South Park got recently added to my Amazon Prime videos, what are the best seasons?

South Park got recently added to my Amazon Prime videos, what are the best seasons?

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the first 9 seasons are pretty good and then it becomes immediately unwatchable for the remainder of the series

any other answer is zoomer tier

Some say from 1 on, but I think it picks up around the third one. 8 or 9 is peak, and till 11 iirc it's solid. Afterwards it's hit and miss, the fucking continuing plots ruined it, but I think they dropped them.

S8 and S10 are two of my favorites.

it's great until the seasons start having a constant continuity

best just to watch from the start and give up when you've had enough, like everyone else did including Trey and Matt.

8 or 9 peak? No way. 3 and 4 are peak. 5 and 6 are good. 7-9 are decent. 10 is watchable. You can stop watching after that.

S10 - S12 are better than S2 - S4.

Also S13 isn't terrible, but it's definitely the beginning of the end.

Season 1-3 are purely for nostalgia, 4-10 are gold and onward is in decline with a few high points throughout

Honestly I don't remember well when X episode was, I haven't seen it in a while. But long story short, the first ten seasons are a good watch, after that you need to dig for really good episodes.

Just watch from the beginning, you'll know when it goes to shit yourself.

There's a marked decline after the first season. Then they find their footing again at like season 4 or 5.

the reason people think like this is because of where their lives were when they watched those seasons. it's a show you can lose patience with: a lot of the episodes cited as the best are actually pretty formulaic and a lot of the genuinely best episodes are the least typical of the show.

Start with Season 1 and watch until Season 22.

It’s all good until they start making fun of trump. I miss watching SP so much but I can’t because of principle.

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The only good season overall is season 1, all episodes are 10/10.
The rest of the seasons only have good episodes.
This is a fact.

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>Smug Alert!
>Cartoon Wars Part I + II
>Make Love Not Warcraft
>Mystery of the Urinal Deuce
>Miss Teacher Bangs A Boy
>Hell on Earth 2006
>Go God Go + Go God Go XII
Season 10 has almost all 10/10 episodes.

all awful episodes

I remember being very impressed with how good s10 was but generally the earlier seasons are better.

South Park has been up for free on Comedy Central's page for almost a decade. Shill.

The best episodes are the ones that don't focus on political shit or episodes divided in parts.
How the fuck did Randy go from a lovable clumsy father to an insufferable selfish manchild?

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The first 4 seasons are shit too. Peak South Park was Season 5 to 13 or so.

Season 3 is my personal favourite. I don't know if that's just cause it was the first one I started watching when I was a kid but I feel like it still holds up. It was when South Park was pretty much at their peak of mainstream popularity. South Park and WWE attitude era were the the 2 pillars of my 10 year old brain.

Some truly classic episodes and moments including Chinpokomon, the meteor shower trilogy, the Korn episode, Hooked on Monkey phonics. Also, I'm pretty sure this was the season where chef's parents told the Loch Ness monster story. The only weak episode most people seem to agree is the Jakovasaurs one.

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