There are people on this board who unironically think Emilia Clarke can act

There are people on this board who unironically think Emilia Clarke can act

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She looks like she tells jokes during sex

I like to picture Emilia sitting on my toilet and eating a Reuben

I'd let her fuck my dick haha

Jesus fucking Christ dude, your last thread that you got BTFO just got nuked

Chill out

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none of the younger main cast in GoT can act in the slightest

Uhmmm based people?

This is my first one, faggot

She is pretty overrated. Got carried pretty hard in GOT

Nah fuck off daisyfag
Go take a walk or something

Are you autistic? Acting is for actors. Actresses are just there to be cute.

She got better.

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Yah she carried s8
People tend to forget her brain exploded 2 times and she had to learn acting again, also this

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i would enjoy this

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She was awful before the brain thing

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it looks like her face is sliding off her head

Honestly thought that was Brian Peppers as I was scrolling.

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Her eyebrows do all the acting.

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no sound? :(


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Check her Where Are My Dragons joke sketch

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>Massive success

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Awful looking tranny

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where do i find a cute brit gf like her

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She's indian. If she was british she would be ugly as fuck, see

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>this is a tranny according to Yea Forums

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A awful looking tranny

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>still hot topic

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The euphoria tranny is more passable than Daisy Ridley lmao

She is stupidly fucking gorgeous. Perfect face and cute body. I’d do anything for a loyal Emiliafu, or to pledge myself to an insane dragon queen

Disgusting snake lipped, clown toothed, bulbous eared 3/10 with no body. Gtfo


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regardless, where do i find a cute gf with a brit accent

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I would do unspeakable things to marry this woman

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Usually on the UK
Now If you want the posh accent like Emilia's its a whole new beast

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