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>surely if we make all our legacy characters suck people will start liking our new characters more
Actually I think I'll just not read any new comic ever.

prime warned us, no one listened

what is the context for this? When did she even have time to make kids and for them to grow up to the point they can walk and talk?

Isn't this their 20th break up? They even got back together when the devil broke them up.

We don't know yet. The new run opens with a six-month timeskip, and all of Peter's supporting cast are mad at him. I hope you like mystery boxes.

>I hope you like mystery boxes
I don't even like Spider-Man

>I don't even like Spider-Man
Don' even like spider-man? i dont even like comics

I can't believe MJ gave birth to Hit Girl.

>all of Peter's supporting cast are mad at him
Oh for love of...how long to they plan to keep that shit up? How many fucking times?

The kids will probably be forgotten by the end of the arc, but imagine funny it would be if only the dude was forgotten

And Spider-man starts dating Mary Jane - a single mother

Yes she has two 5 year olds in 6 MONTHS. God Yea Forums is stupid. People are mad about this mystery plot, not fake ass kids

I'm mad that Spider-man is being written by actual cucks.

She started banging another dude in 6 months, if Peter gets back with her he's an idiot.

Hey, I'm all for another separation story arc as long as it's permanent this time.

Yes Peter and MJ willingly broke up, and has nothing to do with the glowing mystery man in the prior issue showing up right after she suggested moving in…..

They're obviously adopted but baited to look like MJ's kids. Use your brain

Oh man everyone loved it when they did that to cyclops and it turned out to be a nothingburger

I stop caring some time ago

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The last time some contrived supernatural force broke them up, it lasted years. Literal years, because it was a stand in for something much more powerful: Joe Quessda’s butthurt.

They bait and switched people over getting them back together for literal years, up until the guy who made Captain America a Nazi showed that he was still the least bad writer Marvel had by deciding this was retarded.

Which only helped until someone even more retarded than him came along.

I don’t think this is lasting years given Nick Lowe’s damage control comments

Tl;dr if it’s a fakeout, it is potentially one that can last for several years anyways and is wholly unwelcome besides.

Even after all the backlash and negative attention and the reveal that it was all a fakeout, Nazi Captain America lasted more than two years. I just don’t give a damn.

I don't care why they broke up.
It can either turn out it's not her or that her and the dude are not banging.

Otherwise Peter Parker is a cuck.

See that’s the real reason people are mad. It’s not the slim possibility of OP’s page being legit, it’s everyone understandably calling out the ruse and having their time wasted

These people are genuinely retarded. Spider-Ock was also neverending and took forever to get back to normal. With constant fakeouts and bait and switches right up to that point.

You don’t care because you cling to your cuckold Shitposting/secret shit fetish so you can spam threads

What comments?

>Drag legacy heroes down to propr newbies up
I can't name a single time in modern media where that has ever worked.

Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle was introduced after one of the stupidest arcs possible, but people actually liked Jaime anyways.

They also took forever to resurrect Otto's character after Peter got back.

No, I dont care because if it's not the case of them not being together the story is already shit.

If Mary Jane and authors self-insert are together the best thing for Spider-man is MJ dying or being forgotten.
Not him taking her back after that

His editor note/entry page in the back of the issue. He basically says “I know you’re all pissed, now just hold on a minute and let us explain…” not exactly a confirmation of a positive outcome but it at least shows self-awareness

You want to list all the men MJ has been with and compare them to the number of women Peter has been with? Because we can do that, and I’m pretty sure Parker is higher

It's not about the number?

It's about the fact that she already found a replacement.

Sure seems a great idea to get her back, such a loyal partner.

Again, my question is how long they’re going to drag it out.

Because Marvel can drag out the stupidest shit for the longest time. This isn’t cynicism, this is basic pattern recognition. They spend years doubling down on doing plotlines nobody wants or needs and then wonder why they’re floundering.

Okay A) Peter has quickly found partners in the past too and B) you’re taking this at face value despite obvious fuckery. If you weren’t such a cuck obsessed fag you’d see that

And then people wonder why comics are dying

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MJ is on the set of her TV show/movie.

>He doesn't start from Amazing Fantasy #15

Were the partners hook-ups or did their adopted children start calling him 'dad'?

Face it or not, there is a big chance Peter was made into a cuck. That's why I'm for sure not reading this shit again.

Right you’ll just be frequently spamming threads, stirring up shitposts, and frequently visiting anyway. Your fetish is trash

Not wanting Peter to get cucked is a fetish?

Hey, if me and a girl break up, she bangs someone else and then wants to get back together, am I 'cuck obsessed' if I don't take her back?

Prime warned us
Alan Moore warned us
Comic books are fucking stupid

You’re a beta obsessed with cucking, claiming he “hates it” despite frequently seeing it everywhere and talking about it. It’s telling

Cool, this is the same thread the third time in 4 days, with the same image (same exif)

Alright dude have fun with Spider-man where they get back together and break-up over and over so MJ can have mkre exes

I'm gonna enjoy content where the love insteret isn't a whore, because I guess I'm obsessed

do you self insert as parker or something kek

No main capeshit comic after 1990 matters anyway. They let the patients run the asylum and they've done nothing but fuck up for decades.

But kids don't grow up in just 6 months.

so you're here to talk about it

Why don't they just go with Peter & Felicia?

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>actual cucks
Modern society is pathetic.

Because she's also a whore.

About the current story arc? No, not at all. It doesn't matter.

What are you two sperging, exactly? You two got mad on someting not happened?

then what

Seeing this I'm glad I stopped reading marvel comics.

Im suprised that the guy who drew the Kick ass comic is still working on marvel

so how you can understand that single panel?

About the fact that main-series cape comics after 1990 just really don't matter. There pretty much no more iconic stories being written, just nonsense that has no impact because death is meaningless and continuity is shot to hell.
So there's no point in being angry about what modern comics have done because they don't matter.
MJ could have given birth on-screen to a half-black half-tentacle-alien child and it wouldn't matter. It's just retarded nonsense.

then you enter threads to say this?

>someting not happened
Actual third worlders defending cuckolding, internet 2022 is amazing.