My favorite Titans

My favorite Titans.

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I wonder how 03 kids would've reacted to them.
A an older kid myself back then I thought they looked really cool and was disappointed to learn they were just a one-off.

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Witchie looks likes Sari from Transformers Animated

I'm imagining the same voice actors doing them, but the VA for cyborg just playing a white guy.
Terra Strong doing her cheerleader voice instead of Raven voice.

I'm pretty sure Wyatt dusted off the design for Witchie Poo for Sari

>Witchie Poo is Indian

Back them when it was revealed that the TT show would be “anime” the first thing I tought was the Adam Warren’ Titans Elseworlds

Wyatt himself tought that the TT snow would be based on Adams Warren Elseworlds issue

What other general reactions were there, so you remember?

Older comics fans hated the show for being too kiddy, some wanted to be connected to DCAU like JLU and in the same style, but the show became popular with its targeted audience and is the only thing that really matters. It’s kind funny seeing TTGo being hated for its kiddy humor when the same happened with 2003 show.

Oh the early 00s

DJW's favorite too. He wanted them for a TT episode but eventually had them to make a cameo in the tt shorts.

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>love adam warren's art
>don't like empowered

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>Scary, scary!
Is this what they imagine Japanese girls sound like?

heh, in anime, maybe.

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Could that design have been in his subconscious?

he just wanted to make her better.
aka a loli.

More like 1996 or 97.

Ip don’t know about the best but the worst Titans team is definitely pic related.

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>Morbius lookalike
Man, early 90s was really the low point for the Titans and DC in general.

Which is worse, Team Titans or Nu52 Titans?

She needs it, she really wants it, and the Grayson type too, to complete her team.

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Dead Pretty-Boy is a huge downgrade. Rest look great.

>I can't believe they're not the same person!

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It's funny the program talking through that guy is basically Batman.

What if these new titans hadn't died, or at least their will to be had continued? Would they have had more adventures, issues, and stuff?

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Like most weird offshoot/reboot/what-if versions of teams, it'd likely last a few years, get forgotten, then some random dude would bring them back 15 years later for a surprisingly canon-authentic and memorable run that would last two years and then it'd be forgotten again.

What'd be the closest thing to that?

Kaine's Scarlet Spider run, off the top of my head. Dude was pretty much an irrelevant side character for well over 10 years then suddenly he gets his own run and it's not only authentic to established traits of his initial appearances, it develops him quite interestingly. Then he joins a team and resumes side character status.

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Hope Adam Warren gets his "Dirty Pair" Omnibus some day

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>Gabrielle "Prosthetic Lass"

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My pp is instantly interested

>Alec "Captain Thug" and Jamadagni.

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Titans Academy

>Jamadagni "Witchie Poo", alone

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It's one of the best examples of Batman making anything funny. Him being a straight man to all the other weirdos is one of the best parts.

>Hikarimono "Dead Prettyboy"
Concepts and initial character designs by Adam Warren.

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Warren's a good artist.

Unscrew all her limbs and you have a great onahole

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What comic are these guys from?

I can't wait for Teen Titans Go to end and then have another Teen Titans series released where the audience complains about it being kiddish compared to Teen Titans Go

What would the beast boy be like in this team?

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Audiences will probably complain the next Teen Titans series is too serious, you can't get kiddier than TTGo

>What comic are these guys from?
Titans: Scissors, Paper, Stone.

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Where did you got the sketches?

Too kiddish? that already exists.

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I like him, but he's really just aping Kenichi Sonada's style. Reading his stuff usually makes me go "Oh, I'd rather just re-read Gunsmith Cats or Exxaxion again."

Is there any chance of big budget Titans game ever happening? It’s feel like Avengers failure casted a huge shadow over the industry.

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I just stumbled upon with some patreon viewer.


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He's the type where you can feel their love of the craft.

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