He's true you know

He's true you know

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taking a piss outside is fun too. I hate when soibois use the word 'fun'.

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>just turn your brain off

consume jewish product
dont question

>DM Brandon
Jesus dude

Hating things is fun.

disliking righteous things doesnt make you interesting.

monogamy is cool.

tradition is cool.

heterosexuality is awesome.

This. Especially when they're popular and/or being pushed by the Jewish media

Liking popular things doesn't make you an interesting person either

Being closed minded doesn't make you interesting

Sex is fun

Novelty is fun.

Sexuality isn't even real.

Just consume! Your money and time and worthless. Go see shitty movies. Support garbage and mediocrity!

Liking shit and having no standards doesn't make you interesting either
A word without meaning


Entirely depends where you do it.


I love giving all my money to billion dollar corporations that only serve to give me regurgitated and cliche products! Consume!

nigga you gay

>it's another twitter bait thread
sage and hide



But if I wanted dumb fun I would just watch something like pic related not 3 fucking hours of people in tights like Endgame. Seriously who the fuck wants a capeshit film as long as Gone With the Wind?

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Movies are like fast food now.
>Minimum of effort
>Crunched out like an assembly line
>No soul

Either a good movie or a good B-Movie, not some 3 hour long corporate mandates, marketing led cgi bukkake aimed at mental infants

>Why yes, I conform to societal norms and enjoy things, literally designed to appeal to the majority, how did you know?

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based redditor

Liking popular things doesn't make you an interesting person either