What are Yea Forums's thoughts regarding Surge the Tenrec?

What are Yea Forums's thoughts regarding Surge the Tenrec?

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All depends on issue 50, they better fucking deliver, she’s been fine so far but hasn’t had the chance to interact with anyone but starline/kit

I think this is one of those rare occasions where most of Yea Forums will agree with most of /mlp/ that IDW is shit and should burn in hell for what they did.


She looks like she enjoys getting anal

Is she a lesbian or not? I hear rumors Sega will only allow gay characters on IDW OCs unless they get popular.

She can be whatever you want, she's been brainwashed so much her original personality is probably mush. People do make jokes about her cucking Sonic because of her hateboner for him.

Amy needs a win. Why not the fake Sonic?

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Cheap knock-off of Scourge, the Hedgehog.

No one gives a fuck about Courgette the Shithog any more.

Surge > Scourge

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She's definitely a new IDW Sonic villain with a "tragic" backstory.

I do

Well, IDW has been hyping her finally meeting Sonic

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Hope you see this user. Not sure if it's what you imagined but hope it's not too bad.

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Cute design
Fun personality
Sad Backstory
Almost make me want to read Sonic comics.

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>"I understand you're angry but friendship is really great!"
>Surge becomes good or runs away for later use
You know it's going to happen.

the fuck did they do

The IDW horse comics weren't well received beyond the first arc.

made for Ryona while kit watches

Not bad!
I actually had another artist approach me asking to draw him too so when they get that to me I'll drop it ITT so there can be a compare and contrast!
Also, a bit of Bonus Lore!
The reason he seems to come from nowhere and have no past is because something wiped his entire village off the map as a child and somehow destroyed his memories of his life before his village was obliterated, leaving nothing but vague sensations of loss and something being missing that caused his personality to form the way it did.

This only changes after he gets blasted with the Energy of the Diamond Chaos Emerald, with the Jet Gauntlet he invents after touching it being based off of a memory of his father, and knocking a few more of his old memories loose.

Oh no, she now has the lesbianism.

She looks like the type who calls blue hedgehogs faggot but for some reason you'll catch her walking out the front door of his home the next morning.

Sonic looks like a villain in this cover.

in Surge's mind he pretty much is

>Almost make me want to read IDW
After seeing the cover it has peaked my interest as well. If it sticks the landing I'll binge IDW Sonic.

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>kidnapped and mind controlled to be the copy of someone else
>no past beyond fighting
>rebelled against the status quo
>wants to tear it all down because petty factions ruined her life
Fuck, she's a Metal Gear villain.

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She will trip and she will stumble,
She's got nothing on ROUGH AND TUMBLE!

What are the odds she "dies" via superpowered electrical explosion?

Extremely unlikely.

She looks nothing like a tenrec...

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What do you think she sounds like?

I doubt they'll kill her off, too popular. And if you actually mean that she """dies""" that way, yeah there's a chance. Maybe it will prompt Kit to leave on his own to cope.

and sonic looks nothing like a hedgehog, your point?

jersey accent

I think stereotypical tomboy voice but raspier and with a fast cadence.
Also, might I add, black/wigger accent considering she uses a lot of "yo"s and "t'choo"s

It's very deliberate framing.


Do any new characters have actual last names and not just "the whatever"? Are Amy and Eggman the only ones?

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>sonic: i'm sorry, who the fuck are you?

Tails of course. Also Lanolin is just Lanolin and not Lanolin the Sheep.

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Maybe? Either way, Eggman's costume looks good on everyone.

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I haven't been reading IDW Sonic, but this animation made me fall in love with her


>Miles "Tails" Prower
>Charmy Bee

Headcanon: the mobians (or whatever they're called now) with last names are the ones who live close to human civilization. Amy used to live in Station Square, Tails was probably close to a sciency place to learn engineering, etc.

>last thread talking about people making Sonic OCs
>despite being a wee little lad that loved Sonic and made a bunch of OC for different series (even keeping one to this day but altering him to the point where he's a different guy besides design and the fact that he uses a sword)
>never made a Sonic OC
how strange

Holy shit how did I forget Tails.

When I was a lad I played MMOs on RP servers so all of my OCs were for those

why do only some sonic character wear clothes?

Unironically looks like a deviantart OC

Amy was disappointed by Sonic's actions last arc (metal virus was mostly his fault) so this might happen. IDW Sonic is a self-righteous idiot who refuses to take responsibility for his screw-ups and shift blame.

If she humiliates Shadow like my boy Metal then she'll be perfect.

Appearance-wise she's based on a popular OC who's actually a glitch in Sonic 2 that made his color palette look like that.

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will they do the same with Tails?

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So cree summer

She reminds me A LOT of Fink from OK KO.

He cute

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she'll abandon starline and go on a self discovery journey after which she'll become an anti-hero, she's pretty much female shadow

Anything eh~

Seeth harder fag. Coomers pay the bills.

>character has been in 4 issues so far, hasn't gone through her main arc yet and has had no time to accomplish anything

Eat shit and die.

Let me guess, still salty about the Scourge comic getting cancelled.

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I've only read one issue with her in it, but she makes me feel funny when she bullies Kit.
I'm unironically pissed that they canceled it, imagine the edge-kino we could've gotten.

Lead by example.