Bond postponed until November

Bond postponed until November

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When was it supposed to release

Mid april

May but it got Corana'd

April 10th

>woke bond
better postpone this shit indefinitely

Only fatality to Corona so far

>thorough evaluation of the theatrical marketplace

Plenty of Time to Edit

More Time to Die
Here's the source. Imo they completely fucked it up and probably cost themselves a hundred mil at the least.
theyre running out of steam from the Billie eillish and marketing funds and this is an unnecessary delay seeing as bond never did that well in China anyway

They know it's going bomb

No Time To Die Another Day

They just screwed a bunch of theaters out of money that were presaleing tickets.

Maybe the Bond producers have some weight to renegotiate the release of a movie, but imagine how many blockbusters are gonna crash and burn this spring

they probably pulled a music artist thing. tons of people like madonna or beyonce or whatever will see the presale tickets are crazy low, then cancel the concert due to "illness" or some other bullshit because cancelling looks better than playing to empty places

Corona will be in full swing worldwide by the time the original release date comes around

>no apology either
uhh thanks?

Probably right. I expect more reshoots and test audiences to start now that they have until November to "fix" it.

just dump it on vod and recast the damn franchise like you shoul've done at least two movies ago


Most bonds release in november so might as well, even though this one took like 5 years to get done