirit guardian, and stops the generational trauma

Looking for more references to flesh this out but I think we're on the right path.

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Also I suspect the shackles on pressure point forcing you back to human form thing would probably come up. Maybe Mei stopped Ming by ripping a huge part of the tower off and snapping it on Ming's wrist. Maybe that's why they were in a sort-of purgatory at the end, because they fell from a large height.

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>>Lily's daughter was a trans man who acted more like Ming
What the hell? Where did this come from? Sounds awful.

Only women get the panda curse and Lily mentions birthing a daughter. They wanted a lot of LGBT characters but cut all of them. Probably the right move since they caught enough controversy without them.

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they should have donated that money to the 9-11 victims

>and Lily mentions birthing a daughter
In the original script, or the finalized one? Because the two things do not mutually coincide. I'm not sure how you came to this particular assumption. But as to the rest of it, I admit if that were the original script, that'd be pretty hardcore. It's no wonder it had to be toned down.

However, it's very common for original ideas and storyboards to go all out and really push the boundaries, and then dial it back. It's an abidance of "you can always cut a little more, but you can't uncut". Or something like that.

I don't know. With some exceptions and changes here and there, this is actually a version I'd really like to see, if only for the novelty alone. I do like the anger=size concept.

The blu-ray will also have a commentary track, so that'll be useful.

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Thanks for the write-up
Sounds just awful, glad basically everything changed

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Would you rather the sequel be:
>a prequel following Ming's menarche
>a direct sequel either a year later or in high school
>Mei is the mom now in the modern day
>a story completely unrelated to the Canadian Lee branch

turning red beer when?

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i don't know, but we have red koolaid

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haha what if the bitchy karen was a giant werewolf and yelled at you while you were helpless
wouldn't that be funny haha

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Well if she wasn't so damned cute we wouldn't have this issue

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>Mei-Mei means sister
>she originally was a sister

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>Dude, wanna crash the mall?

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I really need to take more screenshots from the 4K rip.

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Which one are you going to get, if any?

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literally me after refreshing Yea Forums all day and no panda thread then suddenly one appears

Top left looks best

I would love to get one but I don't even have a dvd player.

Does your computer have a disc drive? I think most game consoles also have them built in.

So why did they settle with a red panda, literally one of the dumbest beasts in existence?

Literally could have used any other animal, could have even used a chinese dragon. But they chose a cute cuddly animal that isn't even remotely threatening even when Kaiju-fied.

The dragon was already done with raya :/

It's not a real red panda, it's sort of like a demon or a ghost that functions like a werewolf.

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So it's a naruto ripoff because the director probably watched it back in the early 00s?


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oh yeah I almost forgot that I have a PS4

Actually, did Naruto have sealing artifacts for their demons? I only remember the tattoo on Naruto's belly.

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in the movie, lily mentions having a kid when at dinner, the grandma mentions her disdain for the number 4 and lily tells the story of how she delayed her due date so her kid wouldn't be born on the 4th

No, they all had to be sealed in people because an object prison could be worn down from within but a living container would heal and grow stronger instead.

trapping half your soul (panda) in a gemstone puts it in stasis
trapping half your soul in a video game thing keeps it "alive"

>cringe lyric on screencaps user got to make the new panda thread
cringe but proud of you

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I love him even if he posts all his creations on reddit first

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What do YOU want?

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Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order?

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I want the replica so bad but it's so rare and over 30 dollars.

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>everything i dont like is paid content
Fuck off

Yeah, I'll take 1 double quarter pounder, no mustard, extra pickles. Small fries. Just water. What would you like? Oh, he said he'd like an Oreo McFlurry. You guys still have that, right? Oh, and a medium soda for him.

I don't have a Blu-ray, so whatever DVD version will probably be fine.

>cute cuddly animal that isn't even remotely threatening even when Kaiju-fied

That's kind of the idea, right?

Because it's Sun Yee's favorite animal. Get off her back.


Someone post the edit where Mei's drawing Ming Lee in her notebook instead of Tyler

Uhhh so I got my food, but you guys forgot I wanted a DOUBLE quarter pounder. There's only one patty on here. Can you make another? Also, where's your bathroom?

Five- errr, FOUR tickets to "The Bad Guys", please

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>isn't even remotely threatening
Imagine, sitting in a massive arena, having the time of your life, as slowly bigger and bigger earthquakes start happening. As if they're getting closer. Suddenly, massive claws tear through the dome behind your head, effortlessly shredding the reinforced steel like paper, and throwing the several tons of scrap to the side. A terrifying drooling maw filled with sharp teeth forces its way into the hole, and roars something. You're not sure what because your eardrums burst from the power of the creature's roar, leaving you deafened. You stare panicked as a massive glowing red eye peers into the whole. Then, the remainder of the wall is sieged and destroyed, falling forward onto the audience and outward into the parking lot of the people trying to flee. Innocents are killed as the incredibly heavy monster forces its way inside and you are one of them, crushed by the mighty paw. Just another victim of a stupid argument between a selfish cub and her overbearing mother. Just another statistic. All you felt in your final moments was terror.

May 28th, never forget that terrible tragedy.

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