Buddy did nothing wrong

This whole movie could’ve been avoided if Bob had just politely told Buddy the dangers and responsibilities of being a hero instead of just being a dick to him.

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He did and Buddy ignored him.


That's pretty much the whole point of movie - you can turn people into villains by being dick to them.

Bob wasn't a dick though

someone being a dick to you doesn't allow you to become a mass murderer

user, if you were a firefighter and a kid tried running into a burning building bcs he wanted to be a firefighter, would you politely explain the situation to him or grab him and toss him out before he got hurt?

It's hardly "being a dick" to say No to someone and tell them to stop shadowing you. Would you think it dickish if someone decided to break into the White House, start following the president and claiming to be their newest assistant, and the president rightfully had the person hauled off for B&E and unsolicited harassment?

If mr. Incredible and elastigirl had just gone to their fucking wedding then yeah bomb voyage woulda robbed a bank and buddy would probably be dead but it would avoid the supers ban and avoid syndwome

He had the opportunity to stop him before it got to that point when Buddy snuck into Bob's car, instead of taking Buddy seriously and talking him down, he dismissed him and made Buddy want to prove himself like a typical sidekick would

I get OP shitposting about this but you actually seem serious and that's mindboggling to me

You should learn to hold a conversation

While it might have avoided Syndrome's rise, hard to say if it would have avoided the Supers ban as well. That had to have been some kind of powder keg that was about to go off, and the prologue of the movie was the spark that finally set it off. So it's probably fair to say the ban might have still come one way or another.

Buddy isn't owed a seriously talking to. He was just an entitled brat who got rightfully told to fuck off.

by the time he reached adulthood he should have been mature enough to reflect on his actions and realize he was behaving recklessly. It's not Mr Incredible's fault Buddy grew up to be a manchild.

Yes it does.


They're both kind of bad. Buddy had a long history of pestering Bob to be his sidekick and started taking extreme actions while on a fantasy trip. Bob on the other hand could have had a better attitude towards Buddy and handled him better.

Except no

You should learn not to be so weird

He told him no a bunch of times, Buddy wouldn't listen. It was only when Buddy almost got himself killed and forced Bob to give up capturing a supervillain to save him did he finally snap and treat him harshly.

>Bob on the other hand could have had a better attitude towards Buddy and handled him better
When you've been pestered repeatedly and told someone to stop bothering, you don't owe them courtesy any longer. Not like Bob screamed at Buddy until he cried or threatened his family, just told him to fuck off as was properly deserved for being a continued nuisance and hindrance to Bob's work.


And it wasn't even all that harsh. He just asked the cops to make sure Buddy got taken home and wouldn't just keep tailing him (which would have happened, possibly even exposing all the Super identities to Buddy much earlier).

wasn't Buddy still a child at the time?
or am i misremembering it


That's right, Bob didn't treat him seriously and it ended up causing problems for everyone later. Maybe Buddy wouldn't have listened either way, but Bob already had a history of knowing Buddy through his fanclub and could have placated him by offering him "special training" or any number of things to get him off his back instead of leaving Buddy to want to prove himself to his idol

He was a kid, presumably around the same age as Violet, or a bit younger.

Bob didn't owe Buddy shit.
You sound like one of those fucked up people obsessed with a streamer. Stop having parasocial relationships with people who don't even know who you are

Yeah, Bob had no reason to believe that Buddy would form a lifelong vendetta against him and all superheroes and form an evil corporation for the sole purpose of killing superheroes. Buddy was just fucked up and couldn't handle rejection like a normal person.

That's still all on Buddy/Syndrome though, he threw a shit fit because he didn't get his way. Not like Bob knew he would turn out to be such a brat and nearly genocide a subset of people over a petty squabble.

I'm glad you're making all these assumptions about me, but that doesn't mean Bob couldn't have handled the original situation with Buddy in his car in a better way,

It's true, there's no way that Bob knew that this kid was going to end up being an obsessive crazy villain that became hellbent on ruining his life, I'm just saying that that there was a chance that this wouldn't have happened at all, at least at that moment, if Bob hadn't just ejected him from his car after Buddy expressed his desire to become his sidekick


Buddy could have taken the hint. If someone shoos you out the door, it usually means "fuck off", not "please, keep bothering me and endanger yourself"

Literally no.

if buddy was an adult sure you would have a point
but at the time buddy was still a kid
kids don't know shit about boundaries
and as a hero, buddy should've known how to handle kids better


Buddy was a preteen/early teen though, kids at that point are somewhat able to understand when they're being told to go away, either from interactions with other kids or just life experiences up to that point. And besides, Bob was on a tight schedule enough as it was, having to make it to his wedding, and deal with a whole bunch of sudden criminal events. It's honestly amazing he didn't miss the deadline with so much of the shit going on.

Yeah dude

>suicidal person sues heroes for preventing his suicide
>incredibles takes place in early 60s
>suicide was only legal in 18/50 states in 60s
Idk man seems like a lot of coincidences. Suicido shoulda just been beaten by the cops or something

Cope with nope

do you honestly believe kids and teens will 100% listen and comply with adults when said adults yell at them

I 100% empathized with Buddy, Never put anybody up on pedestal.

I doubt it was just that jackass's whining that did the trick. There were probably all sorts of things going on like disgruntled cops who weren't getting paid enough since they were just processing villains dragged in by supers, politicians who likely didn't like the idea of vigilantes who could run around with near impunity and break stuff without suffering consequences, etc. That night in the prologue was just a perfect storm of events from the entitled suicider, the passengers on the train that got injured from the abrupt stop, and the bank that was blown up probably having enough of damage property.

Where were buddy's parents?
>naming your kid buddy
No wonder he became a villain

Bob didn't even yell that much, he just sternly told Buddy to stop pestering him. He's not Buddy's dad, so not like he had to be nice.

Yea dude, his parents hated him!

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People don't even like being called "Buddy".

That's right, pal!

Don't call me Pal, Guy!

Just because you 'don't owe a courtesy' doesn't mean you can't handle situations better or smarter. Like in the above firefighter analogy, you'd at least tell the kid to start studying and pass the test to become one himself. Bob just dismissed him as a fan and seemed to not even read his "scraps of paper", which were probably Buddy's early inventions.

All that said, it's probably some My Hero Academia situation where having no powers just writes a person off for hero work, so Buddy was being straight up denied a route to what he wanted.

If you have no powers you cant be a hero. Inventions are a crutch, what if they break or misfire? The plot

It's clear that Buddy wasn't just any normal preteen/early teen, he's completely immersed in his obsession with Mr. Incredible to the point he was snuck his way into Bob's car without Bob noticing.
Bob didn't owe this kid anything, he doesn't have to be nice and he doesn't have to listen to him, that's true, but if Bob had taken the extra minute to at least listen to this kid and calm him down, especially after seeing him dressed up and saying he'd been training himself to be his sidekick, he could have figured out Buddy's intentions and been able to migrate it in some fashion before it escalated as it did

Boo fucking hoo. Bob literally Buddy nothing. He's not obligated to sit down and tell him anything.

Maybe, but Bob didn't have to since he clearly wasn't interested. Even if he did try, it's always possible Buddy wouldn't have listened since he seemed to think it was his destiny to be a sidekick. Considering the overreaction he had, him being too stubborn to listen is very possible.

Buddy is actually a child-pasding midget. look at that chin, those massive ears, that stout dwarf like body.
Imagine being a worthless midget all your life so try to emulate a superhero only to be treated like a useless child

And look how well that winning attitude served him, when it bit him back in the ass decades later and probably cost the lives of most of his fellow retired heroes!

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But he clearly grew up by the "present" day of the movie. And he sure as hell didn't imply he used any tech to enhance his body, just give him "superpowers" like flight and a workaround for his lack of super strength.

>you should be a doormat for every random teen that won't leave you alone because they might come back and try and murder you some day
Cool argument

>hurr hurrr don't tell kids to not endanger themselves or they might kill you later

That's still Buddy's fault. Bob isn't the least bit responsible for that shit. By your logic, might as well say the Academy of Fine arts caused WW2 for rejecting Hitler.

I'm not your guy, friend!

His power was slow aging all along but with the flaw of being a literal man child