Whats with this recent trend to demonise Thomas and Martha Wayne in all new Batman media

whats with this recent trend to demonise Thomas and Martha Wayne in all new Batman media
where did this trend even start?

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Rich people are inherently immoral.

hes a billionaire dipshit
even in the original batman movie he was purposefully gunned down for being thomas wayne

Imagine watching new batman media.

it seems like just about everything that could have been done with Batman as a concept has been done
thats what happens when your still pushing a almost 90 year old character, eventually the only way to tell new stories is by adding unnecessary twists to established canon
i cant wait until the Jonathan Kent gets turned into a war criminal and Ben Parker used to be a gigolo

Nu52? I've seen it in the Long Halloween - Selina Kyle as Falcone's kid thing also accompanies the "Thomas Wayne saves Falcone" thing.

>"Thomas Wayne saves Falcone" thing.
That's never felt like something to demonise Thomas tho, just to show that he follows his code as a doctor.

On the Long Halloween it was the other way round, it was shown as Wayne's absolute fidelity to his oath as a medical practitioner to save lives.

Rich people bad, unless u batman

The telltale series game iirc, he was an antagonist who had ties to Falconeand mayor Hill. Thomas laundered the money and legalized many of the operations.He used the Arkham Asylum to convict people, one of them being Penguin's mom, and then took control of their land and money to make himself and the others even richer.

just stealing from Flashpoint joker-martha

Because Rich people are just evil okay. It doesn't matter that they're taxed revenue goes to fund your welfare programs. It doesn't matter their charity goes to help those in need. It doesn't matter that they are literally writing your paycheck and creating the industry that keeps you employed. They're just evil kay?

most of them kinda are. otherwise i wouln't have to live among degenerates fags and niggers in the global concentration camp

Recent? Wasn't there a story back in the days of O'Neil that established Thomas as the sort of hands off, tough love father who despised Bruce for crying too much? The same one which involved Bruce falling into a cave, and was partly incorporated into Batman Begins.

a new generation of people with daddy/mommy issues is getting into the business.


It makes Batman to realize vengeance autism isn’t the way to go

dismantling of the family model

rich white man bad.

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>It doesn't matter their charity goes to help those in need

A lot of rich people's charity is just tax write-offs and not funding soup kitchens and homeless shelters. A lot goes to the arts, sports teams and other cultural pursuits, and half goes to education and healthcare.


Seems that the upper middle and upper class boys of this generation feel the need to offer a token apology for their predecessors wealth while twisting it into it still being ok that they keep their money

Art schools are pretty much daycares for rich kids who couldn't even cut it in business school much less a trade

Or, you know, media no longer is interested in perpetuating the myth that my mommy and daddy were always perfect.

The fact that the Waynes died so young and Bruce never had any chance to witness their faults is a good opportunity to showcase how we have this thing where we blindly venerate the dead and how that's stupid. Your mom could be a nice pwesoyand still have a side that made her a cunt. Your dad could have play catch with you every Sunday and then fuck his secretary on the side and be a horrible drunk. And that's okay. Part of being an adult is to accept these things.

And in fiction where you have billionaire heirs, it is beneficial to actually address the fact that all billionaires didn't just "work hard" like the American myth wants you to believe. They cheated, stole, exploited and broke laws to get to that point. Jeff Bezos is so fucking rich because the working conditions at Amazon warehouse and delivery are so fucking inhumane you have to shit in bags and pee in bottles because you cannot take bathrooms breaks unless you want to get written up and fail to meet your quota. Bill Gates is an asshole robber byron who hanged out with Jeffrey Epstein and is the reason the patents on the covid vaccines were not waved temporarily so that the entire world could manufacturer them as need be.

mum being kind of a bitch to the help and dad being unfaithful are not exclusive traits to the 1%

and the latest push doesn't really seem to get into the real meat of the reason how billionaires got that wealthy or to really go into class politics as much much as lets just make the waynes look like assholes

It can be done well but it isn't...

Bunch of faggots

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Because if people where genuinely nice and good people the writers would only have themselves to blame for their own failings, and SJW can't ever accept personal responsibility.

How much of Batman have you read? Do you know of the Arkham families? Do you know about Solomon Wayne?

>doesn't matter that they are literally writing your paycheck
You think they're doing it out of the kindness of their hearts? lmao

>mum being kind of a bitch to the help and dad being unfaithful are not exclusive traits to the 1%

I didn't say that. But comics tend to just paint the Waynes as pure saints, because uh Batman can't have parents with flaws. And that is dumb. There is no reason why Waynes can't be depicted as rich assholes to other adults but who did still love their son genuinely. That's fairly accurate depiction of rich people. They care about family and don't give a fuck about others.

There's a reason why Batman comics are si eager to focus on Thomas being a doctor instead of a CEO, because who hates doctors. Similarly there's a reason why nobody wants to really focus on Martha, because rich wives tend to be considered to be vain bitches in pop culture and mother/son relationships mostly get depicted as combative when there is a bigger focus on them.

This thread just shows me that Yea Forums doesn't actually read comics.

It's not my fault comics are more agenda driven than when they were paid war propaganda I just want to see Batman and Superman do retarded shit

It's because it's not Yea Forums but /pol/, and they don't understand that to rich white people, they are worse than n*ggers. They will cry and moan whenever its accurately portrayed that the rich white people controlling this world is evil.

Why would billionaires stick around in a shithole like gotham? Why is gotham such a shithole before all the supervillains?

You're the reason jobs are being automated.

>I didn't say that. But comics tend to just paint the Waynes as pure saints, because uh Batman can't have parents with flaws. And that is dumb

Thats fair,

I guess my problem is that I'm not against painting the Waynes as rich asswipes, but after all this time why? and not just standard rich assholes, they have to be involved in human experimentation, or nazis! I could swallow Thomas wayne being a piece of work, but the latest stuff seems over the top

I'm not a tankie like first post but a bunch of rich people are evil. Also very specific groups of rich people are the cause for literally any national/global issue regardless of political stance

Geh it is almost like the only reason the Waynes are still in gotham is because they care and are trying to make it better. They 100% could leave for another city and leave gotham to die.

The Court of Owls

You mean the REDACTED

Because it's actually beneficial and profitable to live in a corrupt place when you're rich. And then there's stuff like muh family roots and pride, we can't abandon our ancestral home. And of course if you grew up rich in a corrupt place you kinda get conditioned to accept it instead of being repulsed and wanting to run away because you think that's how the world works. Gotta grease those wheels to get anything done, etc. The Wayne charities can easily be seen as liberal guilt and trying to buy redemption with charity.

Beware the Court of Owls, that watches all the time,
Ruling Gotham from a shadowed perch, behind granite and lime.
They watch you at your hearth, they watch you in your bed.
Speak not a whispered word about them, or they'll send the Talon for your head.

Read some actual batman comics not woke SJW crap of today. Wayne's nearly purged Gotham of all corruption before their death. And Batman eliminated basically all crime and made Gotham one of the greatest cities in the world.

Intelectuals can't stand that people are far richer than them

Millionaires do all of that stuff you described. Billionaires are psychopaths who hoard most of the burger national wealth by not spending it on anything. You know, like how money was designed to be used.

Subverting expectations.

Oh wow, I havent seen a post this naive in a while.

>Why would billionaires stick around in a shithole like gotham? Why is gotham such a shithole before all the supervillains?
the first question answers the second, the second question answers the first.

All we need to know about Thomas and Martha is that Bruce loved them. Any writer who wants to complicate that relationship is a hack.

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Telltale started it


I don't like that they keep trying to make Thomas a politician.

Cheap drama for the dark knight to brood about and that's it

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Because they're rich. New york sucks unless you're wealthy it's the same deal in real life.

It's based on NYC, where the rich stuck around even during the worst time. People have a weird attachment to that city.

He 'almost' made a deal withe falcons to assassinate someone, he had connections with the mob, and his fund to save the city actually bank rolled all other crime and corruption. If he wasn't outright bad, he was retarded and incompetent.


Changing social attitudes in the United States, user.
Here’s something. Let’s nix politics, forget the “eat the rich” stuff (though that does play in)
We still live in the time when Epstein Island happened. One thing Epstein and Weinstein basically spelled out is that even the good people weren’t totally clean because they still did business with slimey figures like that while fully knowing what he was like.
The recent changes in Thomas reflects that kind of thing as well. In this movie especially, Thomas was a good man who wanted to protect his wife. He didn’t want anyone dead. In the movie, he only got wrapped up with this crowd because he tried to save a life. It should also be noted that we live in a time where it’s a known fact that even the most noble charities like St Jude’s and Red Cross take blood money from the fucking mafia.
The corruption of the Renewal fund happened after his death, yet this also happened because he knew and associated with this crowd.
The whole idea with Thomas in this movie is to demonstrate that bad apples poison the barrel. He was a good man in a situation that forced him to act in an evil manner. That’s typically how actual corruption works. Most of the big corrupt businessmen or government figures started out as good people who wanted to change things or innovate, but were slowly beaten down and broken by the systems they entered.
The media of our time reflects that, thus Thomas Wayne was changed to reflect that. You’ll notice in this movie in particular, he’s ultimately held up as a good man who was still worth fighting for

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You don't become a billionaire without fucking over millions of people.

thomas wayne being naive about how to save gotham actually works in the movie's favor since it means Bruce can learn from his mistakes.

New York is literally turning into Gotham again. Shit is out of control.

If anything the movie went out of its way to keep Thomas Wayne a good guy whose crime was being naive that a murderer would murder and caring about his crazy wife. The tragedy is that his legacy was corrupted from something for good to something for crime.

Gotham was never New York, it's a city in Jersey and there are tons of cities in Jersey that never stopped being Gotham.