Based Ben does it again!

Based Ben does it again!

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...based on what?

The Word of God.

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These aren't even interesting. At least post a Stonetoss.

I dunno, but it sure isn't real life

>that Zelenskyy
looks nothing like him. does Ben draw faces from a bunch of templates?

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I like how the Ukraine war just proved the right will turn on the Nazi's as fast as the left did when faced with opposition.

So Ben and other conservatives actually going with the idea Ukraine is full of Nazis and this is a war of freedom?

>half of the military gear sent there gets blown up on the way or captured by the russians
>the half that does get there ends up sold on the black market for pennies
The war is a giant money laundering operation, thank you american tax payer

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So, Putin is paying Ben?

>literally having Biden spell out the "joke", even though the visual pun is very obvious
I knew Zyklon Ben was a hack, but I guess Covid really DOES give you permanent brain damage
Given how he draws Trump as a square-chinned demi-god, it's safe to say he doesn't know how faces work
You'd think Ben would be all for Ukraine, if it's as full of Nazis as Putin simps pretend it is

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Holy fuck can he just go to Russia already? and ask Putin to destroy the world with nuclear bombs if he really hates this world so much

Wait, when Biden pours way too much money into the Military Industrial Complex, he's depicted as having his arm twisted. When daddy Trump donates WAY too much money into the military, he's seen as a bold visionary...

It's almost as if based and biased are only 1 letter different.

OP what do you think of this situation? Because I know that you must say based Ben does it again at the beginning

The American Right's Putin worship may be a higher priority than Nazi worship, or maybe it's just more socially acceptable for now.

>to the last ukrainian!

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Arm isn't blown off by a drone-dropped grenade, not realistic.

>made up CGI vid

I love multiculturalism

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Wow how surprised am I that MIGAniggers are pro-Russia, never saw this one coming, golly gee

>believing the Ukraine Nazi shit
how sad

Racism outside of Yea Forums

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Chechens are fighting on both sides

>Why do we spend so much in war when we could use that money to provide better healthcare, food or jobs for people here
>Fuck you Nazi we need to go to war to kill Putin
Greener destabilization mind control has been successful

At least he'll have a nice home/blacksite to retire to when Ukraine falls

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Didn't Trump do the opposite and cut back in military spending?

Дo Mocквы

>MIGAniggers are janny dicksuckers
no mind no thoughts no independence they just do whatever the authority tells them to do

no? where the fuck did you get that idea?
this trump is anti-war psyop has gotten out of hand.


Hecking Zelenzkino is a war hero like Captain America

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Дo пocлeднeгo хoхлa.

Лaхтa cocaть.

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You are right. For a moment i thought it was Hunter Biden!

Much obliged, any other good stuff Western media is trying to bury?

user I don't know if you're either ignorant or dishonest but I recall one of the few times the mainstream media was nice about Trump was when it looked like he would escalate things in Syria.

My hands look like this so hers can look like this

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>be russian operative
>find zelenksy
>cum your pants in minutes
>he gets away before you reclaim your senses

The right is literally dick sucking Putin hard and going "YEAH TEACH DEM NAZI SCUM BAGS WHUT FOR PUTIN" while Putin literally calls it Denazification.
>Inb4 jew controlled 4D chess Putin is actually fighting the jews
He called it Denazification. His words. Russia seethes because they live in their head rent free. At best he is a pawn like Azov just to kill more people and displace slavs into Europe.

Conservatives are against National Socialism you retards. They're just liberals twenty years out of date.

he did escalate things in syria. and afghanistan. and africa. and tried to do the same in china.
Once again, this trump is anti-war psyop is really getting out of hand.

Does he know Putin started this war and not Biden ? aAnd ignoring what he's doing and taking over countries one by one is how World War 2 started?

No, you must be thinking of when he withheld money earmarked for Ukrainian defense to extort Ukraine's assistance with the presidential election.

May 9 parade in Moscow is Ukrainian Abrams after turning the Kremlin to rubble let's go boys

I knew all of the bad stuff Zelensky has done because my best friend is Russian with family on Ukraine and he told me all the nice jokes and shit of Zelensky and other Ukraine's problem. Nevertheless I support Ukraine and Zelenskys leadership
Ukrainian channels confirmed the information

"More than a thousand soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard are doomed to death near the Oskol reservoir in the Kharkiv region. The command refused to release the units of the 1st brigade of the NSU, which had previously tried to advance on Izyum. The Russian army has pressed them to the water and is methodically destroying them"
Зeмля гoвнoй

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Nigger Russia has the largest Muslim population in Europe, this "Russia is a haven for whites" narrative is bizarre


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>trump isn't pro russia shut the fuck up!
>but if he is then it's for the sake of diplomacy!
>well he's complimenting putin on his invasion of Ukraine but but
>it's just to kill the nazis! we've always hated the nazis!
>why aren't you guys supporting russia?!

Isn't Russia basically a right state with all the anti-gay pro family stuff?

>Z in the channel name
Russian propaganda bullshit

>Biden gave 33 billion to Ukraine yesterday
ameribros, from where does your goverment takes all that money?

They also have a high divorce rate, high HIV rate and 2% church attendance and are run by kikes lol

that means the vaccine's working

>american goes over to ukraine to teach them how to actually use the gear they sent them
>friendly fire
>because of a technicality insurance won't cover it

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I came here from /k/ to make fun of you for coping.

I noticed some foreign languages. Can someone tell me what that is?

go die with your fellow reddit trannies

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Transparent subhuman shills, there's even an unironic link to Incel Smegma Z and has russian text in it

Most European and North Americans support Ukraine.

this is one of the most piss poor attempts at demoralization I've seen yet. I think they're running out of steam lads

>I came here from reddit-with-guns to cope

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if I wanted to get killed i'd become a Russian general.


Mix of ironic and actual rightwing retards.
Almost guaranteed with some kind of coordinate attack given how pro Putin and anti America it all is

>>I came here from reddit-with-guns to cope

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Nobody gives a shit about slavic slapfights.

>right state
>anti gay
Literally everyone east of Poland and below the equator is anti gay.

Post sugar and flagship

your god has told you to inject bleach and take your dewormer pills, do what you're told and come home little MIGAnigger

Most people in Europe and North America considered ukrainians white. Only not see junk science considered them not.

Could you rephrase that question into English?


Didn't know a simple photoshop got vatniks this assblasted

Most of these aren't me, but I'm proud of the ones that are.

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>(((radio liberty)))

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>A guy in a tee shirt
I wish Trump boomers actually were the fascists histrionic leftists think they are.

You mean u/k/raine?
You fags don't even own guns yourselves.

It's sad that this meme became popular, it's like an admission that your opinions are formed through wholesale contrarianism rather than reasonable opposition to individual issues.

>different filename on almost every one
awwwe the little newfag was so excited to belt out this little trick too. nice try though. shame it got you so butthurt you had to look it up in the first place

>dewormer pills
So we shouldn't use the nobel prize winning medicine that actually is more effective against covid than the useless vaccines?


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So we should stop sending money to Israel and cut our military budget in half, right?

Whatever we are, we terrify the vatniks. We're the one board that they can't shill even a little bit, probably because most of the users watched the OG happening back in 2014.

It's funny as shit watching you niggers try to damage control. It's like watching a cat try to bury a turd on a tile floor. Nothing works and you're just blindly mashing away.

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no, you should. it's unironically working out exactly the way everyone else wants it too

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Hungary is making sure more of its young people are leaving to the west?

trumpbros told me that science is cucked and nobel prizes don't matter. wtf.... i don't know what to believe anymore

That's why people at Trump rallies are hiveminding support for Hungary.
>he's british

>Whatever we are, we terrify the vatniks
No one is afraid of larpers that don't own a bb gun let alone a rifle

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Le Pen won. YWNBAW

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