Gotham City Sirens

>"Get in Loser, We're Going Shopping!"

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real niggas watched gotham girls on the internet

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Gotham Girls had no right being as good as it was, considering it was a webshow

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I miss when Harley was just some blonde lady wearing facepaint. Lame as fuck that they actually went with the "joker pushed her into the same chemical bath that scarred him!!!" origin going forward

Same. Especially because she looked as cute out of costume as she did in it

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Post clussy

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I hate that that dumb origin story has stuck for whatever reason. I guess just wholesale copying the Joker's schtick is more empowering than being a Joker groupie in make-up.

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Never saw this one before. Looks pretty sick.

Any new art?

Any comics you guys picked up recently?

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I miss her and ivy having personality

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Where is my dee dee's at?

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I want to make my own clussy.

Whats better clussy big booty or big tiddy?

Big booty and perky tiddy is the optimal clussy setting

Mine skinny but big titty.

sauce, god fucking damn it.

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Idk, I remember it’s an edit of naruto doing his sexy jutsu

I hereby bless this Yea Forums clussy thread with the official Clown Prince seal of approval

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Thank you, Based Clown

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Is Livewire an honorary siren?

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yes, i want to breed her too

She's hot and she was in Gotham at least once, so yeah.

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What about Roxy?

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selina being friends with these psychopaths will never not be retarded

Not everyone can say they had an orgasm flying over the city on a rocket, so she definately qualifies

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>Alfred asks Bruce what's this liquid on the leg of his Bat suit
>Bruce says "Had some rocket leakage"

On a scale of least to most dangerous to put your penis inside.

They just didn't have any other female batman villains to pair with ivy ad Harley


They honestly didn't even need to add Selina. Harley and Ivy work best as a duo and they tend to have good chemistry going up against super-heroine duos like Batgirl and Supergirl 2-on-2

I really want to fuck Batgirl.

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Which one?

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Pamela only grows the dankest shit.

What did they mean by this?

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That I would work for Ivy if she paid me in weed.

That the Gotham City sirens look sexy together. That or it's an invitation to stick your dick in crazy.

Huhuhuh weed

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small update on my clussy, I posted the left one a few threads back.

sadly, she no longer has the zipper but got a boob window.
She's an intergalactic jester jewel thief.
She steals your heart and jewels.
Maybe an alternative costume with the zipper?
Do you guys got clowns of your own?

Artist is OCA-WORLD and highly recommend them.

Are there any more Powergirl and Harley books?
What's your favorite?
I know harley show loosely follows the comics, I hope to see PG in the show, with racks intact.

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Harley sure is leggy

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