Will Anne get Luffy powers?

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Threadly reminder that Sasha and Marcy are secondary characters with at least 5 more important then them and were always intended to be

Sasha thread.
Sasha board.
And as such she gets this checks post.

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Making Marcy abuse post about her favorite fictional character.

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Endgame right here brothers

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Anyone else think that all the focus and emphasis on robots and all this futuristic technology is kind of weird? I kinda wish it just stuck with the medieval magic vibe it had in season 1 and early season 2, the robots could’ve been like magical golems or something. Especially with this literal who final boss robot in the poster.

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Maybe Leif's letters could work like Luthor's letter in Superman Red Son.
It being blank could be something that only Andrias will understand
>I wrote in this letter what your thoudand years old multiversal empire will gave you at the moment of your dead when all your friends will be dead and your slaves ashes: nothing

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is this the same artist as footfag marcy?

Now that's a promo.

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Lesbians = rice cakes
Gay men = Carolina reaper
Straight = nice juicy burger

there is one human that i enjoyed in the la episodes and that is humphrey. his interactions with hop pop were fun to see

Anne looks weird af

you mean because she's looking lovingly at her girlfriend? Seem's normal.

wow how many promo arts we had this week for this episode. we never had so many to outher ones

This is the best one yet

>gazing into each other's eyes
Yeah, I'm thinking Sashanne confirmed

Best bad girls.

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Who is doing the stream. I probably won't get an answer before this implodes into tribal shipfaggotry, but I'm holding hope that at least one person here is competent

Anne's parents are great too, Mr and Jenny are awesome, Molly Jo is super cute, her grandpa seething was funny, Dr Jan and Terri are ok, tech dykes are not completely awful, no idea what those Thai aunts where even doing there tho

Sashannefags really can't stop winning.

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Why are Anna and Sasha eyeball-fucking each other?

we know it's you, Leif. stop posting stupid shit and get back to sucking Viking cock

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this kills the straightfag

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Marcy is the moon. Sasha is the sun.
What is Anne? The Earth?

So they are going to fuck in the living room?

This is a flaw

Bros.. i don't want it to end

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Why, because it throws all the characters in? I think most of the rest are more stylish with cooler art

Chill, everything ends. By now you should be used to that? One thing I love about not being young anymore is that I move on easily.

same bro.

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Sashanne episode tomorrow.

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Because it's a Kingdom Hearts reference.

>Hop Pop
Who’s the 5th character that’s more important than either marcy or sasha?

nah, he's currently doing a Maggie/Mrs Boonchoy comic

You, the player.

Or Amphibia.

user can't count.

>Anne and Sasha the only characters looking directly at each other

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>If I were to equate you to something, you would be the moon.
>Yes, the moon. The moon only shines when there is a sun to reflect. The moon does not glow with its own light... But remember this! The moon's light is a guidepost to those that search in the darkness of the night. A time will come when you will carry out such a role... Sometime in the near future.

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here's another (i posted the image on the dead thread so Yea Forums's not allowing me to do it again)


Anudder promo

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>white moon

Urmehgud Anne losses an eye as well!

>crossing swords
Yeah that's gay as fuck

Oh, I like the posing in this one. Creative.

Promos for this weekend so far

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Niggas calm your fucking flappy tits! Half these are not even from the crew. Sure some look really cool but they mean nothing

So when is Dorky spilling the beans on Marcy being gay?

Darcy surrounded by tentacles like that is making me feel things

Mrs. Croaker

Promos are gay and never mean anything to begin with. I don't get the hype unless it's objectively good art or something.

Won't stop shippers.

Domino 2

Coping this early?

I want Darcy to violate me.

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Hush Devwell.

Why don't you calm down? And yes, they are

Is this guy devwell the new Darrell?

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Soon to be.

>there was an opportunity to be the new KING of these threads
I can't believe I missed it. This Devwell guy must be pretty impressive to dethrone Darrel.

devwell is a guy who visits the threads and is an og sashanne shipper. Though to be fair, I don't think he's as brainrotty as all the other Sashanne bitches I see on discord or twitter or some shit.

Oh, well that's cringe

Sashannefags tend to be pretty crazy though.

No, it's just some yurinigger that got so anal at a hetero thread that he refused to post his mediocre art, pretty cringe. But far from Darrell. Mmm when I phrase it like that Darrel seems more chill i mean he is autistic as fuck but probably wont be throwing hissy fits when he sees something he doesn't like. Incredible to think Darrell is better to hang out with that most of (you)

>The day is saved by the POWER PUFF GIRLS

He is a crazy Twitter tranny. comes here and spergs like an insufferable autist.

No it's a ttgl reference. Marcy's gonna die, for good!

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Darcy better kick their ass and not job this episode.